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24/07/14, 06:34 by Ross Wilkin | Views: 23 | Comments: 0

Both of us were struggling a little in this match, the table was quite slow and we were getting a lot of kicks (humidity?). I can't remember the first frame too well, but I think I just stayed ahead enough for Fred to need snookers on the colours and I managed to take it.

The opposite was true of the second frame. Fred had built a lead of 32 when one red was left. I managed to get a colour with the red, then later potted the colours from the green up-to missing a VERY easy black! Fred also missed the black and after a few more shots I managed to pot it to force a re-spotted black. I won the toss and put Fred into play. He attempted a good safety shot but left it just a little short near the centre pocket. It was a thin cut but easy enough to take the frame.

Colours went safe early on in the third frame and we both started...
23/07/14, 23:52 by James Robinson | Views: 52 | Comments: 0

A draw about the right outcome though both of us had chances to win the match.

I ran away with the 1st 2 frames leaving piotr at snookers required stages and to his credit he knows how lay some good snookers luckily I managed to escape most of them.

3rd frame was tight close frame which went down to the black and from my point who says lightning doesn't strike twice as I decided to go in off on the black for the 2nd time in 2 days.

4th frame quite close and tight a corking blue by piotr saw him win this win with pink and black over pockets to follow.

Well played piotr

Guess ill just wait anxiously now and wait for everyone else to play there games to see where I finish.
23/07/14, 20:28 by Ryan Cooper | Views: 68 | Comments: 0

Frame Scores
clint broome   O-1   ben monk
clint broome   O-1   dave mayor
ryan cooper   O-1   andy gratton
jason turner   O-1   dave mayor
jason turner   O-1   andy gratton
craig greensmith   O-1   ben monk

Match Report
Match report to follow
23/07/14, 19:30 by Sean Croft | Views: 116 | Comments: 2

Frame Scores
Sean Croft (14)   O-1   Shaun Parkinson (14)
Sean Croft (14)   1-O   Shaun Parkinson (14)
dave salmon (14)   1-O   toby bowley (14)
dave salmon (14)   O-1   toby bowley (14)
ashley bettinson (21)   1-O   paul wainwright (28)
ashley bettinson (21)   O-1   paul wainwright (28)
mick salmon (28)   O-1   hanson stowe (28)
mick salmon (28)   O-1   hanson stowe (28)

Match Report
The better team on the night won well done lads.
good luck with the rest of you remaining games.;)

23/07/14, 12:59 by Steve Howard | Views: 63 | Comments: 0

Frame Scores
Steve Howard   O-1   Ross Wilkin
Steve Howard   O-1   Ross Wilkin
Don Merry   1-O   Harvey Pabla
Don Merry   O-1   Harvey Pabla
Geoff Merry   1-O   Peter Machon
Geoff Merry   1-O   Peter Machon
Joe Major   O-1   Dan Norton
Joe Major   1-O   Dan Norton

Match Report
Steve V Ross
First frame saw Ross knock in a good 30 break which when added to the 14 start I was conceding meant I was 44 down before I got going.
But too many missed pots on the night saw Ross take this frame,though it it was really close in the end,as I laid 3 snookers,(1 fluked),and almost got the final snooker I needed to enable me to win.But Ross potted frame ball to put it to bed. 2nd frame Ross potting good balls easily took this frame.I'm really off my game after my absence of 6 week...
23/07/14, 12:40 by James Robinson | Views: 54 | Comments: 1

Frame Scores
Cary Davis   1-O   Tony Morgan
Cary Davis   O-1   Tony Morgan
Nick Bently   O-1   Brett Henshaw
Nick Bently   1-O   Brett Henshaw
Paul Bell   1-O   Chris Hackett
Paul Bell   O-1   Chris Hackett
James Robinson   O-1   Richard Genders
James Robinson   O-1   Richard Genders

Match Report
Tight match which could of gone anyway score could easily of been 7-1 to either team.

All frames going to pink or black non more so than the final frame which saw me pot the black from distance but being straight unable to hit bottom of cue sure everyone can guess what happened next.

All this has done is make things a lot more tighter at the top of the table.
23/07/14, 11:04 by Mike Langdon | Views: 110 | Comments: 2

Frame Scores
Maurice Hudspeth   39-44   Paul Bell
Pete Thompson   66-40   James Robinson
Owen Blundell   47-36   Bob Wright
Dennis Dyer   46-71   Paul Bell
Dave Griffiths   71-54   James Robinson
Owen Blundell   43-32   Bob Wright

Match Report
Good win Ruddington
23/07/14, 09:18 by Chris Hackett | Views: 58 | Comments: 1

22/07/14, 23:09 by Robert Garratt | Views: 128 | Comments: 1

Frame Scores
Robert Garratt   1-O   R.Stansfield
Robert Garratt   1-O   R.Stansfield
Mick Garratt   1-O   Sean Coxon
Mick Garratt   O-1   Sean Coxon
Luke Wharton   1-O   Mick Mcmillen
Luke Wharton   1-O   Mick Mcmillen
David Casey   O-1   Ant Gilman
David Casey   O-1   Ant Gilman

Match Report
Good night snooker cheers for the match sneinton another win for the hotspots 2 in 2 now
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