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Author Topic: The Captains Cup (07/04/13)  (Read 2054 times)

Steve Butler

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The Captains Cup (07/04/13)
« on: 07/04/13, 19:30 »

Congratulations to Nav Hussain who defeated Steve Burrows 2-1 in the final of The Captains Cup on Sunday.

The finalists: Steve Burrows and Nav Hussain

Burrows won the first frame convincingly with a 70-23 scoreline.  Burrows also did well in the second frame but Hussain finished strongly to win 74-40 and set up a tense decider in front of a good crowd.  Burrows started well in the final frame, a run of 21 putting him close to the winning line.  Hussain did brilliantly though to put together a 31 clearance, stealing the title from his grade 3 opponent (frame score 80-62).

It was a great final and even the staff said they enjoyed watching it.  Whilst on that subject a huge thanks to the management and staff at The Embankment for looking after us and opening the club outside its normal Sunday opening times (12pm - 4pm).  The food, beer and surroundings were excellent.

Noteable mentions to Matt Walters and Glenn Price who missed out on a place in the final by the narrowest of margins (3 way play off with Lucky Nav) and also to Lee Jones who made the day's highest break of 45.

GROUP A Results
Jeff Kerins   bt   Dean Randall
Steve Burrows   bt   Harvey Pabla
Nick Kirkman   bt   Paul Bell
Harvey Pabla   bt   Toby Bowley
Jeff Kerins   bt   Paul Bell
Steve Burrows   bt   Dean Randall
Nick Kirkman   bt   Toby Bowley
Harvey Pabla   bt   Jeff Kerins
Dean Randall   bt   Paul Bell
Steve Burrows   bt   Nick Kirman
Steve Burrows   bt   Paul Bell
Toby Bowley   bt   Jeff Kerins
Dean Randall   bt   Nick Kirman
Toby Bowley   bt   Paul Bell
Dean Randall   bt   Harvey Pabla
Steve Burrows   bt   Jeff Kerins
Nick Kirkman   bt   Harvey Pabla
Dean Randall   bt   Toby Bowley
Harvey Pabla   bt   Paul Bell
Jeff Kerins   bt   Nick Kirman
Toby Bowley   bt   Steve Burrows

         P      W      L      Pts   
   Steve Burrows      6      5      1      10   
   Dean Randall      6      4      2      8   
   Nick Kirkman      6      3      3      6   
   Jeff Kerins      6      3      3      6   
   Harvey Pabla      6      3      3      6   
   Toby Bowley      6      3      3      6   
   Paul Bell      6      0      6      0   

Nav Hussain   bt   Lee Jones
Glenn Price   bt   Adam Robinson
Neil Elliott   bt   Matt Walters
Lee Jones   bt   Adam Robinson
Glenn Price   bt   Nav Hussain
Daniel Norton   bt   Shaun Parkinson
Nav Hussain   bt   Neil Elliott
Lee Jones   bt   Glenn Price
Matt Walters   bt   Adam Robinson
Shaun Parkinson   bt   Nav Hussain
Neil Elliott   bt   Daniel Norton
Matt Walters   bt   Glenn Price
Adam Robinson   bt   Shaun Parkinson
Neil Elliott   bt   Lee Jones
Nav Hussain   bt   Daniel Norton
Glenn Price   bt   Shaun Parkinson
Adam Robinson   bt   Neil Elliott
Matt Walters   bt   Lee Jones
Neil Elliott   bt   Shaun Parkinson
Glenn Price   bt   Daniel Norton
Nav Hussain   bt   Adam Robinson
Matt Walters   bt   Daniel Norton
Shaun Parkinson   bt   Lee Jones
Glenn Price   bt   Neil Elliott
Matt Walters   bt   Shaun Parkinson
Daniel Norton   bt   Adam Robinson
Lee Jones   bt   Daniel Norton
Nav Hussain   bt   Matt Walters

         P      W      L      Pts   
   Glenn Price      7      5      2      10   
   Matt Walters      7      5      2      10   
   Nav Hussain      7      5      2      10   
   Neil Elliott      7      4      3      8   
   Lee Jones      7      3      4      6   
   Adam Robinson      7      2      5      4   
   Shaun Parkinson      7      2      5      4   
   Daniel Norton      7      2      5      4   

Nav Hussain, Glenn Price & Matt Walters had a one-frame 6 reds play-off to decide who would win the group.  Hussain beat both Price and Walters and so progressed to the final where he faced Steve Burrows.


steve buzz

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Re: The Captains Cup (07/04/13)
« Reply #1 on: 07/04/13, 21:04 »
Thanks Steve for a great day,well played Nav great clearance and thanks again to the embankment and the chef lovely snap......


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Re: The Captains Cup (07/04/13)
« Reply #2 on: 07/04/13, 21:57 »
Echoe that Steve. Next time i play ya you can brake off every frame if u like ;0) Was top day. Will go play there again. Gotta say well played to Nav, hitting some sweet shots in today.


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Re: The Captains Cup (07/04/13)
« Reply #3 on: 07/04/13, 22:09 »
Hate to tell you this Matt, but you are at Embankment tomorrow.

See you there.


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Re: The Captains Cup (07/04/13)
« Reply #4 on: 07/04/13, 22:31 »
Great day and well organised Steve, matches began exactly when stated, great stuff. Well done to Burrows for winning his group matches and making it into the final. There wasn't much in the last frame, just one red that hit the jaws and then I had to take it, else would have been out of reach.

Thanks Matt, you also played good all day, result tables show how close it was !!


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Re: The Captains Cup (07/04/13)
« Reply #5 on: 08/04/13, 10:42 »
It was a great day, a massive thanks to Steve Butler for organising yet another successful day!

Well done to Steve Burrows for cruising into the final in his group he played very solid snooker all day and was very unlucky to find a very on form Nav in the final.

The second group was unbelievably close in the end (personally I was gutted not to make the final, but hey ho)

It was a very enjoyable day, looking forward to the next one already  :)


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Re: The Captains Cup (07/04/13)
« Reply #6 on: 08/04/13, 15:27 »
Thanks for a good day Steve and the Embankment crew.

Steve, Was I bottom of group 2 on reverse alphabetical order or just to make Shawn and Adam feel better?  :o

Steve played well in the final but Nav pulled it together at the end when it mattered most.  Congrats mate.

Steve Butler

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Re: The Captains Cup (07/04/13)
« Reply #7 on: 08/04/13, 19:19 »
I'm glad everyone enjoyed themselves.  I love the Captains Cup for that reason, everyone approaches it in the correct manner and has a good time.  It was great to see so many players staying right until the end and I'm looking forward to next year's event.

Hopefully next year we'll get a few more Team Captains and NBSA Committee Members in attendance.

steve buzz

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Re: The Captains Cup (07/04/13)
« Reply #8 on: 08/04/13, 20:18 »
Yes Steve everyone i spoke to really enjoyed the day,once again Nav clears the colours to beat me  :( but what a great clearance top draw.Are you sure i cant take the prize money for coming second  ;).