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Author Topic: NBSA Tuesday Team League - KO Cup & Plate (Summer 2013)  (Read 11362 times)

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KO Cup Final (17/09/13)
The Towers 6-2 Beeston Gibbos

KO Plate Final (10/09/13)
Pegasus Sharks 5-3 Sneinton Hot Spots

KO Cup Semi-Finals (20/08/13)
Spot On Sneinton 'A' 3-5 Beeston Gibbos
BCI Braves 4-5 The Towers

KO Plate Semi-Finals (20/08/13)
BCI 'A' 3-5 Sneinton Hot Spots
Spot On Masters 2-6 Pegasus Sharks

KO Cup Quarter-Finals (09/07/13)
Mapperley CC 3-5 The Towers
BCI Braves 5-3 Spot On Panthers
Spot On Sneinton 'A' 6-2 Arnold Civil Defence
Oakleigh Lodge 'A' 4-5 Beeston Gibbos

KO Plate Quarter-Finals (09/07/13)
BCI 'A' 5-3 Oakleigh Arachnidz
Sneinton Hot Spots 5-4 Embankment Eagles
Spot On Masters 5-3 Embankment Titans
Pegasus Sharks v Bye

KO Cup Round 1 (04/06/13)
Oakleigh Lodge A 5-4 Embankment Titans
Sneinton Hot Spots 4-5 The Towers
BCI Braves 6-2 Oakleigh Arachnidz
Arnold Civil Defence 7-1 Embankment Eagles
Spot On Sneinton 'A' 5-4 BCI 'A'
Spot On Masters 1-7 Spot On Panthers
Pegasus Sharks 3-5 Beeston Gibbos
Mapperley CC v Bye


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Well well well, the mighty Sharks once more progress with ease through the initial stages of their favourite cup competition and move into the semi's without so much as a bead of sweat. Could it be a fourth season in a row that the Sharks reach a plate final ;)


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Well! Well! Well! It couldn't happen to a nicer team.


  • Guest
Well . . .well . . .well . . .
I do hope so Harvey!
All the best, i'll be rooting for you!


  • Guest
A wella wella wella OOH! tell me more, tell me more, can the Sharks win the plate? (AGAIN)


  • Guest
Could it be a fourth season in a row that the Sharks reach a plate final ;)
Surely it can't happen again lol


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Does anyone know whether the draw has been made for the Semi-finals yet as I can't find reference to them under this post.


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I'm sure I saw somewhere you had got us at spot on Harvey.


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The cup and plate draws are on a post entitled Tuesday team league week12 in the discussion board section of the NBSA.


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Where is the venue for the plate final? Pegasus vs hotspots


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Let's play it at Pegasus in Arnold which is a neutral venue ;)


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Lol yeah that's very fair mate ;) haha


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Hi David, just waiting for confirmation from The Embankment Club for the Plate Final on Tues 10th Sept. The KO Cup final is pencilled in for a week later at BCI...just waiting for Pete to get back of hols.

Once confirmed i'll post on forum.



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Nice tight pockets for the Spot On (is that a bucket or a pocket pocket) boys.  Suits me.  8)


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Ok mate cheers