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Author Topic: 2nd Round Draw - Handicap Singles Championship 2008/09  (Read 1906 times)


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Nazareth House Snooker League

Handicap Singles Championship 2nd Round Draw

Defending champion Chris Piech (0) starts his campaign with a tricky looking 2nd round encounter against his practice partner and fellow Pegasus team-mate Mike Langdon (14).  Yasin Abbas (21) who perhaps pulled off the shock of the 1st round by beating Kwok Yip has been given another tough opponent in Sherwood's Lee Crombie (7) whilst the draw has thrown up an all Arnold Civil Defence encounter where James Notman (14) will take on Alan Cunningham (21).  Perhaps the most anticipated match will be the tie between BCI's Jonathan Mason (0) and Arnold's Chris Winter (-7) whilst another of the tournament favourites Nav Hussain (0) will not relish giving a 28 start to Pegasus's Scott Bates (28).  

All matches are the best of three frames and the deadline for completion of all matches is Sunday 11th January 2009.

Handicap Singles Championship 2nd Round (home player first, handicap in brackets)

Neil Elliott (14) BCI     2-1     Adam Goodall (14) Lenton Liberal
Malc Belshaw (7) Arnold CD   0-2    Mohammed Zubair (14) Peoples Hall
Ryan Cooper (28) Oakleigh Lodge   sc/wo     Barry Stark (0) Stadium Leisure
Steve Roe (35) Oakleigh Lodge   1-2   Wong Yip (14) BCI
Mick Salton (14) Sherwood SC   wo/sc    Sam Haugh (14) BCI
James Notman (14) Arnold CD    2-0     Alan Cunningham (21) Arnold CD
Toby Irons (14) BCI    0-2     Jamie Mathers (7) Pegasus
Adam Newton (14) Beeston    0-2    Gary Spencer (0) Arnold CD  
Lee Crombie (7) Sherwood SC    2-0    Yasin Abbas (21) Peoples Hall
Pete Gormley (28) Stadium    2-0    Anthony Scarborough (21) Sherwood SC
Jonathan Mason (0) BCI    2-0     Chris Winter (-7) Arnold CD        
Scott Bates (28) Pegasus    0-2    Nav Hussain (0) Peoples Hall
Mike Langdon (14) Pegasus    2-1    (40) Chris Piech (0) Pegasus
John Fountain (7) Arnold CD    wo/sc     Sam Taylor (14) Beeston
Paul Bell (28) Sherwood SC   wo/sc    Neil Jones (7) Beeston
Clary Plowman (28) Stadium Leisure    1-2    Sean Croft (28) Spot On Bulwell    

Best of luck to everyone.

Mike Langdon (Tournament Secretary)




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James Notman 2-0 Alan Cunningham
« Reply #1 on: 10/12/08, 17:11 »
James NOTMAN  2  v  A.C. 0
James played very well and thoroughly deserved his victory