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Author Topic: County Cup: A McMahon & B Monk 3-2 N Hussain & W Martin  (Read 2620 times)

Ant McMahon

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Full report to full soon!!


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Full report to follow soon


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Ben and Ant squeezing through here on the final pink in the decising frame.

A really tight match that spun around on the scotch pairs frame.
Ben and Ant going 2 nil up in the first set of singles before Nav & Wayne stole the pairs frame and Nav came back from the
dead against Ben in the reverse singles frame.

I have to say that Ant and Nav had a re-rack and then a really long frame. Ben and Wayne had 6 more games in this time :-).
(Make the most of that free light guys LOL)

The final frame was a tense affair with Wayne going 24 up with 25 on before 3 misses brought the match back on level terms.
Ant eventually potting some pressure shots to win frame and match.

Well done guys, great match played in good spirits and good luck in the final.

Nav immediateyl sacked me after the match which was a shock, although I am now over it.
He is looking for a new partner, applications on twitter at:



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i am still in the state of shock from the last frame, wayne did extremely well to keep ahead. Wayne had a free ball and opted to let ant take the shot and wayne being snookered behind the brown (great shot ant). That was the turning point in the match as wayne was looking very comfortable in winning that frame, but wasent to be.

In my match against ben, he quickly was in his stride with a 36 break from his 2nd shot of the frame but few shots later he somehow managed to knock the black in from a great blue and also left me with a free ball. I took my chances well and cleared up the remaning 3 to 4 reds and looked well to win the frame, but only to go and miss a simple straight green on its spot. This match was full of twists and turns , ben knock in the green only to snooker himself behind the blue , few shorts later i clear the remaining colours. Great match played in great spirits

The match before between me and ant, i thought we were going to have a rerack for 2nd time as reds were bottom and top cushions with colours gone missing .... i did have flash backs of this match in my sleep and thought it was a nightmare , but NO was reality.  ;D ;D ;D

I am now in search of a new partner for next season whilst wayne is away on 12 week snooker doubles course  :o :o lol


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Thanks for doing the report Wayne much appreciated!!! Pal
Yes guys this match had some right twists and turns for sure. I think Nav and I showed a lot of respect for each other's game shame none of us could really get going, this wasn't helped with how the balls ended up I suppose.
 Watching some of Nav and Ben game could not believe the bad luck he knocking the black in whete it was lol.
My final game against Wayne when he first had me in the snooker near the end of the game I gave so many points away not getting out from it I really thought that was it, then like Nav said it all change when I put Wayne back in snooker, but then it was still on a knife edge when we both missed potting chances on the green which it was a case whoever potted it looked favourite for the match just glad I held it together!!! Nav stick with Wayne top pairing your lot😄

Kind regards