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Author Topic: Division 1: The Towers 6-2 Phoenix Cue Sports  (Read 1189 times)

Vinnie Dennis

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Tuesday Team League - Summer 2015
Frame Scores
Tony Morgan   O-1   M. Lee
Tony Morgan   1-O   Ben Monk
Scott Higgins   1-O   J. Marshal
Scott Higgins   1-O   Ben Monk
Daniel Moll   O-1   M. Lee
Daniel Moll   1-O   G. Birks
Connor Rollo   1-O   J. Marshal
Connor Rollo   1-O   G. Birks

Match Report
Tony went some 50 odd behind before scoring a point in the 1st and was 76 behind before having his 1st real chance at potting a what you would call "easy ball". 2 nd frame had a good 50 against Ben. 1-1. On the other table Scott who was struggling to even pot a green off it's spot in practice, decided he'd just knock in a 78, missing the brown and just falling short of the ton clearance. 3-1 Dan had a 30 in one of his frames and was involved with some serious foul and a miss shot's. 4-2. Conner rounded off the night with a solid display and giving the Towers a good 6-2 win. Thanks pheonix and in the words of Tony "I'm the welsh wizard" Morgan..... BISH BASH BOSH!!!!!


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Re: Division 1: The Towers 6-2 Phoenix Cue Sports
« Reply #1 on: 05/08/15, 15:04 »
Solid display guys good tables as always
"Welsh wizard" have to call him taffy potter then 😊


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Re: Division 1: The Towers 6-2 Phoenix Cue Sports
« Reply #2 on: 05/08/15, 21:10 »
Excellent 78 from Scott who hadn't played for 2 months and I watched miss the green off the spot 3 times in practice natural talent shone through there.