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Author Topic: The CarsCovers County Cup Preliminary Round Draw  (Read 965 times)


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Welcome everyone to The County Cup.

The deadline for matches to be completed and results submitted is 31.01.15.

It is the responsibility of BOTH teams to contact each other and arrange the match.

Please see the preliminary draw for The County Cup;

Sean Croft & Partner v Nick Kirkman & Manfred Corbin
Jamie Moore & Barry Stark v Harvey Pabla & Ross Wilkin
Lee Crombie & Sean Hopkin v Jimmy Gratton & Troy Brett


Ant Moore & James Hastie
Bob Walker & Dan Di Folco
Dan Norton & Piotr Machon
David Casey & Sean Coxon
David Jobling & Keith Holgate
Matt Walters & Nav Hussain
Paul Wainwright & Freddie Mulheron
Robert Garratt & Michael Singh
Shaun Parkinson & Toby Bowley
Steve Burrows & Steve Butler
Tamas Vagvolgyi & Saagar Sodha
Toby Bowley & Shaun Parkinson
Wayne Smith & Lee Shanker

Below are details on how the County Cup format works, Please feel free to contact the NBSA Competitions Committee is you have any questions or trouble arranging your matches.

  • Two-man team competition
  • NBSA handicaps will be used in all matches
  • The handicap of a pair in frame 3 will be that of the better player
  • All matches best of 5 frames
Frame 1: Team A (player A) v Team B (player A)

Frame 2: Team A (player B) v Team B (player B)

Frame 3: Team A v Team B (alternate shot doubles, conferring allowed)

Frame 4: Team A (player A) v Team B (player B)

Frame 5: Team A (player B) v Team B (player A)

Good luck to you all.