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Author Topic: Intermediate Hcp: Tamas Vagvolgyi 4 - 3 Fred Mulheron  (Read 1705 times)

Tamas Vagvolgyi

  • Guest

Agreed with Fred that instead of a best of 5 we play best of 7. And what a match this was..

Frame 1: Freddie got into the balls quite early in the frame and had a lead of 25, but with good safeties I managed to come back to the frame by the time we got to the colours. A missed brown on my side left Freddie a good chance to seal the frame which he did with confident potting. 0 - 1

Frame 2: Same again but it was me this time who had the lead and control during the frame. Freddie couldn't come close to the business end, though his safety play was incredible. I managed to win the frame with yellow, green and brown to level the match. 1 - 1

Frame 3: I had a small lead in the beginning when suddenly Fred snapped his back and it seemed like he was going to concede the match but still managed to make a great 23 to go in front and kept the lead until the end. 1 - 2

Frame 4: Scrappy frame which saw 2 good snookers on my side with which I collected about 20 points, which then helped me to win the frame by potting brown and blue. 2 - 2

Frame 5: I had the control in this one with nice safeties and getting 3 teen breaks in. Kept my lead and for the first time I found myself in front. 3 - 2

Frame 6: Both of us knocking in nice and difficult breaks, the frame was probably over in 15 minutes. Freddie was in front but the last 2 reds with colours saw me on the winning line, but Freddie potted yellow to blue to lead by 4 points. He found himself on a long straight pink which rattled about 1000 times before it went safe. Then after 2 safety shots I found myself on a tough long pink which rattled another 1000 times in the corner pocket but left Freddie with a difficult cut which he managed to pot to force the decider. 3 - 3

Frame 7: This was extremely tense, neck to neck until the colours, when I had a half chance of cutting the brown in, which I managed to do to leave myself perfect on the blue to win the match. 4 - 3

So after a cracking 3.5 hour marathon (because of 2 re-racks) I'm extremely delighted to be in the final and I will do my best to win the trophy! Bad luck Freddie, if it was a best of 199 the final score would have been 100 - 99 for sure, could have gone either way! Good luck in your division and see you soon!


  • Guest
Congratulations Tamas...Unlucky Fred. Let's hope the final is just as exciting as this match.  Looking forward to meeting and playing you Tamas.


  • Guest
Same here Mike, hopefully we put on some great performance and have a cracking final! See you soon!