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Author Topic: Open Singles: Jason Ashurst 3-2 Manfred Corbin  (Read 991 times)

Jason Ashurst

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Great match this was. Manfred made it the hardest match ive had so far this season potting nearly everything he went for. I had a 31 I think in frame 3 and Manfred had several high teen and a couple of 20s and it went down to the black ball in the final frame. how I won this match ill never know because Manfred must of had a 95% pot success rate to my 60%. I think the run always plays its part in this game and came at a vital time for me on the black in frame 5. Unlucky mate and all the best for the rest of the season.


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Re: Open Singles: Jason Ashurst 3-2 Manfred Corbin
« Reply #1 on: 06/11/14, 10:54 »
Thanks Jason you are solid player despite my great potting and many breaks you only needed one chance and you was  right back with me in the scores if I recall you needed all the colours in the first frame to win and you did just that in 1 visit .
2nd frame we were neck and neck all frame but I managed to win it on pink .
3rd frame you took the reigns and made a early 31 break I just could not keep up needed snookers by the time the colours were in play. 2-1 down and knew I just had to keep the same form to hang on in there again I believe we were neck and neck went to colours and I nicked from you after you missed the yellow.

Final frame was a great match all round to cut the story short I needed all the colours to win potted right up to the pink played a nice pink but that little bit too hard into the yellow pocket as black was off the back cushion took on the risky black into the same pocket went slightly wide but landed safe you then played a safety shot left me a pottable black in the right corner white was just below blue pocket but tight on the cushion ended up completely miss hitting the black white went up and down the table and I left you with a straight. Black ball into the corner my worst play from the entire match but that sealed my fate and ensured your victory.

Well deserved win mate look forward to playing you again good luck in your future matches.