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Author Topic: Junior Hcp: Paul Wainwright 2-0 James Robinson  (Read 1782 times)

James Robinson

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A cracking match to be fair with loads of twist and turns.

1st frame both players kept things tight as neither of us really pulled away. Still tight going into the colours james has the lead by a few points. paul pots the yellow but snookers himself on the green behind the blue after 3 attempts he finally hits it but it cost him 11 points, james pots green to go 23 up with 22 on, then silly me  :o with brown in a not so good postion right on top of the blue i go to just snick the brown and miss it completely, my turn to escape a snooker now. again after 3rd attempt i hit it. Paul pots brown and blue goes for a pot on the pink misses by a mile pink comes over hits the black which rolls right in front of the white  :-X, i narrowly miss the pink in trying to escape  >:( paul pots pink and black.

2nd frame a right scrappy frame with most the reds going on bottom cushion, james though has a small 20 point lead but with balls not nice it was hard for either player to really make any chances, paul claws his way back and we both back level again going into colours. paul pots blue for the frame, i play on for the 1 snooker and by the smallest of margins just cant quite get behind the black on a few attempts.

Well played paul and all the best in the final mate.


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Re: Junior Hcp: Paul Wainwright 2-0 James Robinson
« Reply #1 on: 16/03/13, 00:20 »
Well done Paul...make a nice change to play rather than ref a final ;)

Hard luck James


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Re: Junior Hcp: Paul Wainwright 2-0 James Robinson
« Reply #2 on: 16/03/13, 15:10 »
Thank you Mike.

Unlucky James, it was a closer game than the scoreline suggests. The fluked snooker in the first frame extreme lucky had the white finished anywhere else I feel you'd have taken that frame.

The second frame was nip and tuck as the reds went safe early on, I manged to double to pink full length of table while James need a snooker.

A scrappy match and if James had a bit more role it could have gone the other way.



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Re: Junior Hcp: Paul Wainwright 2-0 James Robinson
« Reply #3 on: 16/03/13, 16:37 »
Sounds to me like both semi finals could easily have gone the other way and that old chestnut "run of the ball" had a lot of influence over the outcome of both matches.

Good luck to the both of you in the final.