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Author Topic: Senior Hcp: Nick Kirkman 3 - 1 Tony Morgan  (Read 1021 times)

Tony Morgan

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Senior Hcp: Nick Kirkman 3 - 1 Tony Morgan
« on: 06/02/14, 22:33 »

Played on table 2 Embankment. Tony winning the 1st aided by a 30 break (how that happened I have no idea, at times I was really struggling to get my breath with this on going chest infection). Nick winning the 2nd frame fairly easily, he was potting balls off the lampshades at times. Some of his long potting was of an extremely high standard. 3rd frame was a little closer but Nick's long potting & extreme cutting of some reds enabled him to win this frame. Frame 4 was a bit of a joke TBH. Don't think the young lad & his girlfriend on the table next to us helped either player. Nick potted a crucial green, brown & blue to clinch victory. Match played in very good spirits by both players & even though I lost, I thoroughly enjoyed playing Nick this evening. See you soon in the league (hopefully I'll be fit & well & get revenge lol) mate & good luck in the rest of the competition


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Re: Senior Hcp: Nick Kirkman 3 - 1 Tony Morgan
« Reply #1 on: 06/02/14, 23:13 »
Thanks for doing the report Tony really enjoyed the game even though neither of us could put any breaks together but i thought the safety and the escapes from some of the snookers was enjoyable look forward to kicking all your butts at the Towers in our next league match lol....