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Author Topic: Division 1: The Towers A 4-4 BCI Super Elites (09/09/14)  (Read 870 times)

Tony Morgan

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Frame Scores
Scott Higgins   O-1   Barry Stark
Scott Higgins   1-O   Barry Stark
Andy Diacopoulos    O-1   Jamie Moore
Andy Diacopoulos    1-O   Jamie Moore
Dan Moll   1-O   Neil Elliott
Dan Moll   1-O   Neil Elliott
Connor Rollo   O-1   Kwok Yip
Connor Rollo   O-1   Kwok Yip

Match Report
This was the 2nd match between these sides in 7 days. Not a spectacular match to be honest & not a patch on the K/O Cup Final.
Scott needing snookers on the blue in the 1st but failed to get them & Barry won it. 2nd frame Scott built up an early lead & then had a very good 42 & in all honesty looked as if it was going to be 100+ but missed a yellow off the spot with lots of reds left. Scott went on to win this frame very easily.
Over on the other match table Jamie walked away with the 1st only for Andy to repeat it in the next.
Up steps Dan to win a comfortably 2-0 against Elites Neil Elliott & put The Towers into what looked like a guaranteed 2nd place in the league if Connor could win 1 frame.
Kwok on the other hand had other ideas. Winning the 1st with Connor needing a snooker with a red left. The 2nd frame between these 2 was in all honesty very funny towards the end. Both players had plenty of chances & also a lot of luck was had by the visiting captain. The frame was decided on a black ball finish. Both players missed easy chances & in the end it as Kwok that smashed the black into the bottom corner pocket & earning BCI a draw. Cheers to all who played & The Towers will have to wait a week to try & guarantee 2nd place.