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Author Topic: Intermediate A: Harvey Pabla 3 - 1 Brian Steeples  (Read 1573 times)

Harvey Pabla

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I had an initial chat with Brian about his handicap and he wasn't sure whether he should receive one or not as he had played some players who informed him that he didn't get a handicap in the singles league. I informed him that as he plays off 56 then the rules state that he plays off this handicap and we agreed that he should have a 35 point handicap in all our frames (as I play off 21).

I don't know which players did or did not give Brian his required handicap and of course this is non of my concern.

I do feel however, that in order to have a fair contest, all players in all leagues should be aware of the rules at the start of each season.

Turning to the match it was a story of two halves. The first two frames I won easily with Brian struggling to find any form and leaving me in the balls a lot. In frame 2 I made a 30 BREAK and 32 BREAK.

Frame 3 Brian started to find some form and got in early with a good 15 break to lead by around 50 points. Brian won the frame on the pink which I left over the middle bag after going for and missing a long pot to the corner.

Frame 4 started well for me as I reduced Brian's handicap to around 5 points after a few visits. I then proceeded with a few in offs and missed snookers which then left Brian ahead going into the colours. I potted the green and rattled the brown (in the yellow pocket) which then proceeded to travel along the side cushion and went in off the blue! I potted the blue and pink to win the frame and match.

Thanks for the game Brian - I really thought you were going to level the match at 2-2 and I sincerely apologise for the flukes brown in the last frame which cost you the frame.

Tim Kirk

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Re: Intermediate A: Harvey Pabla 3 - 1 Brian Steeples
« Reply #1 on: 17/06/14, 18:33 »
That sounds wrong , i can confirm that i gave Brian a 14 start as my handicap is 42.
i also had a message from Craig about Brian ,and Craig gave him a 35 start.
Surely its not difficult to find out the rules before you play !

Keep plugging away Brian



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Re: Intermediate A: Harvey Pabla 3 - 1 Brian Steeples
« Reply #2 on: 18/06/14, 12:42 »
Not that it will make any difference to where I will finish but with a start Brian may have won frames or even matches against players, those players may now have gained an unfair advantage on others.

Unfortunately no one will ever know now whether it would have made a difference or not!!

You'll get your full start against me Brian, and I look forward to losing to you!


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Re: Intermediate A: Harvey Pabla 3 - 1 Brian Steeples
« Reply #3 on: 18/06/14, 12:46 »
Ever the optimist terry lol


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Re: Intermediate A: Harvey Pabla 3 - 1 Brian Steeples
« Reply #4 on: 19/06/14, 15:57 »
I concur with this as I phoned Paul wainwright to confirm of the start as the rules state that this was the case . I was told that certain players had told Brian he was to have no start and in brians words was hammered , it's only fair that Brian deserves his start as this is the rules set by the committee whether it would have made a difference to scores that he hasn't received his start begs to differ but rules are rules and they should be stuck to and also at least looked at with the games that have already been played against him .