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Author Topic: GCL Billiards Notts Amateur Snooker Championship 1st round  (Read 1139 times)

steve buzz

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WINNER: £200

1st Round (Last 32)

Manny Sant V Matt Walters
Toby Simpson V Vinnie Dennis
Criag Mcmorran V Jamie Mathers
Neil Elliott V Bob Walker
Lee Crombie V Tony Morgan
Andy Diacopoulos V Bo Murtagh
Peter Machon V Mike Langdon
Nav Hussain V Troy Brett
Dan Moll V Luke Wharton
Jason Ashurst V Chris Winter
Thomas Goldstein V Cary Davies
Bash Maqsood V Shaun Parkinson
Michael Garratt V Jimmy Gratton
John P Fountain V  Dave Jobling
Nick Kirkman V Keith Holgate
Dan Rhodes V Sean Hopkin


Bash Maqsood   V   Harvey Pabla
Chris Winter   V   Jason Smith
Dan Moll   V   David Casey
Dan Norton   V   Mike Langdon
Dan Rhodes   V   Robert Garratt
Geoff Merry   V   Jason Ashurst
James Robinson   V   Neil Elliott
Joe Reynolds   V   Bob Walker
Jon Sully   V   Jimmy Gratton
Mark jones   V   Criag Mcmorran
Matt Walters   V   Malc Belshaw
Nav Hussain   V   Asif Hajiani
Nick Kirkman   V   Manfred Corbin
Sean Croft   V   Thomas Goldstein
Shaun Parkinson   V   Wayne Smith
Toby Bowley   V   Dave Joblin
Tony Morgan   V   Guy Dennis

Andy Diacopoulos
Bo Murtagh
Cary Davies
Jamie Mathers
John P Fountain
Keith Holgate
Lee Crombie
Luke Wharton
Manny Sant
Michael Garratt
Peter Machon
Sean Hopkin
Toby Simpson
Troy Brett
Vinnie Dennis

All tournaments will be played in accordance with the official rules of snooker as published by the WPBSA and IBSF.  The miss rule will be played unless both pairs of competitors elect not to play it.

Submitting results
The WINNER of a match must notify Steve Burrows of the result so that he can update the website.  Ideally, results should be submitted online at www.nottinghamsnooker.com.

Match duration
All matches will be best of 5 frames except for the final which will be best of 7 frames.

Match venue
Matches up to and including the quarter-finals will be played at any venue of the home player’s choosing within the Nottinghamshire county boundary or with an NG postcode.  The semi-finals and final will be played at a neutral venue.

A referee will be provided for the final.  A referee will also be provided for the semi-finals if either player requests one.

Deadline date
All matches must be played on or before 14 th January 2014.