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Author Topic: Ross Wilkin 4-0 Martin Marriott  (Read 1071 times)


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Ross Wilkin 4-0 Martin Marriott
« on: 10/08/13, 13:51 »
Probably my best play all season, I felt very focussed from the start in this match, potting well with some good safety. In the first 3 frames, I only got mostly teen breaks but it was enough to leave Martin needing snookers on the last few colours.
Martin was potting better in the final frame and I think I only potted 2 reds for most of the frame. I was 21 behind at the colours, but a fortunate chance came when the brown was partly snookered by the blue against the cushion. This allowed me to rack up some foul points, developing the colours at the same time with free balls. Along with a nasty fluked snooker, I nicked the frame on the last pink.

Sorry for that tough last frame Martin, but I was keen to carry on as I'd been playing and not step off the gas! Great to hear you're in the winter league, the more the merrier!

Martin Marriott

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Re: Ross Wilkin 4-0 Martin Marriott
« Reply #1 on: 10/08/13, 15:19 »
Ross thanks for the match and you played very well not missing much and not leaving much either.

All the best for last couple of matches and don't forgot to pay your subs for the winter season lol.