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Author Topic: Nottinghamshire 6 Red Snooker Championship (06/01/13)  (Read 2271 times)

Steve Butler

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Congratulations to Nav Hussain who defeated Wayne Martin 4-0 in the final on Sunday evening to become the first ever Nottinghamshire 6 Red Snooker Champion.

The tournament was held at BCI Snooker Centre and the NBSA would like to thank Pete Trout and all the staff at BCI for their hospitality.

The format seemed to go down well with the competitors and it was particularly nice to have time for best of seven frame matches throughout.  The whole event was completed by 6.30pm.

The highest break of the day was a superb 58 by Lee Crombie.  Had he not feathered the white on the pink it could well have been a 71 clearance.

Thanks to everyone who took part.  Our next tournament is the hugely popular County Cup on 17th February (venue TBA).


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Well done Nav! Having only played 2 events so far I have enjoyed both. Great setup thanks Steve once again. Lost first match both times but to the eventual winners. Having lost to Nav first round this morning I expected him to win the whole event, saying to him I always lose to the winner! Low and behold Nav you did it.  Next event people will be lining up to play me!!!


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Well done Nav, great play in the final including an exhibition of long potting.
Many thanks again to Steve, another terrific competition that was a pleasure to play in and to Pete and Carol for the use of the facilities.


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hi, thanks danny and wayne for the kind words, it was a very good day of snooker. Thanks to pete and carol for the tables.

I managed to battle away in some frames and never give up, i just gave it my best shot and didnt even hit any breaks, but managed to come back well in frames to take them. John Fountain played some great stuff but the turning point came when he missed a relatively straight forward red to go 3-1 up, but i managed to get back in and take the remaining frames.

Wayne played an excellent match against the ever dangerous dave jobling and came through with a good score line 4-1. In the final, i thought i may as well go out on the attack as my potting got better as the day went on. oh yes... zeb ,, wanted to win so badly today but he also missed a few tricky pots and maybe should have played more safety  ;) :D   and it was good to see our team mate Sammo dressed up in fancy dress, he did mention he just finished from NG1, dont know what he was doing there  ???   Anyway, a great 6 red event !!


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Hi Lads, great to read you all had a good day, that Nav bloke winning again tut tut! but really well done Nav and to all, unfortuantly some of the notts comps have fell were i cannot attend, even the county cup which was superb to play in last year even tho we went out first round was a real pleasure and i loved the format, unless someone wants to partner me (i can make my own way there) and get me home i will also miss that event! (obviously i would pay petrol money)

Also while im on (food for thought im gonna run a little side line of this at my next comp) i recently played in a snooker shootout event in the Darley Dale & District league, one of the diciplines was speed snooker on the coulours! basically whoever was your opponent u played on 2 different tables the ref would say 3-2-1 go and u race 2 clear the colours! it turned out 2 be a great hit and thourouly enjoyed by all! all players watching as it doesnt take long and watching folk run round the table was hiliarous!

Thats it for now take care all love Jim


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Thank you to both Steve and BCI (Carol & Pete) for a enjoyable tournament (well first round for me anyway :) )

I'm really enjoying the comps looking forward to the next week.