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Author Topic: Nottinghamshire Pairs Snooker Championship (12/10/14)  (Read 7711 times)


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Congratulations to Dave Jobling & Keith Holgate who defeated Sean Croft and Ashley Bettinson 2-0 in the final of the Nottinghamshire Pairs Snooker Championship.

Just six pairs turned up for this one day tournament so we made a day of it and played one round-robin group of 6.  It was agreed that the pairs finishing in the top two positions would contest the final.

D Merry & J Major 0 - 2 D Jobling & K Holgate
D Merry & J Major 2 - 0 T Bowley & S Parkinson
D Merry & J Major 2 - 0 M Lee & G Birks
D Merry & J Major 0 - 2 S Croft & A Bettinson
D Merry & J Major 0 - 2 D Rhodes & S Butler
D Jobling & K Holgate 2 - 0 T Bowley & S Parkinson
D Jobling & K Holgate NR - NR M Lee & G Birks
D Jobling & K Holgate 2 - 0 S Croft & A Bettinson
D Jobling & K Holgate 2 - 0 D Rhodes & S Butler
T Bowley & S Parkinson 0 - 2 M Lee & G Birks
T Bowley & S Parkinson 2 - 1 S Croft & A Bettinson
T Bowley & S Parkinson NR - NR D Rhodes & S Butler
M Lee & G Birks 1 - 2 S Croft & A Bettinson
M Lee & G Birks 2 - 1 D Rhodes & S Butler
S Croft & A Bettinson 2 - 1 D Rhodes & S Butler

Towards the end of the group stage it became apparent that Jobling/Holgate and Croft/Bettinson were going to finish in the top two, hence why the matches Bowley/Parkinson v Croft/Bettinson and Jobling/Holgate v Lee/Birks did not need to be played.

In the final, Jobling/Holgate opened up a good lead, but a 34 break from Croft pulled the BCI-based pairing back into the frame.  The comeback was alas short lived and Jobling/Holgate went on to win the frame.  They then took the second frame in convincing fashion to lift the trophy for the third year in a row!

It was not a great day for big breaks.  Sean Croft made a 34 and a 39 but the highest break of the day was a 49 by Steve Butler.

Many thanks to all the players who attended and we hope you had a good day's snooker.  Also a huge thanks to BCI for letting us use their tables once again.

The next one day tournament will be The Spider Trophy on 16th November 2014.  Venue TBA.
NBSA Committee

sean croft

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Thanks for another great days snooker, and me and Ashley were just ecstatic to reach the final with the legendary Keith Holgate & Dave Jobling it was a pleasure. Well played everyone there was'nt one easy game we just tried to give everyone has good as we got!


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Kind words from Sean, who in my opinion is very close to breaking through as one of our better players in Notts, I just can't put my finger on what Sean needs to do to achieve it. He has all the shots, but is maybe short of a little self belief, and certainly managed to put us under some pressure in the first frame.

A special thanks to Steve for running the show today, and even while feeling well below par, managed to knock in the highest break of the day, 49, which should have been higher.

Oh - and thanks Dave, my shoulders are killing me lol :)

sean croft

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Thanks! Keith that's really inspired me to push harder. I always try my best but some times I struggle to keep cool and collected as snooker can be very frustrating quite often, I hadn't played upon till yesterday since my match with Cary, so it was surprising how well me an Ash did yesterday because he hadn't played for a while either so we credit our self their. But lately I've enjoyed practice only 1-2 hrs which is enough for me just 2-3 times a weeks with the odd 4hr friendly session! Thiers a lot more competitive matches and tournaments arising which I hope to enjoy an naturally grow with consistency as time go on I'll have o wait and see.

Steve's 49 was a fanatic break which he made at the right time of the frame angainst Ashley and myself, it was a frame winner if I hadn't of cleared up in the final frame Steve and Dan would of beaten us 2-1.

You should try carrying Ashley! On your shoulders Lol... No it was mutual I'll never forget the long pink Ashley slammed in down the rail at distance to book our place in the final wow what a pink mate.


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If you fancy a game on my table let me know🎅

sean croft

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If you fancy a game on my table let me know🎅
I would love to keith, my car will be fixed in a week or two and as soon as I'm back on the road I will message or ring you, thanks Keith it would be nice.

I'll bring a note book lol