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Author Topic: Division 2: Pegasus Bears 5-3 Mapperley CC (20/05/14)  (Read 1005 times)

Harvey Pabla

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Table 1 Frame Scores
Harvey Pabla   71-33   Don Merry
Harvey Pabla   76-17   Don Merry
Ross Wilkin   45-59   Geoff Merry
Ross Wilkin   43-75   Geoff Merry

Table 2 Frame Scores
Pete Machon   61-33   Joe Major
Pete Machon   60-64   Joe Major
Daniel Norton   80-21   Andy Carnell
Daniel Norton   65-19   Andy Carnell

Match Report
Harvey v Donny - Donny not firing at all tonight and giving me plenty of chances to build a comfortable lead in both frames. Harvey - 31 BREAK in frame 1.

Ross v Geoff - The first frame was comparable to Froch v Groves - blow for blow it was a great frame which lasted around 15 mins. Ross had a chance to win it on the pink but left it in the jaws for Geoff to pot the pink and win the frame. The second frame Geoff built a big lead and although Ross tried valiantly to fight back the gap was just too big.

Pete v Joe - I didn't see this match save to say that Joe won the 2nd frame on the black to earn a draw.

Dan v Andy - Again I didn't see this match but I did hear that Dan played very well and got the run of the balls to go with his good play. Andy may well of course see it in a different light!

Well played Pegasus Bears on our first win of the season.

Thanks to Mapperley for a tough match (as always) and no doubt you will be up for revenge at the MCC very soon.

sean croft

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well played Pegasus its nice to know that Mapperley wont be running of with the title again!! lets make em work for it this time. ;D

Hard luck mapperley.


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Yes I think the league will be a lot closer this time around, there are a lot of teams whos players can produce on the night off there strong handicaps, saying that last season we lost to Pegasus, but then remained un beaten for the rest of the season..will history repeat itself. .lol. :) im already looking forward to the return fixture against the Bears up at Mapperley. .ha ha..


  • Guest
Geoff was a potting MACHINE Andy! I was playing really well but he totally out-potted me, was a crazy couple of frames! I think Harvey's estimate of 15 mins for the 1st frame was closer to 5 mins!
No idea why, but we all struggle when going to your place, we need a different mind set!