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Author Topic: Holgates Masters Final: Barry Stark bt Bob Walker  (Read 1643 times)


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Played between Barry Stark & Bob Walker in excellent conditions at Bulwell Church Institute. Best of 7

In the first frame Bob was struggling with cue ball position, Barry won the frame easily conplete with a 33 break.  FS Barry 63-8 Bob

The second frame seamed to be going to be simalar to the first with Barry getting off to a flyer with a well taken 48 break. Bob had differant idears and gradually settled with some super potting the claw back into the frame, potting the green to pink to seal the frame.             FS Barry 49-65 Bob

Third frame, again Barry took an early lead but Bob chipped away with no breaks but solid potting, winning on the colours.
                                                                                                                                                                     FS Barry 39-52 Bob
Going 2-1 down seemed to spring Barry into life. No breaks to mentiom but always in control.                              FS Barry 76-1 Bob

The fifth frame was nip & tuck with Bob just 9 points behind as he potted the last red with a good positional shot. However a bad contact on the yellow left it in the jaws for Barry to complete a fairly simple clearance.                                                                                          FS Barry 62-27 Bob

In frame 6 the audience had a good reason to applaud, with Barry making a fine 68 break with some very good potting and positional play.
                                                                                                                                                                     FS Barry 97-7 Bob

A very enjoyable eveings snooker and social gathering, which I`am sure everbody enjoyed. (perhaps not Bob so much).

Many thanks to Keith Holgate                 Sponsor.
                       Pete Trout                      BCI
                       Paul Wainwright              Event organizer.
                       James & Malc(not me)     Table preperation.

Report by Malc Belshaw
NBSA Committee