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30/10/14, 11:23 by Robert Garratt | Views: 35 | Comments: 0

Frame Scores
Julian Howard   1-O   Dave Buckley
Julian Howard   1-O   Dave Buckley
Chris Burrows   1-O   Mark Sheppard
Chris Burrows   1-O   Mark Sheppard
Michael Singh   1-O   Les Smith
Michael Singh   1-O   Les Smith
Mick Garratt   O-1   Rob Wallace
Mick Garratt   O-1   Rob Wallace

Match Report
Unlucky Bci always a tough match vs you lot good luck rest of the season
Michael Singh- 33 , 31
30/10/14, 10:21 by Robert Garratt | Views: 28 | Comments: 0

This match was played about a week ago just forgot to put the result up unlucky Junaid the first season in the Nottingham snooker is always difficult but you got the right attitude and will certainly get the results the more you play
30/10/14, 05:00 by Lee Crombie | Views: 45 | Comments: 0

Lee advances to the next round wining 3-1 no real breaks just a scrapping match. Hard luck Craig all the best for the rest of the snooker season
30/10/14, 01:09 by NS Admin | Views: 44 | Comments: 0

The University of Nottingham has announced plans to invest £40m for a new sports facility on University Park.

The new development is part of the University’s ambitious plans to significantly increase participation in sports and physical activity at all levels – from encouraging students and staff to experience a wide range of new sports to the enhancement of elite performance at a national and international level.

In keeping with the University’s green credentials, the new complex will incorporate parts of the existing sports centre, whilst adding an array of modern facilities, including:
  • a new fully adaptable 20-court sports hall
  • a 200 station fitness suite
  • sports science facilities
  • a climbing wall
  • an indoor sprint track
  • strength and conditioning facility
  • an archery and fencing hall
  • dance studios
  • a snooker hall
  • a martial arts dojo
Squash provision will also be significantly enhanced via a purpose built squash hub, featuring a full glass show court and six further glass backed courts, viewing galleries and spectator seating.

Dan Tilley, Director of Sport at the University said: “The investment is part of our ambition to create an outstanding, inspirational and accessible sports infrastructure for students, staff and the wider community. We want to encourage people of all abilities to get involved in sport and activity, and allow them to rub shoulders with and train alongside some of the country’s leading athletes”.

The new facility will be named the David Ross Sports Village and is supported by a very significant commitment from Nottingham Law alumnus and Carphone Warehouse founder David Ross.  The donation will be the biggest single gift the University has received from one of its graduates.
30/10/14, 00:52 by NS Admin | Views: 29 | Comments: 0

  • For tickets contact John: 07824 750160
  • Doors open 7.00pm for 7.30pm start
  • Standard tickets £20, VIP tickets £40

  • For tickets contact John: 07824 750160
  • Doors open 7.00pm for 7.30pm start
  • Standard tickets £20, VIP tickets £40
30/10/14, 00:19 by Tamas Vagvolgyi | Views: 40 | Comments: 0

Played on table 4 at the Embankment, enjoyable match as always with Ross, he started very well, felt confident and potted almost everything, won the frame before the colours.

Thankfully I woke up and started with a difficult 24 in the second frame which I kept till the end to level the match.

Third frame I got advantage of the 3 miss rule and also started to fire in the long pots. Making sure of the colours at the business end of the table I got into a comfortable lead and won the frame when we only had 22 on the table.

Fourth frame I can't really remember but I think here the long pots definitely won me the frame, Ross almost came back to level things up as he potted the last 3 reds with colours, but me sinking yellow to blue in meant that Ross needed 2 snookers on the pink which he couldn't deliver so won the frame and match.

Thanks for the game pal, always good to play you, looking forward to our revenge, all the best for your next matches!
30/10/14, 00:10 by NBSA | Views: 31 | Comments: 0

A reminder that The Spider Trophy, one of our most prestigious tournaments, is coming up on Sunday 16th November.

The current champion is Sean Hopkin:

The 2012/13 champion was John Fountain:

Sean Hopkin also won the title in 2011/12, beating a certain Steven Hallworth (now a professional) in the final:


The trophy was first presented at the Charity Shield in 2011.  It was awarded to the winner of a 'high break' competition.  Find out who won it and learn how the trophy got its name by clicking on the link below:


We want to see as many of you as possible at this year's tournament.  It promises to be a great day.  Here are some details:

Date: Sunday 16th November 2014
Registration: 10:00am - 10:30am
Play starts: 10:45am
Entry Fee: FREE for NBSA members or £15 for non-members
Venue: The Towers Snooker Club, Botany Avenue, Mansfield, NG18 5NG
Tournament Director: Steve Butler
  • Annual trophy + trophy to keep for the winner
  • Trophy to keep for the runner-up
  • Trophy to keep for the highest break
  • Hot and cold food available
  • Ample free parking
Tournament Format
Up to 32 players: Round robin groups followed by knockout.
More than 32 players: Straight knockout and knockout plate for early round losers.
Official NBSA handicaps will be used in all matches.

No need to pre-register, simply turn up on the day.
29/10/14, 23:02 by Andy Diacopoulos | Views: 46 | Comments: 0

Not sure if a Desmond was a fair result here. Chris cued far better than me which is great credit to him as he doesn't play snooker as match and he's more of a pool man now.

First frame he took with ease. Think he won by at least 70 points. He didn't miss a ball.

Second and Third frames I won with a 59 in the second and a 48 in the third. 2 good frames for me. But Chris had chances to steal both as I let him back in.

Final frame I got an unlucky double kiss off a fairly good safety and Chris was in the process of compiling a huge break until he moved a red with his cue on 44. I managed to pull the game back to the final black with a nice little clearance and tried a cheeky cross triple off the side cushions into the corner and jawed it and left the black hanging.

Thanks for the match Chris. Good to see you cueing well again mate. Looking forward to the return match.
29/10/14, 21:55 by Bob Walker | Views: 54 | Comments: 1

breaks    bob walker 51
29/10/14, 20:41 by Jon Sully | Views: 64 | Comments: 2

A bafflingly poor performance from me. I made so many terrible decisions, just gifting points and opportunities to Rob, who despite not being at his best, gladly took them.

I clearly need to change my approach. All this work I'm putting in on my game, and putting aside the huge lack of talent, I'm actually getting worse. I just can't trust my cue action when I'm down on the shot. I'm no psychologist but that can't be helpful.

Anyway, c'est la vie, good luck in the next round Rob.
29/10/14, 14:42 by Sean Croft | Views: 54 | Comments: 0

Frame Scores
Ash Bettison   28-66   Jim Myers
Ash Bettinson   41-49   Jim Myers
Sean Croft   24-60   Fioz Mohammed
Sean Croft   37-58   Fioz Mahammed
Shaun Parkinson   65-56   Arif Mahammed
Shaun Parkinson    63-7   Arif Mohammed
Manfred Corbin   68-56   Dazz Tucker
Manfred Corbin    81-16   Dazz Tucker

Match Report
Match 1; Ashley Bettinson really struggling (confidence) I think any how Jim Myers played very steady and potted some lovely balls with some good safety shots took a well thought win.

Match 2; Fioz Mohammed very strong and very confident player and very strong of plus 21 he plays all the right shots, knows what he's doing and always Carries a bring grin! You've guessed it Croftys bogey player, I just can't get past his PokerFace grin is this man breakable? Im still cuing great its just I missed 90℅ of my shots by fractions grrrr!

Match 3; Arif Mohammed started very well! But Shaun Parkinson still carrying his great form gradually broke Arif down eventually walking away with the match.

Match 4; Manfred is really proofing to be a great signing although he his very weak in the break building department he his second to none in great safety and grinding people down which in my eyes is fantastic! He has managed a result out of the past three grueling matches having giving some big starts away his best was when he had to give an inform Sean Butler +28 start he walked the first frame with Manfred but Manfred dug very deep in the second and took the frame most important a draw.

Well played Lenton and my team please bare with me I promise I will become good thanks Crofty.
29/10/14, 13:17 by Harvey Pabla | Views: 69 | Comments: 1

Frame Scores
Ross Wilkin   51-14   Rich Genders
Ross Wilkin   53-34   Rich Genders
Harvey Pabla   51-84   Tony Morgan
Harvey Pabla   53-80   Tony Morgan
Daniel Norton   21-59   Vinnie Dennis
Daniel Norton   67-24   Vinnie Dennis
Pete Machon   38-69   Brett Henshaw
Pete Machon   69-31   Brett Henshaw

Match Report
The Bears took a commanding 3-1 lead with Ross winning both frames against Rich who seemed to struggle to find any form and Dan securing a very good draw against Vinnie who comfortably won the first frame but struggled in the second.

The match then drifted away from the Bears mainly due to me losing both frames against Tony. I thought I was in with a chance in the first frame with four reds left and being around 23 points up. Tony was struggling a little with the table but then decided that he wasn't going to let me play any more that frame and made an excellent total CLEARANCE OF 57. Another couple of strong breaks in the second frame meant that the match would be drawn with Pete and Brett sharing the spoils.

Well played Towers. All the best for the rest of the season.

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Tournament Draws & Results

Singles League Results

Division 2: Tamas Vagvolgyi 3 - 1 Ross Wilkin by Tamas Vagvolgyi
[ 30/10/14, 00:19]

Premier A: Andy Diacopoulos 2 v 2 Chris Winter by Andy Diacopoulos
[ 29/10/14, 23:02]

Premier A: Keith Holgate w/o - sc Hanzla Zahid by NBSA
[ 27/10/14, 23:46]

Division 2: Dan Rhodes 3 David Casey 1 by Dan Rhodes
[ 26/10/14, 13:02]

Premier B: John Fountain 3 V 1 Bob Walker by John Fountain
[ 25/10/14, 16:36]

Division 3: Paul Wainwright 2 - 2 Wayne STORM Smith by Wayne Smith
[ 25/10/14, 16:14]

Premier B: Lee crombie (1) v Steve Whitt (3) by Lee Crombie
[ 25/10/14, 05:19]

Premier A: Steve Butler 2-2 Ben Monk by Steve Butler
[ 24/10/14, 21:44]

Division 1: Mike Langdon 1-3 Cary Davies by Mike Langdon
[ 23/10/14, 22:43]

Premier A: Ben Monk 1-3 Chris Winter by Chris Winter
[ 23/10/14, 21:02]

Division 4: Jon Sully 2 Dave Pearce 2 by Jon Sully
[ 23/10/14, 17:54]

Division 1: Cary Davies 0 - 4 Andy Teale by Andy Teale
[ 22/10/14, 23:19]

Division 2: Ross Wilkin 2-2 Toby Bowley by Toby Bowley
[ 22/10/14, 22:40]

Division 4: Lee Esam 4-0 Tim Kirk by Tim Kirk
[ 21/10/14, 21:44]

Premier B: Matt Walters 4-0 lee crombie by Matt Walters
[ 21/10/14, 19:09]

Division 3: Craig McMorran 1-3 Fred Mulheron by Craig McMorran
[ 20/10/14, 11:17]

Division 3: Peter Machon 2 Rob  Garratt 2 by Tony Morgan
[ 19/10/14, 21:09]

Premier B: Jamie Mathers 2-2 Chris Hacket by Tony Morgan
[ 19/10/14, 21:06]

Division 4: Dave Pearce 2-2 James Robinson by Tony Morgan
[ 19/10/14, 19:19]

Division 4: Brian steeples 2-2 Junaid yaseen by Martin Marriott
[ 16/10/14, 21:28]

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