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Author Topic: Premier Divisions KO Final: Tony Morgan 3-2 Dan Moll  (Read 2369 times)

Tony Morgan

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Match played tonight at The Towers. The Molly Army turned out in their droves to watch the local lad lose to the Welshman. Lol.

First 2 frames I won very quickly & very comfortably. Mr. Moll returned the favour in winning the 3rd with ease. 4th frame Dan pulled away early on only for me to somehow get in front & have a chance of potting match pink. Wasn't the easiest of shots & went for it anyway. Pink rattled & I left Dan a very long straight pink which he smashed into the worlds tightest pocket & landing perfect on the black.
So into the decider. After another handshake. We were off.
I pulled clear this time & stayed there. Dan some 50 odd points behind with 43 left got 1 or 2 very good snookers & 1 or 2 lucky 1's. Now 35 behind & having a free ball. Dan nominates & pots brown & pink to leave himself 28 behind with 35 on. Few safety shots exchanged & Dan has his chance. He pots the final red only to miss an easy green. Now 27 points in front Dan leaves me 1 of my favourite shots which I took on & launched the yellow at 100mph into the bottom corner pocket. Tony now 29 up with 25 left. Dan tries for the snooker but this time doesn't get it. I then go on & pot green, brown & blue. Dan still carrying on leaves me a long pink which I went to leave over the pocket, only for it to go in.

Really enjoyed the summer singles & happy to have only dropped these 2 frames in all my matches.

Great match to be involved Dan & shame there had to be a winner. ME 😎👍🐣👏

ps. Thanks for coming

Dan Moll

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Re: Premier A: Tony Morgan 3 - 2 Dan Moll
« Reply #1 on: 27/08/14, 23:07 »
Good match mate, you forgot to mention how much run you had in first two frames and the last one lol you did pot some good balls though to be fair, I was happy to come back from 2 nil down, not bad for a county b player!


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Re: Premier A: Tony Morgan 3 - 2 Dan Moll
« Reply #2 on: 27/08/14, 23:08 »
No idea why there is a chicken there. It should be 😎👍🏆👏.


  • Guest
Let's just say the only chicken there is you tony as you opted for the prem b league lol but other than that well played and well done to dan to making the the final


  • Guest
No1 opted out Mr. Casey. That's the league I was put into. 😎🏆


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Well done Tony, you've had a cracking season, not dropping 1 frame in the league format and then going on to win the knock-out stage.

Unlucky Dan, congratulations on your season, an awesome effort.


  • Guest
Cheers Paul, not dropping a frame in the group format & winning in front of the Molly Barmy Army made the victory even sweeter

Martin Marriott

  • Guest
Well done Tony and Dan keeping The Towers on the map. :)