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Author Topic: Spot on masters 4-4 Mapperley CC (6/8/13)  (Read 1313 times)


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Spot on masters 4-4 Mapperley CC (6/8/13)
« on: 06/08/13, 23:55 »
Nick Bentley      2-0   Geoff Merry
Sean Croft         1-1   Andy Carnell
Paul Bell            1-1   Chris Star
James Robinson 0-2   Don Merry

In Order of Matches played at Mapperleys request

Paul Bell and James (i wasnt ready to play) Robinson kicked things off not in great fashion as both players lost the opening frames Chris and don both winning the frames with ease the 2nd frames were both a lot more closer paul Bell winning his James (i wasnt ready to play) Robinson losing out again to Don

Up then stepped Nick and Sean. Sean and Andy shared the frames in 2 very close matches andy winning the 1st on the black sean winning the 2nd on the pink with a great dispaly on how to fluke balls. Nick saw off geoff winning the 1st after a very slow start and winning the 2nd on the black after a great coming back after going some 30 points down but a good 36 break saw him right back into it.

Nick    67-40   Geoff
Sean   64-66   Andy
Paul    11-52   Chris
James 38-66   Don


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Re: Spot on masters 4-4 Mapperley CC (6/8/13)
« Reply #1 on: 07/08/13, 07:21 »
Hello James, as all of Mapperleys players were grade 3 we could have played in any order on the night, with  both Geoff and myself being at work till late neither of us could get there till after 8pm.I told Don to play him and Chris against which ever 2 player's the home team wanted to play first. .whatever numbers they were, im sorry if that didn't happen. .but as you know the home team picks the order the match in played and as Mapperley had 2 players available for 7.30 I did everything right. .im sorry if you wasnt ready to play your frames first but that's up to your captain and not me. .I think a draw was a fair results as they were alot of close frames.


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Re: Spot on masters 4-4 Mapperley CC (6/8/13)
« Reply #2 on: 07/08/13, 09:26 »
James, Before i wrote down our order i asked Paul Who he would like on first, so your team had the choice of which two players went on first and second. as Andy said we are all Grade 3 so it wouldn't matter. I gave the option so we could do what ever your team wanted.  i'm sorry if  "you weren't ready", but Paul said write down your team how ever you want to play, and we will play who is here. so that's what i did, i couldn't of done much more.