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Author Topic: Nottinghamshire Six Red Snooker Championship (21/09/14)  (Read 7200 times)


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Congratulations to Steve Butler who defeated Mike Lee 3-0 in the final of the Nottinghamshire Six Red Snooker Championship.  Butler now qualifies for the end of season GCL Billiards Champions Cup tournament which carries a first prize of 100.

Phoenix Cue Sports in Eastwood played host to the tournament.  Sean Croft played particularly well, making numerous 30+ breaks and also the day's highest, a lovely run of 44 in his group match against Mike Lee.

Group A                                          
         P      W      L      F      A      Pts   
   Sean Croft      3      2      1      9      3      4   
   Mike Lee      3      2      1      8      6      4   
   Jon Sully      3      1      2      5      7      2   
   Steve Burrows      3      0      3      3      9      0   

Group A Results                        
   Jon Sully      2      3      Mike Lee   
   Jon Sully      0      3      Sean Croft   
   Jon Sully      3      1      Steve Burrows   
   Mike Lee      2      3      Sean Croft   
   Mike Lee      3      1      Steve Burrows   
   Sean Croft      3      1      Steve Burrows   

Sean Croft and Mike Lee stood out in Group A.  Steve Burrows struggled all day and Jon Sully very nearly made the quarter-finals.  He secured himself a play-off match against Joe Trout (the 2nd and 3rd best third place finishers) and had it not been for an in-off late in the frame he would probably have made the quarters.  As it was, Trout finished the frame off to go through.

Group B                                          
         P      W      L      F      A      Pts   
   Ant Moore      3      2      1      7      5      4   
   Wayne Smith      3      2      1      7      4      4   
   Joe Trout      3      1      2      5      7      2   
   Nick Kirkman      3      1      2      4      7      2   

Group B Results                        
   Ant Moore      1      3      Joe Trout   
   Ant Moore      3      1      Nick Kirkman   
   Ant Moore      3      1      Wayne Smith   
   Joe Trout      1      3      Nick Kirkman   
   Joe Trout      1      3      Wayne Smith   
   Nick Kirkman      0      3      Wayne Smith   

Ant Moore and Wayne Smith made it through to the quarters from Group B.  Nick Kirkman missed out on frame difference and Joe Trout, as already mentioned, beat Jon Sully in the play-off match to make it through.

Group C                                          
         P      W      L      F      A      Pts   
   Tom Goldstein      3      3      0      9      4      6   
   Steve Butler      3      2      1      7      5      4   
   Tamas Vagvolgyi      3      1      2      6      7      2   
   Stephen Lally      3      0      3      3      9      0   

Group C Results                        
   Steve Butler      1      3      Tom Goldstein   
   Steve Butler      3      1      Tamas Vagvolgyi   
   Steve Butler      3      1      Stephen Lally   
   Tom Goldstein      3      2      Tamas Vagvolgyi   
   Tom Goldstein      3      1      Stephen Lally   
   Stephen Lally      1      3      Tamas Vagvolgyi   

Despite not being at his best, Sleaford's Tom Goldstein was unbeaten in Group C.  Steve Butler finished second and Tamas Vagvolgyi also progressed to the quarter-finals as the best 3rd place finisher.  Club owner Stephen Lally was able to concentrate on his pool match after bowing out without a point.

Mike Lee 3-2 Wayne Smith
Steve Butler 3-0 Sean Croft
Joe Trout 3-1 Tamas Vagvolgyi
Ant Moore 3-1 Tom Goldstein

Lee narrowly pipped Smith to secure a place in the semi-finals.  It was a tough battle but local lad Lee did enough to progress.  Butler surprisingly made short work of Croft who was the in-form player during the group stages.  He never really hit the heights in this match though.  Trout did not feel he played well, but he was too strong for Vagvolgyi.  Moore played arguably the shot of the tournament during his match with Goldstein.  He powered in a pink and brought the cue ball off the side cushion to canon into the black knocking it over the corner pocket before potting it for the frame.  He played some good stuff to send tournament favourite Goldstein home earlier than expected.

Steve Butler 3-1 Ant Moore
Mike Lee 3-0 Joe Trout

Butler and Moore were pretty evenly matched but Moore had some good chances to win the 3rd and 4th frames which he didn't take and Butler punished his errors.  Lee played well against Trout and looked in good form going into the final.

Steve Butler 3-0 Mike Lee

Butler was very solid in the final, scoring heavily with most visits and not giving Lee many chances.  Signs of better things to come from Lee though who was playing in his first Notts final.  Butler was pleased to seal his first tournament victory.

High Breaks
Sean Croft 44,32,31
Ant Moore 36
Tamas Vagvolgyi 32,32
Tom Goldstein 31

The next one day tournament will be the Scratch Pairs which will be held on Sunday 12th October at BCI Snooker Centre in Bulwell.
NBSA Committee

sean croft

  • Guest
Big congratulations is in order for Sir Butler!  Well done you just got stronger as the day went on, no douts about it you certainly inow how to scrap it out.

Great job on organising and running a quality tournament you set the standards high in that department.

A fantastic days match pratice which was virtually free! Price of a few coffees & fuel nothing really, but what was nicer is that a great bunch of men turned up ( good company ) although we was fighting on the table most of the time lol.

im just glad to of won all three group matches I felt buggerd by the end of it lol



  • Guest
Well done Steve on both your win and for organising the event. Thanks to Stephen and Phoenix for hosting the tournament. As Crofty says, it really was great value!