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Author Topic: Intermediate A: Terry Sutcliffe 1-3 Fred Mulheron  (Read 899 times)

Terry Sutcliffe

  • Guest

A bad night from the off, both me and Fred were stuck in traffic for a 6.30pm start, Fred got the lead on me and knocked a few balls about before I arrived.

Frame 1 showed a familiar pattern, Fred taking a 20 point lead early on and me playing catchup.  Going into the colours I was 35 down but plugging away, I potted yellow, green and brown and whist trying to rattle the blue to get a snooker I potted it, couldn't even miss correctly!! With pink and black on I casually potted the pink and said "Rack em up". 0-1.

Frame two looked more like a billiards match, and boy would I have won!  Visit after visit I potted the cueball and spent most of the frame thinking up a suitable story headlline about Fred giving me a "Mulhering" (Mullering), sadly the frame didn't last long enough for me to come up with anything better! 0-2.

Third frame I seemed to wake up and knocked in a 21 break, frustratingly missing what seemed to be the easiest shot of the break when more was available.  Fred was in no mood to accept the loss of a frame and battled to the pink where Terry claimed the frame. 1-2.

Fourth and final frame, Fred showed me who was boss, with an already tidy lead he cleverly knocked in a 35 point clearance, and believe it or not I was willing him on too.

A good night and both players leaving with a smile on their face, Fred because of the win, Terry because he's just enjoying himself however bad he's playing.

Plenty of kicks and a slow table but my tactics didn't work, Fred stayed calm throughout, despite some unbelievable contacts.