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Author Topic: Division 2 Spot On Bulwell 4-1 Willowbrook Wizards  (Read 1031 times)


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Spot On proved too strong for the Wizards running out comfortable 4-1 winners.

Troy Brett 93 - 16 Glenn Price
A superb display of potting from Troy gave Glenn no chance in the top frame. He put together a very nice 39, including a very missable plant. He bettered that (in terms of quality) with a 38 clearance. Brown was on the side cushion not far from the yellow pocket, and his control of the cueball to get from green to brown was immaculate. To get anywhere near blue was amazing, and to pot the blue and get on the pink was outrageous. Having potted pink, Cal McKenzie challenged him to pot the black one-handed. He did!. Simply outstanding Snooker.

Steve Howard 81 - 16 Rob Lord

Nothing went right for Rob in this frame. he potted a great red, only to snooker himself (unluckily) on all the colours, and when he played the black his bridge hand feathered a red, which he called himself. Steve potted steadily and a smooth 28 saw him 62 points ahead with the colours left. An attempt at a snooker saw Rob fluke the Green, which summed up his night!

James Robinson 38 - 45 Callum McKenzie
Cal potted well, breaks of 10 and 14 helping him to a 33 point lead. James managed to reduce this to 14 going into the colours, and further reduced the gap by taking the yellow and the green. Cal took the brown and James the blue but Cal sealed the frame with the pink before going in off on the black.

Paul Bell 59 - 26 Richard Bullock
A tight frame for much of the time with little opportunity for breaks as three colours clustered round the pink spot and two others on the cushion. Paul led by five going into the colours, and the key moment came when Richard went for a double on the brown into the top left pocket; the reward would have been good position on the blue, but the reality was brown left over the pocket and a blue to follow which left Richard needing a snooker with pink and black left, and in trying to find one he went in off pink leaving Paul to take them to give a slightly lop-sided view to the score.

A good night (as always) with some good banter. Well played Spot on, especially Troy!


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Re: Division 2 Spot On Bulwell 4-1 Willowbrook Wizards
« Reply #1 on: 17/04/12, 00:04 »
Great report as always rich.

Gotta agree troys 38 clearance was just top draw the blue to pink was just was just i cant think of word, i was just in awe of the shot and the clearance in general.

Also gotta give cal some credit he potted some very good balls and to say hes hardly played for a few months. really well played cal. Good straght cueing on the final black though after being challenged by troy to play it one handed and potted the black and followed through with the white.