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Author Topic: Masters: Guy Dennis 3-0 Keith Holgate  (Read 1439 times)

Keith Holgate

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Masters: Guy Dennis 3-0 Keith Holgate
« on: 27/03/13, 20:24 »

Pete Holgate was the first Holgate to go out of the competition against Barry Stark, though it always seemed unlikely that even Pete could play from the "other side"
Next it was Jim who fell to an in form Ant McMahon.
Today it was my turn, falling to Guy Dennis.
The first two frames were far from impressive, with a catalogue of misses from us both. Sadly for me, my catalogue was like one from Argos, and Guys from Ikea,, mine was much bigger - and it's not often I say that.
If I had managed to scramble one of the first two frames I may have got into the match, but I couldn't pot to save my life, and as a result 2 - 0 to Guy.
Frame three was the only good frame.
I had got Guy exactly where I wanted him, with his back to the wall, thinking that the win was his.
Then I hit him with my top drawer safety - oh yes.
Unfortunately my safety wasn't good enough, a bit like my potting. Guy long potted his way in and made a great 57 break and then played safe.
Whilst there were enough points on the table for me, there wasn't enough fuel in the tank.
Guy beat me fair and square, shame I couldn't have made a match of it.
Well done Guy, and good luck in your finals.

Steve Butler

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Re: Masters: Guy Dennis 3-0 Keith Holgate
« Reply #1 on: 27/03/13, 22:19 »
It sounds like you just had a bad day at the office Keith.  Guy is a good player though so no shame in losing to him.

Congratulations to Guy on making the final of the Notts Amateur and The Masters in his first season back in NBSA competition.

Was this match played at North Notts Arena?


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Re: Masters: Guy Dennis 3-0 Keith Holgate
« Reply #2 on: 27/03/13, 22:30 »
It was Steve
Great table Riley Aristocrat, too tight for me!