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Author Topic: Trevor Steeples Shield (25/01/15)  (Read 6186 times)


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Trevor Steeples Shield (25/01/15)
« on: 25/01/15, 23:31 »

Congratulations to Sean Hopkin who defeated Clint I'Anson 2-0 in the final of the Trevor Steeples Shield on Sunday evening.  Superb breaks of 30 and 66 by Hopkin in the second frame ensured that he won the tournament with a flourish and sealed his place in the end-of-season Champions Cup.


We had 31 players at the last tournament in December but we went one better in this one with a capacity field of 32 players.  The atmosphere was great and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

Honourable mentions to:

Jon Sully who finished 3rd in Group A.
Mick Garratt who beat Nav Hussain and Joe Reynolds before topping Group B off a +28 handicap.
Sean Croft who came within a whisker of beating Hopkin in their semi-final.
Gary Villiers for winning two matches on his competitive debut.
Rick Worrall for making a 50 break and finishing 4th in Group A despite having had no sleep!

Tom Goldstein and Dave Jobling both made the day's highest break of 81.  They may have to settle for half a trophy each!

I ran an optional 'Race to the Cash' prize pot for the first time at this tournament.  Twelve players each chose to pay 5 and the player who went the furthest in the tournament won 60.  That player was Sean Hopkin, so well done to him for winning some cash to accompany his trophy.

Thanks once again to everyone who came and helped to make the day so very enjoyable.  It was great to see the return of some old faces and yet another new face (Gary).

I hope to see you all at the next tournament, The Clarry Cup on 1st March 2015 at Spot On Cue Sports, Sneinton.

A huge thanks to Julian, Lynn and all of the staff at Spot On Cue Sports for their hospitality.  The posh new toilets look great!

Sneinton or Hilton?


Report by Steve Butler (TD)
NBSA Committee

ant moore

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Re: Trevor Steeples Shield (25/01/15)
« Reply #1 on: 25/01/15, 23:53 »
Another well run day. Thanks steve. Looking forward to the next One.  :)

sean croft

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Re: Trevor Steeples Shield (25/01/15)
« Reply #2 on: 26/01/15, 09:56 »
Great days snooker enjoyed by myself and Danielle my daughter.
I was gutted to go 1-0 up against Hopkin and then only needing the pink in frame two to beat Hopkin 2-0! But he proved a very worthy champion with great snooker well played. I'm happy with that.


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Re: Trevor Steeples Shield (25/01/15)
« Reply #3 on: 26/01/15, 19:28 »
Yesterday was a good day & well organised Steve. In my opinion it was far too long due to some very long frames & players going absent or jumping playing order. How about for the next comp introducing a 20 minute stop clock to speed frames up & penalise players taking up to 15 minutes to 'nip outside for a cigarette'. At 1 stage yesterday, in my group I & some others were only averaging 1 frame an hour.

sean croft

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Re: Trevor Steeples Shield (25/01/15)
« Reply #4 on: 27/01/15, 01:02 »
1hr that's not bad compared to PTC events lol
Fair point Tony on 20 min limit. I can wait to go for a smoke when I have too but when you don't have to because you know you've got a 4 frame wait it is different. If each group had 3 tables instead of 2...yes it would of ran faster, anyway I enjoyed it thanks steve. Well played yesterday Tony.


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Re: Trevor Steeples Shield (25/01/15)
« Reply #5 on: 27/01/15, 09:17 »
Didn't realise you play in PTC's Sean. Perhaps if you're playing at that standard we need to look at your handicap. 😉. 5 frames in as many hours is more painful than having teeth extracted.


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Re: Trevor Steeples Shield (25/01/15)
« Reply #6 on: 27/01/15, 12:46 »
What happened to 32 players is a straight knock,surly if it's 32 or even close to that amount straight knock out then plate

These events need looking at properly handi-caps are to much in one frame shoot outs, I must say they are a good day well run, and can be good match practice