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26/11/14, 00:16 by NS Admin | Views: 32 | Comments: 0

Today I have been up to Blackburn to do a variety of improvements on a full size snooker table in a private house.  The main work was to open up the pocket openings which where close to 3.3/8ths at the fall, and to make them 3.5/8th at the fall to template angle.  Here are a few photo’s of how I went about completing this work and other improvements on this table.

As you can see from above photo, the template is not fitting into the pocket openings as they are too tight.  Professionals play on 3.5 inch openings, most clubs play on 3.5/8th to 3.3/4 openings.  These were too small at 3.3/8th opening.

Read more on Geoff's blog

26/11/14, 00:09 by James Robinson | Views: 5 | Comments: 0

Frame Scores
Cary Davies   O-1   Mark Sheppard
Cary Davies   O-1   Mark Sheppard
Paul Bell   1-O   Rob Wallace
Paul Bell   O-1   Rob Wallace
Troy Brett   1-O   Gaz Evans
Troy Brett   1-O   Gaz Evans
James Robinson   1-O   Dave Buckley
James Robinson   1-O   Dave Buckley

Match Report
Great win for the masters team over a decent BCI A team And even better considering we were 3-1 down at one stage.

Mark got BCI A of to a fantastic start beating Cary 2-0, Mark potting well from I saw and didn't leave Cary much to go at.

Paul And Rob share d there 2 frames both frames were tight and close both potted well and both played well.

Troy had a tough task on his hands against a very good steady player in Gaz and a tough battle it proved. Gaz Having a 31 break mid frame to open a commanding 50 point lead but troy proved what a player he is in slowly pulling back the points laying some good snookers and going on to steal the frame on the black. The 2nd was a bit more 1 sided as troy won with ease.

The masters new boy James Robinson proved he could be a good addition to the team and has a bit of an all round game proving he can pot a good ball (non more so than a corking blue in the 2nd frame which Ronnie would of been proud of) and a decent safety game to boot as well. Both frames were tight but I got the win for the team.

Hard luck BCI A you gave us a good game that's for sure.

25/11/14, 23:55 by Nick Kirkman | Views: 28 | Comments: 0

Having watched Steve give Sean Hopkin a great game in the league  match I knew I had to step up to get involved.
I won the first frame on the colours and the second frame I missed the final pink to go 2-0 up but then I followed up and put the black over the bag for Steve to make it 1-1.
Steve then played very well in the third frame to go 2-1 ahead.
In the fourth frame I had a 22 followed by a 25 only for Steve to come right back with  30 then tried to send the green down the table leaving cue ball behind the brown. but it was a touch to hard leaving me a chance to pot green brown and blue. I thought that was it but Steve only needed one snooker and played a corker getting the white tight in behind the black and pink half way up the table.   I played off the side cushion with exaggerated side and just clipped it on the way up. (phew) then Steve left the pink over the middle for me to go 2-2
In the decider I got in early with a 25 then shortly afterwards got another 29 to put me 49 up with a possible 43 on but both reds over the bag after a miss from Steve sealed the match.

Thanks for the match Steve and agreeing to play it tonight at your place this evening.
Easily could have gone either way.
25/11/14, 23:54 by James Robinson | Views: 5 | Comments: 0

Frame Scores
Troy Brett   80-50   Dom Mosley
Troy Brett   77-9   Luke Vickers
Sean Croft   52-32   Dave Mayer
Sean Croft   77-21   Gaz Wood
Paul Bell   17-60   Dave Mayer
Paul Bell   18-60   Dom Mosley

Match Report
Having not been there cant really do a report, but well done to my team and hard luck to SED.
25/11/14, 23:32 by Manfred Corbin | Views: 35 | Comments: 3

This match was always going to be tough for me turned out it was a game of good safety clever snookers and snookers after being snookered .

I lost the first game went to the colours made it back in the second frame eventually managed to make it 2-1 Sean used all his experience and played some clever snookers I was in front eventually Sean needed all the colours to draw again played some good safety on me I got inpatient went for a crazy pot obviously missed and set him up nicely to take the black and the draw we re-spotted black I made a disastrous safety Sean potted the black to make 2-2.

Final frame we were neck and neck all the way it came down to the colours again I gave him a chance on the blue he went for it but missed narrowly but set me up to take the blue pink and black it could have gone either way it was a marathon match playing five frames but respect due to my team mate.

Thanks for the match Sean.
25/11/14, 22:55 by Bob Walker | Views: 38 | Comments: 0

Frame Scores
Bob Walker   1-O   Nav Hussain
Bob Walker   O-1   Nav Hussain
Steve Whitt   O-1   Sean Hopkin
Steve Whitt   1-O   Sean Hopkin
Dan Di Folco   1-O   Ant McMahon
Dan Di Folco   1-O   Ant McMahon
Ian Ward   O-1   Matt Walters
Ian Ward   O-1   Matt Walters

Match Report
BREAK        Dan Di Folco 31
25/11/14, 22:41 by Kwok Yip | Views: 41 | Comments: 0

Frame Scores
James Moore    26-77   Andy Wain
James Moore (44 break)   86-16   Andy Wain
Joe Reynolds    12-72   Donny Merry
Joe Reynolds    68-11   Donny Merry
Kwok Yip    81-30   Andy Carnell
Kwok Yip    79-31   Andy Carnell
Neil Elliott    73-53   Joe Major
Neil Elliott    65-54   Joe Major

Match Report
BCI Super E'lites run out 6-2 winners on the night. Mapperleys Andy Wain got the visitors off to a great start taking a good opening frame. James Moore quickly leveled the match with a super break of 44. Neil EVENTUALLY got a good 2-0 win over Joe Major, Neil winning the second on the final black to make it 3-1. Donny Merry got another back for mapperley with a good opening frame. Joe leveled the match 1-1 with a good second frame making it 4-2. Cpt Kwok secured victory taking both his frame against an out of sorts Andy. Final scores on the night BCI Super E'lites 6, mapperley cc 2.

Well played all....
25/11/14, 21:40 by Vinnie Dennis | Views: 37 | Comments: 0

Frame Scores
Vinnie Dennis +21   1-O   Phil Foster +42
Vinnie Dennis+21   1-O   Phil Foster +42
Chris Hackett +7   1-O   Colin Armstrong+28
Chris Hackett +7   1-O   Colin Armstrong +28
Rich Genders +28   1-O   Steve Richards+28
Rich Genders +28   1-O   Steve Richards +28
Brett Henshaw +14   O-1   John Cyrek +28
Brett Henshaw +14   1-O   John Cyrek +28

Match Report
Our first home match of the season so far and it was a good Home start with a resounding 7-1 win. Thanks to the guys from Cotgrave who were spirited and all round nice guys. From what i saw of Chris's match there were a few lucky ones and some very good ones also. My match was a good contest with some very good potting. Rich Played his heart out tonight turning on his long potting when he needed too and 21 down in the second frame he had a great run of pots and stole it by a point. Brett had his hands full with a guy who you could tell would've been a machine in his younger days and came out with a respectable 1-1. Thanks to all and good luck to Cotgrave in the future.
25/11/14, 14:15 by Martin Marriott | Views: 49 | Comments: 0

First frame Matt got his potting head in gear straight away making 2 teen breaks in a couple of visits and won the frame on the early colours.

2nd frame and again Matt was in and made his highest break of the match which was 21 and cleared the last 3 colours for 18.

Next frame being 2-0 down  I potted a few and moved into a small lead but again Matt was potting well and quickly caught up and overtook me and I required a snooker on the last pink what I never got.

Well played Matt some great pots and a well deserved win, I didn't really get going but there was some good safety as well so you didn't leave much either.

Good luck in the next round and I will see your Dad in the new year.
25/11/14, 11:45 by Ross Wilkin | Views: 36 | Comments: 0

Frame Scores
Ross Wilkin   27-62   David Milner
Pete Machon   72-42   Nick Bentley
Ross Wilkin   39-61   Mick Walker
Dan Norton   52-19   Nick Bentley
Pete Machon   45-44   David Milner
Dan Norton   58-47   Ron Bentley

Match Report
A good win for us on a Monday night without handicaps. The standout player was Pete Machon who managed a 24 break in his first frame and then make an awesome clearance from brown to black to win by 1 point in his second frame (including a difficult pink and black). Thanks again to the away team for helping us out reffing.
25/11/14, 11:06 by Vinnie Dennis | Views: 46 | Comments: 0

Hi to all Nottinghamshire snooker B team Members. Our first match is against Merseyside, the match is away on the 14/12/2014. The Team selection will be announced very shortly (Wednesday 26th November 2014-TOMORROW). I will once again reiterate that players can and will be rotated, so, don't be disheartened if your name doesn't appear in the 8 man selection this time. I will also select 2 reserves for the day in case any of the first 8 selection can't make it, or, pull out due to a change in circumstances. Reserves will have to be ready to play But may not be needed. If you are named as a reserve but can't commit to the day, you must let me know so I can Choose another reserve player.
Obviously it would be best to try and share travel costs, so, the selected team Please get texting, calling, and messaging to arrange a car share. I look forward to naming the team and Getting this started..............

Many thanks
Vinnie Dennis (captain)
24/11/14, 23:54 by Steve Howard | Views: 57 | Comments: 0

Frame Scores
Steve Howard   O-1   Ash Sanders
Steve Howard   1-O   Ash Sanders
Don Merry   1-O   Phil Sanders
Don Merry   1-O   Phil Sanders
Geoff Merry   O-1   Mike Langdon
Andy Carnell   1-O   Mike Langdon

Match Report
A chilly night at our venue tonight as our heating kept cutting out . . .Brr!!
So for everyone it was hard to warm up . . .Literally LOL!!

A good nights snooker all round from everyone,and some close frames indeed going to the wire.

Frames 1/2
A good draw between myself and Ash.
Who after having been in front all frame,almost saw the frame snatched back,in a thrilling climax.Steve laying and getting 2 snookers,then Ash knocking in by accident, the pink which was perilously hanging on the edge of the baulk pocket.This helped Steve,who then knocked in yellow through to blue,only to over run for easy pink,which cost me the frame as i stuck it up with easy black waiting into the middle bag.
I think Ash thought he'd lost that one.
2nd frame was i think Ash will agree more one sided this time going my way.
But a frame each was the right result between us.

Frames 3/4
Don out potted Phil in their 1st encounter,and won convincingly.The 2nd was much closer as Phil started to play more safety and pot more too.
Don taking it,but not without a good fight back from Phil.

Frames 5/6
Didn't see these as it was the far end of the room.
Geoff against Mike in the 1st of the 2 frames,and looking at the scores,was very close with Mike taking it 47-34.
Andy taking on Mike in the deciding encounter.
And yet another close encounter with Mike this time just losing out 53-46 to our Andy.

Great night with the City Hospital lads,as always.
Good luck in the rest of your fixtures.
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Premier A: Andy Diacopoulos 3 v 1 Ant Moore by Andy Diacopoulos
[ 24/11/14, 22:15]

Division 1: Cary Davies 2-2 Shaun Parkinson by Shaun Parkinson
[ 24/11/14, 20:01]

Premier B: Bob Walker 2-2 Lee Crombie by Bob Walker
[ 24/11/14, 13:48]

Division 2: Tamas Vagvolgyi 2 - 2 Toby Bowley by Tamas Vagvolgyi
[ 23/11/14, 22:29]

Division 4: James Robinson 2-2 Jon Sully by James Robinson
[ 22/11/14, 18:17]

Division 4: Tim Kirk 1-3 Martin Marriot by Martin Marriott
[ 22/11/14, 11:21]

Premier A: Steve Butler 3-1 Ant Moore by Steve Butler
[ 21/11/14, 23:25]

Premier A: Clint Broome 1-3 Steve Butler by Nav Hussain
[ 20/11/14, 22:49]

Division 1: Jason Ashurst 4-0 Mike Langdon by Mike Langdon
[ 20/11/14, 22:12]

Division 2: Dan Rhodes 0  Manfred Corbin 4 by Manfred Corbin
[ 20/11/14, 12:19]

Division 1: Mike Langdon 2-2 Andy Teale by Mike Langdon
[ 19/11/14, 22:27]

Premier A: Keith Holgate 2 - 2 Chris Winter by Keith Holgate
[ 19/11/14, 21:49]

Premier A: Ben Monk 3-1 Andy Diacopoulos by NBSA
[ 18/11/14, 21:15]

Division 4: Martin Marriott 3 Brian Steeples 1 (+21) by Martin Marriott
[ 18/11/14, 15:03]

Division 1: Dan Moll 0 - 4 Andy Teale by Andy Teale
[ 17/11/14, 23:58]

Division 3: Robert Garratt 2 - 2 Wayne Smith by Wayne Smith
[ 17/11/14, 17:15]

Division 3: Mick Garrett 0  David Buckley 4 by David Buckley
[ 15/11/14, 17:22]

Division 4: Lee Esam 4-0 Dave Pearce by Dave Pearce
[ 15/11/14, 12:18]

Division 2: David Casey 2-2 Harvey Pabla by David Casey
[ 12/11/14, 01:03]

Division 4: Brian Steeples 0 - Steven Roe 4 by Steven Roe
[ 11/11/14, 20:01]

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