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Author Topic: KO Plate: Mapperley CC 5-1 Embankment Bears (09/02/15)  (Read 3098 times)

Steve Howard

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Frame Scores
Steve Howard   O-1   Harvey Pabla
Steve Howard   1-O   Harvey Pabla
Andrew Wain   1-O   Dan Norton
Andrew Wain   1-O   Dan Norton
Don Merry   1-O   Ross Wilkin
Don Merry   1-O   Ross Wilkin

Match Report
Mapperley make the Knockout Plate Final Beating The Embankment Bears.

Frames 1/2
Steve and Harvey unseparable in the 1st,until Steve needing only pink along top cushion rattled it leaving an easy pink and black for Harvey to snatch it.Steve a little more comfortably taking the 2nd for a good draw between the players.
Always a good battle with you Harvey.

Frames 3/4
Didn't see these frames as was playing my own,but comfortable 1st frame win for Andrew over Dan in the 1st,but much more closely contested in the 2nd by Dan.Only losing it to Andrew by a mere 14 points.Andrew got a nice 40 break not sure which frame it was.

Frames 5/6
Don taking the 1st frame against (I think my good friend Ross will agree),an out of sorts Ross.Hope you'll agree anyway Ross lol!!
You play much better when your on form,but don't we all.Mapperley had won the match by now,and Ross I hear conceded his 2nd frame.
So a result of 5-1 is noted.

Great playing The Bears,as Dan said on the night they never seem to win at Mapperley,maybe we're just your 'Bogey' team Dan,at least at our place anyway.
See you all again soon,


  • Guest
Blimey you guys are keen...this wasn't due to be played until 2nd March!!!

No problems though congrats on reaching the final Mapperley :-)


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Hi Mike. . .
We're always 'keen' Mike lol!!!
But the reason it was played earlier was The Bears would have been struggling apparently on 2nd March to field a team I hear,so that's why it was played Tues night.
Oh Mike can you just go into my match report and alter the frames 2/3 and 4/5,i was quite tired when I put the report on,and frames 2/3 obviously should read 3/4 and so on..

cheers Mike,


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Hello Mike, yeah Harvey contacted me a few weeks ago asking if it was possible to switch the dates as he and Ross were away..not sure if they were going away together though. .lol. .I thought it was a great idea as it would have been a real shame if Mapperley had been given a walk over due to the Embankment Bears not having a team. .im sorry I didn't let you know mate prior to the change of date.  :)


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No problems Andy...I'm all for teams looking ahead to potential problems in the fixture list and solving them.  As you say far better that the match is played than a walkover handed over.

Well done on reaching the final, you can sit back and relax and see if you get us or Oakleigh Lodge now :)