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Author Topic: Intermediate A: Terry Sutcliffe 1-3 Ross Wilkin  (Read 1673 times)

Ross Wilkin

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Assuming I'm not stepping on Terry's toes putting this result up (he does some very nice detailed ones!)....

I started well in a small way, by getting several one colour breaks in the first frame, with Terry struggling to get started. I won this one surprisingly quickly having built a good lead.
Apart from us both struggling at the start of the 2nd, it was the opposite of the first, with Terry starting to pot well half way through and took the frame, helped along a bit by some poor safety by myself.
I don't remember much about the third frame, except Terry had some terrible luck around the last red or so...going in off, then fouling by potting the pink by accident. This made it easy for me to take the frame.
Very scrappy last frame I think, I just remember that I needed the pink for the frame, but Terry needed pink and black. This difference proved enough for me to take this frame and match.
Hard luck Terry, this could have EASILY been a draw if not for a few strange happenings! Good luck in your last match and hope to bump into you next season, maybe in a comp! :)


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Re: Intermediate A: Terry Sutcliffe 1-3 Ross Wilkin
« Reply #1 on: 26/07/14, 13:20 »
No wonder you won Ross if you were standing on Terry's toes.


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Re: Intermediate A: Terry Sutcliffe 1-3 Ross Wilkin
« Reply #2 on: 26/07/14, 22:16 »
Well I'm quite short Bob, so it helps me reach shots without using the rest!


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Re: Intermediate A: Terry Sutcliffe 1-3 Ross Wilkin
« Reply #3 on: 28/07/14, 13:27 »
I think standing on my toes would have helped my game, perhaps we should try that next time Ross!!

I clean forgot to put a report up, so despite the fact I enjoy writing them I am pleased you did it Ross.

Well played mate, best of luck in the knockout stages, maybe now I have shown to Mike/Tony/Paul what my true level is and next season I can get down to enjoying my snooker at against similar standard players rather than you Div 2 guys that wipe the floor with me!!

Maybe our paths will cross in the cups next season, only next time I'm wearing protective footwear!!!