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Author Topic: The Clarry Cup (17/03/13)  (Read 1901 times)

Steve Butler

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The Clarry Cup (17/03/13)
« on: 18/03/13, 00:48 »

Congratulations to Nav Hussain who defeated Sean Hopkin in the final of The Clarry Cup on Sunday evening.  The final was not a classic by any means.  Both players seemed to struggle with the tight pockets on the match table and the highest break was a mere 22 from Hussain.  Frame scores (Hussain first) 43-37,42-34,45-29.

The highest break of the day was a run of 99 from Hopkin and it could have been a 106 had he not missed the black.  Hopkin will receive a trophy for that break, to go alongside his runners-up trophy.  Hussain will receive the beautiful Clarry Cup trophy plus a trophy to keep.  All trophies will be presented at the Presentation Dinner which will be held at Oakmere Park Golf Club on 30th July 2013.

Nav Hussain in action

A huge thank you to everyone who made a charitable donation.  A total of 80 was raised and this has been donated to When You Wish Upon A Star via Jon & Steve's JustGiving page.

Don't forget that you can check out all the high breaks from every NBSA tournament HERE and you can view all tournaments in 'drawsheet' format HERE.

The players in action

Well done to everyone who turned out for making it a great event.  A massive thank you to the staff at The Towers Snooker Club for allowing us to use the facilities.  I think everyone was very impressed by the snooker room and the facilities on offer at the club.

A special mention must go to Danny Rhodes (grade 3) for making it to the semi-finals where he had some good chances to defeat Hussain and earn a place in the final.  A few timely flukes from Hussain certainly didn't help!

Danny Rhodes doing his best to forget Hussain's flukes

You can see more photos from this event in our Gallery.

Our next event is The Captains Cup which will be held on 7th April (venue TBA).  Full details of this event to be announced very soon.


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Re: The Clarry Cup (17/03/13)
« Reply #1 on: 18/03/13, 11:48 »
it was a great day of snooker and well worth attending for clarry !!!

the match table was very tricky, not much give and had to be really accurate. After playing on the other tables all day, it was a tough ask to play on match table for the final. Some how i managed to put a few pots together to get over the winning line.

Danny had a good chance to go 2-1 up but he missed a simple pink after a good pot on the blue. That mistake proved to be the turning point of the match with the frames at 1 each at the time. I did get some run which left me speachless :) Apologies danny

Unlucky for sean who played some great stuff in the earlier rounds and missed out on a century break. Sean also struggled to get grips of the match table and missed some shots he would normally pot.


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Re: The Clarry Cup (17/03/13)
« Reply #2 on: 18/03/13, 13:55 »
Well done Nav you greedy trophy grabber!  How much did you pay Hopkin to throw the match?

Thanks to Towers for hosting the event.  I'd definitely be happy to play there again.

A big plus for me was to see Jason Smith, Vinnie Dennis and David Casey play in an NBSA event.  I see you guys have also entered the summer singles so looking forward to hopefully playing some new players soon.

ETA:  Thanks Steve for the lift and for doing too much for us all as usual in running the event.  Print this off as an IUO and I'll redeem it for a pint if you take up the offer within six months of the date of posting.  8)


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Re: The Clarry Cup (17/03/13)
« Reply #3 on: 18/03/13, 17:10 »
Thanks Steve for another great event. Really enjoyed my winter's snooker having been sick and tired of golf being cancelled all the time. At least with an indoor sport you know where you stand. Great to play events where everyone can play everyone.  Playing the better players really makes it worthwhile and I am already looking forward to the next competition in the Autumn. Off to locate a snooker table in Bunny to get some practice in over the summer so I can get some revenge on Mr Hussain one day!  ;D

Steve Butler

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Re: The Clarry Cup (17/03/13)
« Reply #4 on: 18/03/13, 17:13 »
Thanks for the offer Dan, make it a coffee and you've got a deal!

It was great to see Vinnie, Dave and Jason there yesterday.  They all seemed to enjoy themselves which is what it's all about.

Let me know when you've got the details of Bunny Mens Institute Danny so that the 'Three Amigos" can pop in for a frame.


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Re: The Clarry Cup (17/03/13)
« Reply #5 on: 18/03/13, 17:22 »
I pass bunny every day on the way towards loughborough. Seems a very nice and quiet place for a game of snooker, most of its just farm land and horse racing ( i may be wrong). During the summer, that would be an awesome place to live, the scenery is "fantastic" (just the way harry redknapp would say)

Danny , sorry in regards to the tricks that i played on the snooker table , i only do it for the crowds..lol, serious note, it always happens to me !!

Steve, now that your going to live stream the notts am, everyone will be able to see the illusion that i can create on snooker table, they will be amazed and troy will be the ref that night.

Troy Brett

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Re: The Clarry Cup (17/03/13)
« Reply #6 on: 18/03/13, 18:34 »
Nav is feeling the tension already, he hasnt put a sentence together without notts amateur or Troy Brett since the draw. I think for Nav's sake we best get this match played quickly before he loses his mind. He wants to know if theres any prize money for the semi final.

steve buzz

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Re: The Clarry Cup (17/03/13)
« Reply #7 on: 18/03/13, 19:16 »
Thanks everyone for the kind donations..... :) :) :)