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Author Topic: The County Cup (17/02/13)  (Read 2638 times)

Steve Butler

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The County Cup (17/02/13)
« on: 17/02/13, 23:03 »

Congratulations to Steve Butler & Steve Burrows who defeated Nav Hussain & Wayne Martin 3-2 in the final on Sunday evening to be crowned The County Cup champions 2013.

Steve Burrows in action

Burrows narrowly beat Martin in frame one, 75-71.  Butler then put the underdogs 2-0 up with a 73-39 win over Hussain.  Hussain & Martin found their form in the alternate shot pairs frame, winning it easily 71-23.  The fourth frame was arguably the best frame of the match.  Burrows received 28 points start and he knocked in a nice 22 break to go 50 in front.  Hussain replied with a 34 break to get back into the frame but his finest break was a 25 clearance to steal the frame 74-73 and set up a nervy decider.  Butler was receiving 14 points start from Martin and he got off to a good start to go over 40 points clear.  However Martin fought back with a nice 33 break which made for a tense finish.  Ultimately it was Butler who potted a thin pink in the middle to take the frame 74-61 and also seal the match.

Preliminary Round

Sant & Murtagh 3-0 Cooper & Crombie
1. Sant bt Crombie
2. Murtagh bt Cooper
3. Sant & Murtagh bt Cooper & Crombie

Price & Lord 3-1 Turner & Selby
1. Lord 83-34 Turner
2. Price 50-28 Selby
3. Price & Lord 36-64 Turner & Selby
4. Price 48-39 Turner

Belshaw & Jobling 3-2 Walker & Di Folco
1. Jobling 73-26 Walker
2. Belshaw 47-59 Di Folco
3. Belshaw & Jobling 63-47 Walker & Di Folco
4. Belshaw 38-53 Walker
5. Jobling 77-38 Di Folco

Martin & Hussain 3-2 Corbin & Walters
1. Corbin bt Hussain
2. Walters bt Martin
3. Martin & Hussain bt Corbin & Walters
4. Martin bt Corbin
5. Hussain bt Walters

Butler & Burrows 3-0 Parkinson & Bowley
1. Butler 54-47 Bowley (respot)
2. Burrows 50-36 Parkinson
3. Butler & Burrows 63-49 Parkinson & Bowley

Wainwright & Croft 3-1 D Reynolds & J Reynolds
1. Croft 75-51 J Reynolds
2. Wainwright 4-59 D Reynolds
3. Wainwright & Croft 52-51 D Reynolds & J Reynolds
4. Wainwright 67-56 J Reynolds

Ryan Cooper in action


Price & Lord 3-1 Sant & Murtagh
1. Lord 70-66 Sant
2. Price 33-71 Murtagh
3. Price & Lord 95-28 Sant & Murtagh
4. Price 84-18 Sant

Martin & Hussain 3-2 Belshaw & Jobling
1. Martin 53-75 Belshaw
2. Hussain 69-9 Jobling
3. Martin & Hussain bt Belshaw & Jobling
4. Jobling bt Martin
5. Hussain bt Belshaw

Butler & Burrows 3-1 Wainwright & Croft
1. Burrows 44-30 Wainwright
2. Butler 82-35 Croft
3. Butler & Burrows 25-59 Wainwright & Croft
4. Burrows 68-30 Croft

Robinson & Pearce 3-1 Sully & Rhodes
1. Robinson 41-75 Rhodes
2. Pearce 50-25 Sully
3. Robinson & Pearce 70-30 Sully & Rhodes
4. Pearce 67-44 Rhodes

The tournament in full swing with 14 tables in use


Martin & Hussain 3-0 Price & Lord
1. Martin 66-53 Price
2. Hussain bt Lord
3. Martin & Hussain bt Price & Lord

Butler & Burrows 3-0 Robinson & Pearce
Butler 86-57 Robinson
Burrows 52-38 Pearce
Butler & Burrows 69-55 Robinson & Pearce

The highest break of the day was a 55 by Nav Hussain.

All fourteen first match losers went into a singles plate tournament.  They were split into two groups of seven with Jon Sully coming out on top in group one (5 wins from 6) and Matt Walters winning group two (6 wins from 6).  They then played out a best of 5 frame final and Sully went 2-0 up.  Walters hit back in style though and he went on to win 3-2.  Walters made the highest break of the plate, a fine run of 69.

The tournament was held at Spot On, Hucknall and the NBSA would like to thank Pat, Tom and all the staff at the club for their hospitality.

The format seemed to be enjoyed by all competitors and a scotch doubles tournament may be on the cards next season.

Thanks to everyone who took part.  Our next tournament is The Clarry Cup on 17th March (venue TBA).


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Re: The County Cup (17/02/13)
« Reply #1 on: 17/02/13, 23:35 »
Well done Steve and Steve, a good win in a tough looking final.

I hope the photos become a regular feature of tournament reports, they really bring the event alive.

Thanks to Spot On Hucknall as well and to Steve B for his excellent organisation, even if it didn't prevent one player from going to the wrong venue, and 4 players somehow all not realising they were playing the wrong format in the doubles (yes, very embarrassing).

Dave Pearce

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Re: The County Cup (17/02/13)
« Reply #2 on: 18/02/13, 08:43 »
 ;D what a brilliant day out, enjoyed every minute of the snooker packed day, and for me at least I can sleep easy knowing the only match I lost was to the eventual winners, Well Done to the two Steve's, at least one lion roared on the day lol, oh and beating the plate finalist too was very pleasing too ;0), Well played Jon fellow lion you played some great stuff only just getting pipped by Matt shows you're getting it right, well done mate and congrats to Matt a star in the making I think  ;D

steve buzz

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Re: The County Cup (17/02/13)
« Reply #3 on: 18/02/13, 09:13 »
Well steve champions at last yes we've won something,well done mate,thanks for a great day,and a big thank you to Nav and Wayne on a great final, nearly Nav great clearance at the end well played.


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Re: The County Cup (17/02/13)
« Reply #4 on: 18/02/13, 09:31 »
A massive congrats to the two Steves from what i saw you were both playing very well.

A brilliant day, which ran very smoothly as normal, shame Rob and I didnt make the final but Wayne and Nav were outstanding and basically just out classed us.

Brilliant day............ Cant wait for the next one  :-*


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Re: The County Cup (17/02/13)
« Reply #5 on: 18/02/13, 11:50 »
Well played Steve & Steve, a fantastic match to be involved in. You both played superbly well all day and were deserving champions.

Another great day's snooker as well, Spot On Hucknall is a great venue.

Well organised as usual Steve, ran like clock work.

steve buzz

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Re: The County Cup (17/02/13)
« Reply #6 on: 18/02/13, 12:24 »
Yes wayne what a great final that's what its all about,all winners in my eyes,shame there had to be a loser in the end great banter and very gracious in defeat thanks again and for the kind words from you both it means a lot coming from 2 great players in the game.


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Re: The County Cup (17/02/13)
« Reply #7 on: 18/02/13, 14:05 »
It was a very good day out, meeting all the snooker lads. Good to see dave jobling and malc again... malc with his tactical snooker :)) How did you miss that black !!! (sorry to remind you malc)

I surprised myself when i won the match against s burrows, one stage with 50 odd points behind, i lost hope. But decided to give it my best and see what happens, but s burrows did play excellent safety shots which forced me into many shots. Well played guys.

steve buzz

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Re: The County Cup (17/02/13)
« Reply #8 on: 18/02/13, 14:29 »
Had my chances mate,but that last red was top draw and the clearance was awesome too,which just proves why you are one of the best in the game,unlucky again mate was a pleasure playing you both,see you soon


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Re: The County Cup (17/02/13)
« Reply #9 on: 18/02/13, 15:08 »
Congratulations to Steve & Steve.

Thank you to both Steve Butler and Spot On for running the event and providing facilities.

I enjoyed the day and unfortunatly we got beat by the Steve's for the 2nd time this season  >:(

Looking forward to the next comp.