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Author Topic: Notts Amateur: Troy Brett 4-2 Nav Hussain  (Read 1758 times)

Steve Butler

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Notts Amateur: Troy Brett 4-2 Nav Hussain
« on: 30/03/13, 00:14 »

Troy Brett will meet Guy Dennis in the final of the GCL Billiards Notts Amateur Snooker Championship after he defeated Nav Hussain 4-2 in the semi-final on Friday evening.

Brett started strongly in the first frame with a 34 break. He steadily added more points to his tally and Hussain soon found himself requiring snookers.  Brett ran out a 71-28 winner to lead 1-0.

Some steady breakbuilding from Brett in the second frame saw him over the line.  Hussain cleared the table with a 43 break but the frame was already over, Brett winning 76-51.

Trailing by two frames, Hussain knew he needed to improve in the third.  It was neck and neck until Hussain laid a tricky snooker on the yellow from which Brett left him a chance to clear and he did just that, a nice 27 clearance of the colours to make it 2-1.

The fourth frame was also pretty close going into the colours and Brett looked odds on to clear the table but he played a poor positional shot from brown to blue, the break ending there.  Hussain potted blue and pink to lead by 3 points but then jawed the black in the yellow bag and it finished close to the green bag.  Brett just needed to stun it in but he jabbed at it, missed the pot and sent the white across the table and into the yellow pocket to lose the frame.  A 57-47 win for Hussain to level the match at 2-2.

The missed black in the previous frame seemed to spur Brett on and he upped his game in the fifth.  He opened with a 31 break to set the tone and followed that with a 14 break to lead by 45.  Brett then broke down on 14 after missing a simple pink and he was not happy, despite having a nice 44 point lead. It turned out to be more than enough though, Hussain struggling and eventually conceding with the scores at 65-21.

The final frame was simply troymendous.  Hussain opened with a 16 break and he steadily extended that lead to 53 points with just 51 on the table.  Brett then laid a snooker and Hussain failed to escape, meaning Brett could now win by just one point.  With 26 in the frame and 27 on the table Hussain tried to double the yellow but it just missed.  Brett was eventually left a tricky long yellow which he slotted in and he then held his nerve superbly to clear the table to seal frame (72-63) and match.

It was a great match and it's a shame there had to be a loser.

Troy Brett

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Re: Notts Amateur: Troy Brett 4-2 Nav Hussain
« Reply #1 on: 30/03/13, 00:31 »
One of the most enjoyable matches ive had in a long time, Both had spells in game where played well, both had spells where couldnt pot straight blacks, all added to the drama. Still dont know how it didnt go to a deciding frame but such is the game of snooker anything can happen.
Nav was unlucky tonight and an extra balls roll here or there or more confidence on certain shots and hed have won the match im sure.
Highlight of the night was watching back to see Nav looking at my face after missing the black at 2-1 to see how much of a fume i had on.
Steve reffed superbly as always and table was playing beautiful.
Look forward to the final against Guy now. Hopefull will have the same drama as this match, though hopefully he will be the one missing blacks over the pockets and not me  ;)


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Re: Notts Amateur: Troy Brett 4-2 Nav Hussain
« Reply #2 on: 30/03/13, 00:37 »
Nice one troy really well played, keep it up mate.

Ive still on to win my bet that the notts am trophy could be heading to derbyshire.


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Re: Notts Amateur: Troy Brett 4-2 Nav Hussain
« Reply #3 on: 30/03/13, 12:18 »
well played troy,unlucky nav


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Re: Notts Amateur: Troy Brett 4-2 Nav Hussain
« Reply #4 on: 03/04/13, 11:31 »
It was good match to be involved in and feel should have gone to the decider, but troy played really well to take the 6 th frame. He began the match in very good form , slotting them in from every where, so good luck to him in the final against guy, should be a decent match in the gotham venue.

Thanks to steve for hosting the semi finals at his house, table is running very nice and a pleasure to play on.