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Author Topic: Open Singles: Malc Belshaw 0-3 Troy Brett  (Read 1167 times)

James Robinson

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Open Singles: Malc Belshaw 0-3 Troy Brett
« on: 10/10/14, 02:15 »

Result given to me from Troy who asked me to post for him.

Going on the information handed to me it would appear that Troy's summer break from Nottingham snooker hasn't affected him in any way.

1st frame Troy lays a snooker behind the green which Malc escapes but leaves troy in amongst the balls paving the way for a magical 104 break narrowly missing out on a 138 clearance.

Frame 2 Malc takes the early lead until Troy gets in with a 46 break and snookers himself on frame ball green, Malc then goes in off on the brown putting him 22 down with 22 on Troy pots brown for frame.

3rd similar to the 2nd Troy winning on the blue.

Well done Troy mate awesome stuff and a cracking ton by the sounds of things.

A welcome return to Nottingham snooker and certainly making a statement.


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Re: Open Singles: Malc Belshaw 0-3 Troy Brett
« Reply #1 on: 10/10/14, 23:10 »
You`ve beat me to it James, but the information you`ve received is correct.
An EXCELLANT break of 104 by Troy, with every pot & cue ball control made to look so effortless. (whilst picking the balls out I thought this bloke is just  not going to miss) 
Frames 2 & 3 could have gone either way but his potting & confidance easerily carried him through to the next round
Enjoy the rest of the tourament Troy