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20/09/14, 20:55 by Nav Hussain | Views: 88 | Comments: 1

Embankment Table 3

1st Frame
We both made mistakes earlier on and with ben 28 points ahead, he made a mistake on the safety and i managed to clear up with 52 break.

2nd Frame
Ben made an early mistake on his safety and i hit a 46 break only to lose position around the black spot. After the break i never really got a chance to pot another ball as ben played very good safety. Ben clawed his way back into the frame and went all the way to the black ball.

White against the top rail with black slightly away from the cushion, ben looked like he would slot this one in, but the pace kept it out and stayed over the pocket, which i then went ahead and pot the black to go 2 up

3rd Frame
After a couple of shots each i had another chance near the black spot and compiled a 62 break only to miss pink off the spot into middle pocket, could have been 75 clearance.

4 Frame
Frame followed similar pattern to frame 1 and racked up a few 20 odd breaks together but ben kept close and went down to the colours again which i again took the frame.

You played well Ben, just a few mistakes with reds open gave me a chance to get a few breaks in, good luck in rest of your matches and pleasure to meet you.

20/09/14, 17:41 by Paul Wainwright | Views: 46 | Comments: 0

Hi All,

Barry Stark and Neil Elliott have pulled out of singles leagues with immediate effect. Any results against either two players have been expunged.

Clint Broome will occupy one of the newly available spaces. Any players who where supposed to have  Clint in the September fixtures can you fit the match in as soon as you can, obviously you will be given extra time due to the circumstances to complete the fixtures.

If any one would like to fill the other available space in Premier A please get in touch.

If anyone has any questions please contact me.


Paul Wainwright
20/09/14, 13:53 by Jon Sully | Views: 68 | Comments: 0

Played at a gloriously quiet Three Counties Snooker Club (because it isn't open yet!) so there were no excuses available regarding noise and other distractions.

I won the first frame easily but rather stole the second, clearing from the green. The third frame will thankfully be lost in the mists of time, although it did have a dramatic ending with me going in off the black to lose. I took the final frame with one red remaining.

Neither of us played particularly well and I definitely edged the 'run', although I did pot a few stormers every now and then.

Tim demonstrated some awesome cue power and a canny ability to somehow go in-off or leave me on all the time. I hope the drive home wasn't as frustrating.

I am already looking forward to the return at Carlton Liberal Club, one of my favourite venues.
20/09/14, 12:25 by Robert Garratt | Views: 179 | Comments: 3

A solid performance for me again always In control of the game just disappointed not to get a high break as I had chances but missed acouple of balls but finished off with a nice 27 clearance to win the match , unlucky tamas this was our third match in 2 months with us both winning 1 each so now it's 2-1 to me will probably draw eachother again soon!
20/09/14, 11:24 by Martin Marriott | Views: 50 | Comments: 0

My first match at home at The Towers after over 4 months and welcome Junaid to Nottingham Snooker.

First frame both of us took time to pot and I settled first and won quite easily but the second frame was alot closer as I fluked an early red went on to make the highest break of the match which was 16 but then took ages to pot again allowing  Junaid to catch up. I sealed this frame by potting a break of final blue and pink. 2-0 to me.

Third frame I think it was fair to say I got into my potting and no big breaks but a couple of reds and a colour on a lot of visits put in in front and Junaid was chasing snookers.

Final frame and Junaid started to pot better but had some bad luck going in off a number of times and it went all the way to the final pink but it could have gone either way.

So 4-0 but Junaid unlucky not to pinch at least one.

Junaid you said you have not had a good start in your first season with Nottingham season but if you enjoying it keep going. I know how it feels (Summer 2013) and I will see you at your place in the new year.

20/09/14, 08:58 by Robert Garratt | Views: 65 | Comments: 0

19/09/14, 18:12 by James Robinson | Views: 245 | Comments: 3

Well not a classic by any means I was no where playing as well as I know I can and Brian to his credit played a lot better than I expected.

Brian won the 1st as I struggled to pull back the 28 hcp Brian had a few red blacks throughout the frame so though I kept clawing back the hcp he just kept pulling away again.

The 2nd was a strange frame despite me scoring near on 70 points I nearly lost this frame as well.

3rd frame was a more comfortable frame for me I won this 1 by about 30 in the end.

4th was very close but I somehow managed to nick this one as well.

Brian I think could win many more frames during this league season and wouldn't be surprised if he does win some matches with his hcp and he can pot some good balls he could well surprise a few people.
19/09/14, 13:38 by Robert Garratt | Views: 92 | Comments: 0

I started off very good again winning the frame with some cracking pots and good safety keeping Fred against the blauk cushion which didn't let him get going , second frame was exactly the same but with a few nice breaks aswell to win quite comfortable
Third frame I gave Fred a few chances in which I hadn't all game and he started to pot I needed 2 snookers on pink got my first on my second got the white right behind the black but potted the pink so 2-1 now
Last frame the pressure was on for first time in the match but I regained my confidence and potting and won easy unlucky Fred I know your a lot better than your performance today best of luck rest of the season
19/09/14, 13:33 by Robert Garratt | Views: 62 | Comments: 0

3-1 was very hard on me as I atleast deserved a 2-2 in this game I started very good and went 1-0 up then looked certain to go 2-0 up then my dad fluked the brown and finished perfect to clear to black and he was playing shocking to that point but fair play after that he won it I certainly didn't lose it he didn't miss a lot well played
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Singles League Results

Premier A: Nav Hussain 4 - 0 Ben Monk by Sean Croft
[ 20/09/14, 23:39]

Attention Premier A Players by Paul Wainwright
[ 20/09/14, 17:41]

Division 4: Jon Sully 3 Tim Kirk 1 by Jon Sully
[ 20/09/14, 13:53]

Division 4: James Robinson 3-1 Brian Steeples by Martin Marriott
[ 20/09/14, 11:45]

Division 4: Martin Marriott 4 Junaid Yaseen 0 by Martin Marriott
[ 20/09/14, 11:24]

Division 4: Dave Pearce 1-3 Tim (A Gentle Breeze) Kirk by Dave Pearce
[ 19/09/14, 17:38]

Division 3: Robert Garratt 3-1 Fred Mulheron by Robert Garratt
[ 19/09/14, 13:38]

Division 3: Mick Garratt 3-1 Robert Garratt by Robert Garratt
[ 19/09/14, 13:33]

Division 1: Shaun Parkinson 0-4 Mike Langdon by Shaun Parkinson
[ 19/09/14, 10:16]

Premier A: Keith Holgate 2-2 Nav Hussain by Nav Hussain
[ 18/09/14, 23:41]

Division 3: Paul Wainwright 2-2 Piotr machon by Tony Morgan
[ 18/09/14, 21:43]

Division 4: Junaid Yaseen 1 Steven Roe 3 by Steven Roe
[ 18/09/14, 18:22]

Division 2: Ross Wilkin 0 - 4 Sean Croft 17/09/2014 by Sean Croft
[ 18/09/14, 09:11]

Division 4: Junaid Yaseen 0-4 Lee Esam by Junaid Yaseen
[ 17/09/14, 23:52]

Division 1: Mike Langdon 1-3 Nick Kirkman by Mike Langdon
[ 17/09/14, 22:42]

Premier B: Bob Walker 2-2 Chris Hackett by Tony Morgan
[ 17/09/14, 22:20]

Premier A: Chris Winter 3-1 Barry Stark by Chris Winter
[ 17/09/14, 21:48]

Division 2: toby bowley 2-2 david casey by Jon Sully
[ 17/09/14, 13:10]

Division 2: david casey 3-1 bo murtagh by David Casey
[ 16/09/14, 01:32]

Division 3: Fred Mulheron 1 - 3 Wayne STORM Smith by Wayne Smith
[ 15/09/14, 20:49]

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