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Author Topic: Division 2: Mapperley CC 5-3 The Towers B (08/07/14)  (Read 674 times)

Andy Carnell

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Frame Scores
Joe Major (21)   1-O   Rich Genders (35)
Joe Major (21)   O-1   Rich Genders (35)
Donny Merry (14)   1-O   Vinnie Dennis (21)
Donny Merry (14)   O-1   Vinnie Dennis
Geoff Merry (35)   O-1   Chris Hackett (14)
Geoff Merry (35)   1-O   Chris Hackett (14)
Andy Carnell (21)   1-O   Brett Henshaw (14)
Andy Carnell (21)   1-O   Brett Henshaw

Match Report
A very close match where a draw would have been a fairer result.Joe had 2 outrageous flukes on Pink and Black to win the 1st frame, but Rich came back very strong in frame 2 potting really well and had a nice break of 26 to pull away from Joe and take the frame.
Frames 3 and 4 were also shared between the 2 Nottingham B players,Donny potting really well in frame 3 and winning easily,Frame 4 was a complete rolls reversed as Vinnie lead 62 points to 0 before Donny finally potted his first red, the frame was conceded soon afterwards.
Frames 5 and 6 were long frames with excellent safety play from both players, Chris winning frame 5 by taking the last 3 colours to pinch it on the Black, where as Geoff potted better in frame 6 to level the match up.
Frame 7 and 8 were close tight frames with the lead changing regularly throughout both frames,  Andy managing to win frame 7 on the Blue and Frame 8 on the Pink.
Unlucky on the Night to Towers B and we will see you the last week of the season.