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Author Topic: Division 2: Arnold Civil Defence 3-5 BCI Magic (08/07/14)  (Read 1124 times)

Alan Cunningham

  • Guest

Frame Scores
Kirk WESSELBY  +  28   O-1   Dave SALMON  +  14
Brian KINTON +14   O-1   Ashley BETTISON  +  21
Kirk  WESSELBY  +  28   1-O   Dave  SALMON  +  14
Brian KINTON + 14   O-1   Ashley  BETTISON  +  21
John FOUNTAIN  +  7   1-O   Sean CROFT  +  14
Richard TOOLEY  + 21   O-1   Mick  SALMON  + 28
John FOUNTAIN  +  7   1-O   Sean  CROFT  +  14
Richard TOOLEY + 21   O-1   Mick  SALMON  +  28

Match Report
Frame 1
KW with a +14 advantage was quicly wiped out by DW with a 14 and a 47 - could have been over 50 but tried to force the black.
Frame 2
AS with a +7 outpotted Brian who must have gone in-off 5 times and BK  27 behind conceded when going in off the blue.
Frame 3
Mutch tighter frame with KW taking the honours.
Frame 4
BK again playing catch up but AB with breaks of 17, 22 & 14 got too far in front
Frame 5
JF conceding 7 made a 20 and a 22 and was 19 in front with the colours in play. JF went in off the yellow - SC took the y, g & b butrattled the jaws with the blue. JF took the blue and pink.
Frame 6
RT with a 7 deficit also made a 15 to take the lead but MS kept plugging away and cleared the colours to take the frame
Frame 7
JF did most of the potting, SC was well benind and JF potted the blue to take the frame.
Frame 8
MS took the last red with the black to go 22 in front he also took the y, g and brown. RT conceded

Well played Bulwell Magic a good strong performance. Am sure you will be title contenders at the end of the season.

sean croft

  • Guest
Unlucky Arnold who are a great team of good sportsmanship and great guys.
I dont blame you in anyway for bringing John Fontaine in who wouldn't.

Dave & kirk
Dave Same played a blinder of a first frame making a cracking break of 47 he decided not to roll the black in for 54 because there were no way of developing the reds and with no lose ones he when to develop reds a different way of the pink which was tricky unlucky.Kirk potted some tricky balls in frame 2 and play some decent snooker... he deserved to win that frame hands down.

Ashley & Brian
Ashley had a very slow start and found himself 20plus down but dug very deep and found enough ryhum to pull it back and take the next 2 frames.... brilliant stuff.

Sean & John
John potted some superb shots and made a few 20s but it was is top safety play that got him in! We both played soild safety and his hit and run in the second frame was terrific he played it spot on. I had my chance in the first and wobbled it! Well played John.

sean croft

  • Guest
(Technical fault)

Mick & Richard
Richard really pushed mich all the way to the colours in both frames but is was the magic man Mick who held it together potting all the remaining colours in both frames which was absolutely fantastic well played and unlucky Richard.


  • Guest
Well done Sean and team as that's a brilliant win against a quality Arnold team, John certainly is a quality player and would make any team alot stronger when he plays..Im  just hoping he is working late next Tuesday as us at Mapperley are playing done at Arnold Civil Defence then.lol. ;)

sean croft

  • Guest
Thanks Andy, Arnold A & B teams have always been top contenders but it just seems there in a drought at the moment but as alan said before it must be the eyes!

John is an all rounder wich you dont often come across in these amateur leagues lol some of the shots he played tonight were just perfectly cued faultless but neither of us played the best but john was just stronger on the night.

Mapperly are a solid team to beat so it will be a good match next week even better if Alan could get james notman envoled aswel as John.

Sadly but needed we will be sat out next week as its blank week.

good luck guys.