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Author Topic: Division 2: Mapperley CC 3-5 BCI Magic (09/09/14)  (Read 1086 times)

Steve Howard

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Frame Scores
Steve Howard   O-1   Sean Croft
Steve Howard   1-O   Sean Croft
Don Merry   O-1   Dave Salmon
Don Merry   O-1   Dave Salmon
Andrew Wain   1-O   Asley Bettinson
Andrew Wain   O-1   Ashley Bettinson
Joe Major   1-O   Mick Salmon
Joe Major   O-1   Mick Salmon

Match Report
Mapperley played hosts to Bci Magic Tonight,knowing a win would keep them in contention for their 4th successive League title in a row. Even A draw would have still given them that chance.Read on to see how things turned out . . .
Frames 1+2
A match Between ex team mates Steve and Sean wasn't the best either of them have played,Steve only managing a small 25 break in frame 1.But they both scrapped it out and the highlight was lots of good safety from both of them. Shared frames was the right conclusion on the night for them both,nice playing you again Sean.

Frames 3+4
Don and Dave having a real battle,Dave potting some cracking balls and looked the better player on the night.But It was still even stevens,and it turned out that in both frames either frame could have turned the end result of this match.
A big turning point without a doubt was Don's missed blue into a middle pocket.To be fair though,even though it only needed to be rolled across the table,the cueball couldn't have been any tighter to the opposite side rail,which ultimately i feel led to the missed pot.This blue could have meant a draw in the match,but that said,we all had chances throughout the night and it could have been anyones really.

Frames 5+6
Andy playing Ashley i didn't see enough to really make any informed comments on these frames,suffice to say that Andy stormed off with the 1st frame a score of 85-9 being too much for Ashley.But Ashley managing to get over the line in the 2nd frame in which was still a close frame with the final scores being 44-57 to Ash.

Frames 7+8
So if our Joe could win 2 nil it would make it a draw on the night.Didn't see much of this but i think it's fair to say that the shared frames between Joe and Mick was the right result in their battle.
This meant a good win for BCI Magic and i think now dashes our hopes of retaining a 4th consecutive league title.
A very good win on the night for Sean,As


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Re: Division 2: Mapperley CC 3-5 BCI Magic (09/09/14)
« Reply #1 on: 11/09/14, 13:22 »
You still have a huge say in who wins the league next week though.