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Author Topic: Senior Handicap Final: Sean Hopkin 3-0 Jamie Mathers (25/04/13)  (Read 1342 times)

Steve Butler

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Congratulations to Sean Hopkin who defeated Jamie Mathers on Thursday evening at Gotham Match Room to win the MB Build Senior Handicap Snooker Championship title 2012/13.

Jamie Mathers & Sean Hopkin

Frame 1: Hopkin 64-25 Mathers
Mathers was receiving 14 start but he was only able to add one point to that tally before Hopkin compiled a lovely 52 break.  Mathers managed to reduce the deficit a little but Hopkin soon went 39 points clear with just 27 remaining and Mathers conceded.

Frame 2: Hopkin 77-50 Mathers
The second frame got off to a scrappy start but then Mathers took a healthy 25 point lead thanks to a run of 22.  Hopkin then hit back with a nice 30 break, which could have been more but for him narrowly failing in his attempt to bring the greeen away from the cushion when potting the yellow.  Nevertheless he was now 13 in front with 25 remaining.  Mathers put the green over the pocket which Hopkin despatched cushion first to go 16 in front but a good snooker from Mathers forced Hopkin into a foul and a miss.  He managed to hit it at the second attempt and he then went on to pot it to go 16 in front once again with 18 on the table.  It just wasn't happening for Mathers and he not only missed a long attempt at the blue by a wide margin but he also set Hopkin up to pot blue and pink for the frame.

Frame 3: Hopkin 86-26 Mathers
Mathers once again went into the lead before a 23 break from Hopin evened things out.  A run of 24 from Hopkin then put him 29 in front with 35 remaining and at his next visit he was in again, this time compiling a very nice match winning 31 clearance.

It was a fine display of matchplay from Hopkin and he thoroughly deserved the win. 

Hopkin also picks up the high break trophy thanks to his run of 67 in an earlier round.

Both finalists will be presented with their trophies at the NBSA Golf Day and Presentation Dinner which will be held at Oakmere Park Golf Club on Tuesday 30th July 2013.  CLICK HERE for details.

Sean Hopkin 3-0 Jamie Mathers

Sean Hopkin 3-1 Wayne Martin
Jamie Mathers 3-0 Chris Winter

John Fountain 2-3 Chris Winter
Steve Burrows 0-2 Jamie Mathers
Sean Hopkin 3-0 Dwayne Martin
Adam Corbett 2-3 Wayne Martin

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Sean Hopkin 3-1 Kwok Yip
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