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Author Topic: Notts Senior Snooker Championship Final 2009  (Read 1055 times)


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Notts Amateur 'Senior' Snooker Final
Tony HART  V  Barry STARK  -  Referee:- Alan Cunningham
Bulwell Snooker Centre, 7pm Wednesday, 22nd April 2009

Both players agreed that they would prefer to play on Table 7 (match table) even though it was waiting to be re-covered the following day and that the 'Miss rule' would apply.

Barry Stark broke for the first frame but after lots of scrappy exchanges Tony Hart won 61-17.
The second frame followed the same pattern - and with the blue in play, both players had their chances but Tony, going for the blue in middle bag (which would have been followed by the pink in same bag) caught the knuckle, it came out leaving Barry snookered behind the pink - Barry took the blue off the side cushion but it trundled down and up the table leaving Tony a cut into the opposite middle, but wait a minute Tony then went in-off the pink, but wait another minute Barry also went in-off the pink. Tony then potted the pink the full length of the table in the top right and rolled the black into the opposite corner.  Tony 74-64.
The 3rd frame, again lots of safety play, the scores level 34 each with 1 red left on, Barry got the decisive break and took the red with a black followed by y,g & b. Tony got the blue, but left himself snookered on the pink (which would have been a 'gim-me') from which he failed to escape  (Barry 57-39), Barry eventually took the crucial pink  Barry 63-39.
The 4th frame - Barry got off to a flier with a 31 break, but again lots of safety play and Tony fought back 40-41, with the pink waiting to be potted in the top left Tony went for the blue in the left centre but again he caught the knuckle - this time however the blue rolled across the table and dropped in the opposite middle, leaving Tony to pot the simple pink and win the match 3-1.  WELL PLAYED TONY HART