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Author Topic: Division 1: Paul Wainwright 3-1 Craig Mcmorran  (Read 1232 times)

Paul Wainwright

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Craig 1st frame 40 break
Paul 4th frame 50 break

sean croft

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Re: Division 1: Paul Wainwright 3-1 Craig Mcmorran
« Reply #1 on: 20/07/13, 16:31 »
That's a brilliant result Paul!
I've been playing Craig quite often lately were good friends now thanks to the singles league (sounds amazing lol), its amazing how quick Craig is coming along he's been using a peradon gravity cue which is designed to help make you cue straight and correctly well its speaking for its self Craig has only been playing for about 6 months now and he's cueing better than most of us with this cue! he missed blue against me for a 51 break which would of been his highest and on the same day he's made his highest competitive break of 40! he's also make breaks of 38 against Joe whilst he was firing well with a 68 break of his own, A 32 break against me and a 30 odd against Shaun Parkinson. I just hope Craig stays with us because the speed he is improving he will be a strong contestant and a privalige to the league.

keep it up Craig and well done Paul great break of 50 and a cracking result.     


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Re: Division 1: Paul Wainwright 3-1 Craig Mcmorran
« Reply #2 on: 21/07/13, 17:39 »
Thanks for the kind words Sean , if only I had took my game from playing you into the match against Paul would have been a better match , nice to play Paul he's a good guy on and off the table and deserved the result especially with that fine 50 he had , good luck for rest of season Paul and not doubt see you back on the practice table Sean :)