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Author Topic: Notts Amateur Final: Guy Dennis 4-0 Troy Brett (26/05/13)  (Read 2188 times)

Steve Butler

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Congratulations to Worksop's Guy Dennis who defeated Troy Brett 4-0 on Sunday evening at Gotham Match Room to win the GCL Billiards Notts Amateur Snooker Championship 2013.

Guy Dennis & Troy Brett either side of the famous trophy

Dennis last won this championship back in 1985 as a fresh faced 19 year old, the same year that he also won the Notts Amateur Junior Snooker Championship.  Brett was bidding to win the title for the first time and I'm sure that he'll get his name on it before too long if he carries on playing the way he does.

Frame 1: Dennis 73-38 Brett
Dennis had a run of 37 in the opening frame and Brett soon found himself needing a snooker.  He got the snooker but Dennis subsequently laid a good snooker himself on the green.  Brett was severely hampered by the brown and this caused him to miscue.  Brett then unfortunately potted the black and Dennis went on to pot the brown, which brought about the concession.

Frame 2: Dennis 67-56 Brett
Brett compiled a 48 break in the second frame in super quick fashion, but he carelessly missed a pink off the spot.  Dennis replied with a 32 and then went on to pot yellow, green, brown, blue and pink to steal the frame.

Frame 3: Dennis 65-52 Brett
Dennis made a 35 break in this frame but Brett had a good chance when, trailing by 10 points, he was on a run of 12 and looking good for the clearance, he missed the brown off the spot.  This was to prove costly with Dennis going on to win the frame, the frame ending after Brett fluked the pink when playing for snookers.

Frame 4: Dennis 59-33 Brett
Dennis started the frame with a 21 break and then hit another 21 break just after Brett had pulled himself back into it.  Brett soon needed snookers and after potting the blue and going in-off he conceded.

It was a wonderful display of potting and breakbuilding from Dennis and he didn't give Brett many chances at all.

Jimmy Gratton picks up the high break trophy thanks to his wonderful break of 110.

Both finalists will be presented with their trophies at the NBSA Golf Day and Presentation Dinner which will be held at Oakmere Park Golf Club on Tuesday 30th July 2013.  CLICK HERE for details.

Guy Dennis 4-0 Troy Brett

Troy Brett 4-2 Nav Hussain
Guy Dennis 4-1 David Jobling

Guy Dennis 3-1 Chris Winter
Troy Brett 3-1 Bob Walker
Keith Holgate 1-3 Nav Hussain
Daniel Di Folco 0-3 David Jobling

Last 16
Barry Stark 2-3 Nav Hussain
Bob Walker 3-2 Ant McMahon
Cary Davies 0-3 Guy Dennis
Chris Winter 3-1 Toby Bowley
Daniel Di Folco 3-0 Neil Elliott
Jimmy Gratton 0-3 David Jobling
Keith Holgate 3-1 Toby Simpson
Sean Hopkin 2-3 Troy Brett

Last 32
Bob Walker 3-2 Julian Howard
Cary Davies 3-0 Lee Crombie
Chris Winter 3-0 Robert Wright
Daniel Di Folco 3-1 Jon Sully
Guy Dennis 3-0 Malc Belshaw
Jason Bettridge sc-wo Ant McMahon
Jimmy Gratton wo-sc Chris Brooks
Joe Reynolds 0-3 Barry Stark
Jonathan Mason 1-3 David Jobling
Mike Langdon 1-3 Troy Brett
Neil Elliott 3-0 Andy Teale
Sean Hopkin 3-0 Kwok Yip
Steve Judd sc-wo Keith Holgate
Toby Bowley 3-1 Adam Corbett
Toby Simpson 3-1 Matt Walters
Wayne Martin 1-3 Nav Hussain

Preliminary Round
Aaron Cahoon sc-wo Julian Howard
Adam Corbett 3-2 Steve Butler
Adam Goodall 1-3 Malc Belshaw
Barry Stark 3-0 Bo Murtagh
Bash Maqsood 0-3 Guy Dennis
Bhushan Andhare sc-wo Cary Davies
Chris Brooks 3-0 Doug Bough
Dave Pearce 1-3 Andy Teale
Dwayne Martin 1-3 Jonathan Mason
Harvey Pabla 2-3 Jon Sully
Istvan Sereg sc-wo Daniel Di Folco
Jamie Mathers 2-3 Jimmy Gratton
Jason Bettridge wo-sc Jeff Kerins
John Fountain 1-3 Matt Walters
Keith Holgate 3-2 Manny Sant
Kwok Yip 3-0 James Robinson
Lee Crombie 3-0 Thomas Goldstein
Manfred Corbin 0-3 Joe Reynolds
Nav Hussain wo-sc Gary Spencer
Neil Elliott 3-2 Daniel Norton
Nick Kirkman 1-3 Ant McMahon
Robert Wright wo-sc Ross Wilkin
Shaun Parkinson 0-3 David Jobling
Troy Brett 3-0 Steve Burrows

sean croft

  • Guest
Congratulations Guy DennisGreat Job Steve.

Also well done to Troy Brett for reaching the final of the Notts amateur.

Look after the trophy for me wont you Guy, for when i come to claim it next year. 8)

Sean Croft


  • Guest
A good match (we knew it would be quick) and well done Guy, you certainly look a very savvy player.

Nice one Steve for the smart editing and newer, higher quality picture.

I certainly hope to feature in a final at Gotham Match Room one day so that I can be a saddo afterwards and watch my match and over-analyse everything to death.