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Author Topic: KO Cup: Oakleigh A 4 VS Beeston gibbos 5  (Read 2006 times)

Ryan Cooper

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KO Cup: Oakleigh A 4 VS Beeston gibbos 5
« on: 10/07/13, 16:01 »

Game Scores
Lee Crombie   1-1   Connor Jones
Jason Turner   1-1   Clint I'Anson
Ryan Cooper   2-0   Ant McMahon
Craig Greensmith   0-2   Ed Pidduck

Match Report
Another tight match that went to the decider.

Lee and Connor got things under way on the match table and in the first Lee raced to a easy win with a 34 break in the first frame. Second frame started of the same and Connor showing his frustrations to the point of actually starting to put his cue away mid frame? But he returned and won the frame.

On the second table Craig was playing Ed and Ed was taking full advantage of Craigs bad luck and winning both frames easily.

The second match on the main table was Jason and Clint who shared the frames. Both players playing some great snooker and Clint having a 56 break in the first frame.

I took on Ant and needing to win both frames to force a decider. First frame was nip and tuck all the way to a black ball game Ant had first chance but missed and left it safe i returned with a good safety shot. Ant went for a thin safety that he mised to give me the frame. Second frame i raced into a 60 point lead. After this i kept things really tight and played alot of safety not to give ant a chance and he conceded with a red left on the table.

So to the decider Lee played Connor again. Both players were playing well but its was Connor who took his chances better to win the frame and put his team into the next round.

Congratulation Beeston on a hard fought win and all the best for the remaining part of the season and the cup.


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Re: KO Cup: Oakleigh A 4 VS Beeston gibbos 5
« Reply #1 on: 10/07/13, 16:22 »
Thanks for the report Ryan, it's always a pleasure playing at Oakleigh, a lot friendly people there. Can you pass on an apology to Lee for me for Connors attitude during the 2nd frame, it was unsporting and lacked respect, I can only put it down to frustration. All in all a great evening. Thanks guys


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Re: KO Cup: Oakleigh A 4 VS Beeston gibbos 5
« Reply #2 on: 10/07/13, 17:45 »
Its not often I pass comments on a game but I feel I have to this time.
No sour grapes with regards to the final result and do wish the guys from Beeston all the best in the next round but........
In my opinion it should never have come down to the deciding frame. I personally do not care ( this is me speaking and not my team mates ) if there is ONE red, TEN reds, or just the BLACK if a player walks away from the table and starts to put there cue away that is the frame CONCEDED!. simple as. Lee in his decision continued with the frame ( again me and not Lee thought this was wrong as his opponent had walked away ). As you will see this hurt us massively as instead of the result being 5-3 it ended up 4-4. No complaints over the decided as Conner did play the better stuff and deserved to win the frame, But as i say it should never have come down to that. This is just a statment to all who play in the league, IF I AM REFFING A MATCH OR PLAYING IN ONE AND SOMEONE STARTS TO PUT THERE CUE AWAY THAT FRAME IS OVER AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED AND I WILL CLAIM THAT FRAME. EVEN IF IT IS ONE OF MY OWN TEAM MATES. Thats my little rant over lol and do wish Beeston the best in the next round.


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Re: KO Cup: Oakleigh A 4 VS Beeston gibbos 5
« Reply #3 on: 10/07/13, 18:59 »
Well great report ryan well said and put shame about the result.

Also with bo s comments he is right could of claimed the frame but i did'nt think it was right thing to do.  I have been around the game long enough to know that i should of used my head better but i let his childish temperament :'( get the better of me but we all live and learn i guess

all the best beeston on the next round :)


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Re: KO Cup: Oakleigh A 4 VS Beeston gibbos 5
« Reply #4 on: 11/07/13, 21:55 »
I agree Bo, I'd have done the same if I had been reffing. Infact, if the committee overruled the result I'd happily accept it... You guys deserve it.


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Re: KO Cup: Oakleigh A 4 VS Beeston gibbos 5
« Reply #5 on: 12/07/13, 00:39 »
Steve - I'm sure the Oakleigh Lodge lads appreciate your offer but I feel the result must stand after checking the rules on conceding a frame.  If i can bring to everyones attention the rules under section 4 - The Players...

A player may only concede when he is the
The opponent has
the right to accept or refuse the concession, which becomes null and
void if the opponent chooses to play on.

When aggregate scores apply and a
is conceded, the value of
any balls remaining on the table is added to the score of the other
side. In such case, Reds shall count as eight points each and any
colour incorrectly off the table shall be counted as if spotted.
A player shall not concede a frame in any match unless snookers are
required. Any breach of this rule shall be regarded as ungentlemanly
conduct or misconduct by the player concerned.

If when Conner put his cue away this was seen as a concession by Lee, by carrying on with the frame Lee is deemed as not accepting the concession therefore it became null and void.

It was certainly ungentlemanly behaviour which we don't like to see.
Conner is new to the league and I have been assured by Steve that he has spoken with him and that he now understands that this kind of behaviour is unacceptable in our league.

A real shame as this was a cracking cup tie.


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Re: KO Cup: Oakleigh A 4 VS Beeston gibbos 5
« Reply #6 on: 12/07/13, 16:18 »
Mike you know all the boys at Oakleigh. I am not again speaking for them but just me, Steve thank you for your offer mate but we would never try and have a result overturned as i said in my statement i do wish you and all the lads the very best in the next round and do hope your guys go on and win it be nice to see a another name on there lol. Mike, Lee never even considered about claiming the frame he is not the kind of guy to do that. The statement made was mine and mine alone and should not reflect on the other boys from Oakleigh, This is just about how i feel about any match.


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Re: KO Cup: Oakleigh A 4 VS Beeston gibbos 5
« Reply #7 on: 12/07/13, 18:05 »
Hi Bo - totally understand and as you know I was unsure of the ruling myself so had to check.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing of course but ideally if this sort of thing happens in any future match then the referee will ask the player putting his cue away if he has conceded before another shot has been played. If the player says no, then I think the ref should warn him for ungentlemanly conduct and if it happens again award the frame.

As I said before I would not have been sure before I checked the rules on this so I hope Lee and the referee can see that I am not meaning to sound judgemental on what did and didn't happen at the time.