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Author Topic: Intermediate Hcp: Ross Wilkin 3-2 Rob Garratt  (Read 997 times)

Ross Wilkin

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Match played at The Embankment, Table 3.
All frames were pretty scrappy on this challenging table. The first frame was very long, due to me needing one snooker on the last 3 balls. Rob was struggling to pot the blue and then the pink after I accidentally potted the blue. My snooker attempts continued until Rob finally potted the pink to take the first frame.
Rob got into his stride a little more in the second frame, managing a 21 break early on. He increased this lead while I struggled with my positional play. I needed a few snookers at the final colours but Rob potted what he needed with ease to take the second.
During the third frame, my potting started to go downhill, hitting everything too thick. I started to lose my temperament a little and felt like I was heading for a 3-0 defeat. Despite this I tried to just be patient and take it shot by shot. I was surprised to notice I wasn't far behind on the scoreboard and then after Rob had a little luck earlier on, mine all came towards the end of this frame just when I needed it. Especially when Rob missed frame ball pink and left me 2 very easy pots to steal the frame.
I can't remember too much about the next 2 frames as I was still a bit bewildered how I was still in this match. I think it was more scrappy low scoring stuff although maybe I started to pot a bit better and get a few more single colour breaks (if you can call them breaks!) than Rob. I'm sure Rob would be the first to agree he lost his cool slightly towards the end which is understandable.
As we agreed afterwards, Rob didn't really do much wrong to lose this but it was 5 separate close frames where patience was probably the most needed skill. I was still impressed Rob kept his head throughout, apart from a little at the end, I think that mental attitude will do you well in the future Rob!

Robert Garratt

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Re: Intermediate Hcp: Ross Wilkin 3-2 Rob Garratt
« Reply #1 on: 06/11/14, 16:20 »
Cheers mate I enjoyed the match and I'm still wondering how I have lost this one which really i had pink ball for match but after that you started to pot plus got abit of rub but to be fair you didn't have much at the start of the match but I will learn from the defeat and take it into the next match very frustrating as been doing really well lately in matches but I'm glad I kept my cool as it's part of my game which has improved loads now it's just adding consistent breaks which I'm starting to do thanks Ross and good luck rest of the season pal