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Author Topic: Division 1: Nott'm Snooker Academy 4-4 Oakleigh Lodge (22/07/14)  (Read 844 times)

Asif Hajiani

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Frame Scores
Hanzla Zahid   35-81   Wayne Bilbie
Hanzla Zahid   19-55   Wayne Bilbie
Ant McMahon    71-81   Ryan Cooper
Ant McMahon    73-58   Rayan Cooper
Nick Kirkman    73-25   Jason Turner
Nick Kirkman    23-62   Jason Tuner
Andy Teale   49-48   Clint Broome
Andy Teale   67-31   Clint Broome

Match Report
The first match played was between Hanzla and Wayne. Wayne started like a train compiling a couple of 20plus breaks in the first frame and continued in the second frame with some great long pots to give the visitors a 2 nil lead. Andy then had a nail biting first frame, which he duly won on the black. Andy won the next to make it 2-2 at the half way stage. Nick then helped the home team to take a 3-2 lead with some consistent potting in the first frame, keeping Jason at bay. Jason took the second frame with a good lead and a couple of outstanding snookers against Nick. Ryan won the first frame against Ant on the black. Very close frame and Ant sportingly strode up when he fouled on the pink, leaving Rayan to polish off the frame. The final frame looked like going to Ant, until Ryan played a couple of good snookers to get back into the frame. Ant won the last frame to make the match score 4-4.
Thank you gents. Always nice playing close matches against you!