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Author Topic: Open Singles: Ross Wilkin 1-3 Dave Jobling  (Read 1079 times)

Ross Wilkin

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Open Singles: Ross Wilkin 1-3 Dave Jobling
« on: 01/10/14, 23:09 »

An almost empty club for a quiet last match for me at Pegasus. I let Dave get a lead in the first frame by refusing a potential re-rack situation and playing a poor safety. I was pleased to come back with a quick 24 though to keep in the running. I think Dave was ahead on the colours and potted enough to make sure of the frame win.
The second was more scrappy, with colours sticking to cushions early and neither of us making much of a score.... UNTIL... as I was about to apologise for messing up the table even more, Dave went on to make an AMAZING 43 break with difficult reds, green and brown on the baulk cushion. Reminded me of a much talked about Ronnie break. He was unlucky to go in off the last red but this was more than enough to finish me off in this frame.
I managed to make a 27 in the next frame and keep my nose ahead until the final colours. I then only needed yellow to blue to try and make a come back which I managed well.
I felt I was starting to lose some concentration in the 4th frame, but despite this worry I ended up needing the final few colours to draw. Due to my lack of focus I was a little upset to not get these colours to force a re-spotted black. Dave mopped them up to take the match.
Well played Dave, especially that difficult 43 that I won't forget!
Glad I gave you a close run though!!