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Author Topic: Intermediate A: Tamas Vagvolgyi 3 - 1 Tim Kirk  (Read 1196 times)

Tamas Vagvolgyi

  • Guest

Very interesting and extreme match. I won the first frame relatively comfortably, but I think Tim has done something horrible to the world as he got all the bad luck he could possibly get, giving me around 20 points in frame two by going in off, miscueing and all the rest. At some point I felt I don't even have to pot anything because I could just live on the foul points, very very unlucky. Third frame we started very tactically and stayed with the cueball on the business end of the table but ending up pushing almost all of the reds to the bulk area. I made a mistake and Tim capitalised on it and controlled the frame and I even needed a snooker before the colours. I saw a tiny chance of coming back to the frame when I snookered him and he made a foul by hitting the pink but he made sure of the frame by sinking the last red and pink. Fourth frame I regained my concentration and went onto a 30 point lead before the colours and even tough Tim came back to 15, I potted a few colours to secure the match.
Very unlucky Tim in the second frame, it seemed like the balls weren't rolling for you but you are a top guy and I enjoyed the match. Good luck for the rest of your matches and hopefully see you soon.

Tim Kirk

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Re: Intermediate A: Tamas Vagvolgyi 3 - 1 Tim Kirk
« Reply #1 on: 19/06/14, 16:18 »
Thanks Tamas ,I really enjoyed our match . It was a pleasure to meet you and look forward to playing you again in the future. I have no complaints about the result ,overall you were more consistent and potted the crunch long distance balls very well .I'd rather not dwell on the second frame !! , if there was a tree handy I would have committed Hari Kiri against it !!. ( google it if you're not sure  :D )
Frame 3 was a great frame , a mega tactical stalemate to crank up the pressure on every shot , I think we could have called a re-rack after 20 minutes mate !
Well played in the last frame , I just could'nt get close enough to you and really felt the pressure on every shot .
Very enjoyable match , great table , some good snooker thrown in and a very friendly opponent .
Cheers Tamas