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Author Topic: Junior Handicap Final: Paul Wainwright 3-1 Donny Merry (19/04/13)  (Read 1646 times)

Steve Butler

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Congratulations to Paul Wainwright who defeated Donny Merry on Friday evening at Gotham Match Room to win the John Smith's Junior Handicap Snooker Championship title 2012/13.

Don Merry & Paul Wainwright

Wainwright led the opening frame from the start but Merry kept in touch and only trailed by 12 points with 22 remaining.  However Wainwright remained composed as he potted brown, blue and pink to win the frame 67-40 and take a 1-0 lead.  Merry won a scrappy second frame 45-19 to make it 1-1.

The third frame was unbelievably tight with fouls galore and Wainwright trailed by 1 point going into the colours.  After potting green, brown and blue Wainwright was 13 points ahead with 13 on the table.  He went for the pink in the middle but it fell short and Merry had what appeared to be a simple pink and black to force the re-spot.  Unfortunately he potted the pink and left the cue ball in just about the only place on the table where he couldn't pot the black!  After a few attempts each, Wainwright pulled off an amazing thin cut on the black to take the frame 71-57 and lead 2-1. 

A pretty lengthy deciding frame was going in Wainwright's favour until Merry had a run of 21 to turn the frame around.  Merry then had a great chance to force a decider as he potted red, brown, yellow and green but he missed a simple brown.  Wainwright potted the brown but then went in-off after fluking the blue!  Merry now led by 10 points but an amazing 18 clearance by Wainwright which featured a 'shot of the night' blue secured frame (60-52) and match.

Wainwright also picks up the high break trophy thanks to his run of 54 in an earlier round.

Both finalists will be presented with their trophies at the NBSA Golf Day and Presentation Dinner which will be held at Oakmere Park Golf Club on Tuesday 30th July 2013.

Paul Wainwright 3-1 Donny Merry

Paul Wainwright 2-0 James Robinson
Dwayne Martin 1-2 Donny Merry

Dwayne Martin 2-0 Jeff Kerins
James Robinson 2-1 Steve Burrows
Paul Wainwright 2-0 Iain Tunstall
Ross Wilkin sc-wo Donny Merry

Last 16
Andy Carnell 0-2 Iain Tunstall
Bhushan Andhare sc-wo Ross Wilkin
Bo Murtagh 0-2 Jeff Kerins
Donny Merry 2-1 Jon Sully
Doug Bough 1-2 Dwayne Martin
James Robinson 2-1 Chris Mathers
Paul Wainwright 2-0 Daniel Norton
Steve Burrows 2-0 Robert Wright

Preliminary Round
Chris Mathers 2-0 Harvey Pabla
Dave Pearce 0-2 Jeff Kerins
Dwayne Martin wo-sc Istvan Sereg
Iain Tunstall 2-0 Brian Steeples
Luke Webster sc-wo Daniel Norton
Ross Wilkin wo-sc Glenn Price


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Thank you Steve for refereeing and also allowing us to play at the GMR.

It was a closer match than the score suggests and Don had me back against the wall on a few occasions, I think it could have gone either way really.

Good luck in any future comps Don.



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Well done Paul or should I say champ :)