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Author Topic: Division 2: Embankment Eagles 4 Pegasus Sharks 4  (Read 1282 times)

Jon Sully

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Game Scores
Steve Butler   1-1   Daniel Norton
Mike Langdon   1-1   Harvey Pabla
Wayne Smith   1-1   Eric Towle
Jon Sully   1-1   Ross Wilkin

Match Report
Highlight of the otherwise torpid and balmy evening was Steve's crafty 58 break.

A draw was clearly the correct result, even if it took all night to achieve it.

The tight pockets and summer burnout took their toll, as did the fact that we all knew that both teams will remain mired in mid table obscurity.

At least the Eagles didn't lose at home, which is a first.

Thanks to Mike for stepping in at the death and for having the temerity to fluke the pink to take the first frame.


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Re: Division 2: Embankment Eagles 4 Pegasus Sharks 4
« Reply #1 on: 24/07/13, 10:33 »
I missed the final frame but knew that a draw was on the cards after watching "Hurricane" Harvey and "Lightening" Langdon's first marathon frame. ;)

Well played Eagles, especially Steve for a very tidy break. (Were you saving the break for me or something?) Good to see you all, even if Mike was playing for the wrong team again. :D

Is second place still up for grabs?


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Re: Division 2: Embankment Eagles 4 Pegasus Sharks 4
« Reply #2 on: 24/07/13, 11:36 »
I think that was a good result for us also. I think we've all got good temperament and patience. I'm always pleased if I lose the first but keep it together to get the second. I'm even starting to enjoy playing safety shots team-mates!!  :o