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Author Topic: Division 2: Pegasus Masters 6-2 BCI B (15/07/14)  (Read 1429 times)

James Robinson

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Frame Scores
Paul bell   20-64   Steve Capsey (J)
Paul Bell   62-58   Paul Wainwright
James Robinson   62-42   Shaun Parkinson
James Robinson   71-14   Toby Bowley
Sean Hopkin   96-40   Paul Wainwright
Sean Hopkin   80-32   Steve Capsey (J)
Cary Davis   O-1   Shaun Parkinson
Cary Davis   1-O   Toby Bowley

Match Report
A good match and some good banter. Along with some Chomical moments after the match.

Slight confusion in how names were wrote down meant we all playing different players.

Paul getting a 1-1 his 1st frame he didn't really get  started allowing Capsey to punish his mistakes including a nice 23 break but Paul won the next against Wainwright though Wainwright thought he won after potting pink and black but he didn't realise he needed 1 snooker. (Paul we have all done it, I know I have).

I played well against Shaun and Toby, frame with Shaun was neck n neck going into the colours  until I potted Y G B B to go 14 up with 13 on, Shaun got the snooker which saw me escape from put also potted the pink at the same time. Against toby I stormed away with this 1 toby a 21 break saw me forge a good 50 point lead a lead which I never chucked away (toby I know is a lot better player than this frame suggested)

Hopkin in his frames from what I can gather just wasn't missing and was on fire, no big breaks but just some consistent potting and scoring every visit.

Cary also got a 1-1 his frame was Shaun was quite close, Shaun pulled away towards the tail end leaving Cary at snooker required against Toby, Cary pulled away but toby fought back in doing so also taking the frame to a re-spot a few shots each passed  before the unthinkable happened for Toby a tragic unwanted miscue and gifting the re-spot to Cary.

Well played though BCI B.


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Re: Division 2: Pegasus Masters 6-2 BCI B (15/07/14)
« Reply #1 on: 16/07/14, 07:37 »
Good to see our practice session on Monday reaped it's rewards. Well done Masters!

See you next Monday with what could be my last ever match in th NBSA.


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Re: Division 2: Pegasus Masters 6-2 BCI B (15/07/14)
« Reply #2 on: 16/07/14, 22:32 »
Cheers bob, though if you had seen me in practice with Paul before hand I couldn't pot a thing.

Try and give you a good send of with a win then shall we bob.


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Re: Division 2: Pegasus Masters 6-2 BCI B (15/07/14)
« Reply #3 on: 22/07/14, 13:16 »
Well deserved win for you James and its sad to see Bob go to a better place!! (im jealous) Bob has been a great man for nottingham snooker for many years and im sure he will be missed by many in our community  :)


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Re: Division 2: Pegasus Masters 6-2 BCI B (15/07/14)
« Reply #4 on: 23/07/14, 22:03 »
Thanks toby.

Totally agree with you about bob but I can assure you he's not played his last game in Nottingham yet.