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Author Topic: Intermediate Hcp: Dwayne Martin 2-0 Steve Howard  (Read 1544 times)

Dwayne Martin

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Frame 1: DM 71-56 SH

Steve won the toss and elected to break off, unfortunately he went in-off, I think he also went in-off the next shot so with 8 points added to my 28 start plus a red and a blue I found myself 41-0 up in quick time, after a good bout of safety play Steve started to plug away with good shots and safety, I soon found myself 47-46 points down. I managed to dig in though with some good snookers of my own and took the opening frame on the pink.

Frame 2: DM 93-15 SH

I can't remember too much about this frame now, other than the fact I had a well taken 28 break (that could have been a 50 or 60 according to Steve! ;-) only joking fella, just going on comments on this forum previously!) that put me 50 odd points up and I ran away with it to book myself a place in my first Nottingham Snooker Final.

Many thanks to Steve who I'd not met before, a lovely bloke with  a great sense of humour and gracious in defeat.

I'd best get on the practice table by the looks of things as my final opponent seems to be in good form by the look of the Under 21's!


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Re: Intermediate Hcp: Dwayne Martin 2-0 Steve Howard
« Reply #1 on: 22/04/13, 18:10 »
Yeh well done Dwayne.
I'm always gracious in defeat,but i played nothing like i can do.
I got no breaks to speak of,but after our match playing with my mate Mark,then proceeded to knock in a small 30 then a 54.
Typical,i don't do it in our match,but do it afterwards.
Oh well . .
What with the 28 start i was giving you Dwayne it proved my downfall a little,as you knocked in that well taken 28,so that was 56 to you,and i was playing catch up.
Still think you should be grade 3 though Dwayne.

Very best of luck in the final. . .
Great to have met you too,thanks for your kind comments.



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Re: Intermediate Hcp: Dwayne Martin 2-0 Steve Howard
« Reply #2 on: 22/04/13, 21:31 »
Well played Dwayne another good scalp over 1 of my old team mates and a guy who I know very well. All the best in the final mate.

Hard luck Steve.


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Re: Intermediate Hcp: Dwayne Martin 2-0 Steve Howard
« Reply #3 on: 22/04/13, 22:16 »
Cheers chaps, I'll be a grade 3 if Goldstein is a grade1 after his results in the under 21's!  :P

Pretty certain I'll have a grade rise for next season after my results this time around. Though quite how much use that'll get remains to be seen on how much work I get up north.