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04/08/15, 12:26 by James Robinson | Views: 21 | Comments: 0

Monday Team League - Summer 2015
Frame Scores
Sean Hopkin   1-O   Mo Hudspeth
Sean Hopkin   1-O   Den Dyer
James Robinson   O-1   Den Dyer
James Robinson   O-1   Mo Hudspeth
Paul Bell   O-1   Pete Thompson
Paul Bell   1-O   Owen Blundell

Match Report
Fair result I guess.

03/08/15, 23:52 by Kwok Yip | Views: 132 | Comments: 0

Monday Team League - Summer 2015
Frame Scores
Jamie Moore    1-O   Kirt Miller
James Moore    1-O   Kirt Miller
Barry Stark    O-1   John Marshall
Barry Stark    O-1   John Marshall
Joe Reynolds    O-1   Sean Coxon
Joe Reynolds    1-O   Sean Coxon

Match Report
Pretty even night of snooker with the final scores finishing levels at 3-3 on the night. A fair result on reflection on the nights standard of play.

Well played all...
03/08/15, 22:40 by Vinnie Dennis | Views: 141 | Comments: 0

Monday Team League - Summer 2015
Frame Scores
Adam Clift   1-O   Shaun Parkinson
Adam clift   O-1   Shaun Parkinson
Tony Morgan   1-O   Steve Capsey SNR
Tony Morgan   1-O   Steve Capsey snr
Andrew Diacopoulos   1-O   C. Clark
Andrew Diacopoulos   1-O   C. Clark

Match Report
A good match and played in great spirits as always. Bci C are a great bunch of lads. Steve Capsey had the shot of the night, Launching the rest into the black by sliding off it and pushing it with the tip of his cue. Tony played well and took a 2-0. On the other table Shaun was giving Adam a good run for his money. Adam had the final black to take the 2-0 but somehow stunned the white through with the black and potted both. 1-1. Last 2 frames Andy saw out well and a nice 40 odd in the last. Thanks to the Towers for lovely tables and staff as always.
03/08/15, 08:48 by Steve Whitt | Views: 212 | Comments: 0

Singles League

Played at my place for convienence, first two games could have gone any way but Gavin upped the anti and made a superb 67 in the third to kill off the match. Well played good luck in next matches.
02/08/15, 11:21 by Ross Wilkin | Views: 290 | Comments: 0

Singles League

Had to claim this match. After repeated attempts to arrange with Andy, have been told he has left Nottingham (please note, Rob Lord).
02/08/15, 00:07 by Lee Esam | Views: 373 | Comments: 0

Singles League

Comfortable win for Lee against an out of sorts Dan.
01/08/15, 23:30 by Chris Winter | Views: 311 | Comments: 0

Singles League

Another solid match from ben. 3 frames went to the colours and ben took them well. A great player for county B see you soon mate all the best.
01/08/15, 23:29 by NBSA | Views: 193 | Comments: 0

To all Champions Cup Qualifiers,

I have been made aware that the EASB have recently released their calendar of events for the new season and this has highlighted that the Midlands qualifier for the English Amateur Snooker Championship is to be held at The Towers on 20th September 2015.

So that you will not have to choose between the English Amateur and the Champions Cup, I have decided to move the date of the Champions Cup to the week before on Sunday 13th September 2015.

Don't forget that you are guaranteed 20 just for turning up to the Champions Cup.  You will be placed into one of four groups (groups to be drawn and announced in advance) and the top two in each group will qualify for the quarter-finals.  Losing quarter-finalists take home 40, losing semis take home 75, runner-up gets 150 and the winner gets 300 plus the Champions Cup trophy to keep for a year.

Just 6 weeks to go....


Steve Butler
01/08/15, 20:25 by Mike Langdon | Views: 508 | Comments: 1

Monday Team League - Summer 2015
Frame Scores
Mick Walker   O-1   Andy Wain
Graeme Bexon   O-1   Andy Wain
Nick Bentley   1-O   Steve Howard
Ron Bentley   1-O   Don Merry
Nick Bentley   O-1   Steve Howard
Dave Milner   O-1   Don Merry

Match Report
excellent win for Mapperley against title rivals Builders
01/08/15, 15:32 by Rob Lord | Views: 283 | Comments: 1

Singles League

Shame to have to claim, didn't want to, but texted a few times. If I get a reply I will happily play Andy later before the end of the league. I would rather play and lose. Hope everything is ok.

01/08/15, 09:13 by Ant McMahon | Views: 236 | Comments: 1

Singles League

Nav was in shock so I put result up.
No big breaks by either of us a few high 20 + I think.
To cut a long story short I was 2-1 up and 45 points in front in the next with three reds left Nav somehow came back to pinch it on the black. Another Black ball Jamie lol. On reflection maybe a fair result as we both struggle with consistence tonight. Thanks Nav always a pleasure playing you!!! Good luck in your remaining fixtures😄

31/07/15, 22:45 by Lee Esam | Views: 664 | Comments: 5

Singles League

Played at Sneinton, fair result, poor snooker from both players, nuff said. Another Tony Morgan for the record books.
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Tournament Draws & Results

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Singles League Results

Premier A: Gavin Shirley 4-0 Steve Whitt by Steve Whitt
[ 03/08/15, 08:48]

Division 3: Ross Wilkin 4-0 Andy Stevens (WALKOVER) by Ross Wilkin
[ 02/08/15, 11:21]

Division 2: Daniel Adams 0-4 Lee Esam by Lee Esam
[ 02/08/15, 00:07]

Premier A: ben monk 4-0 Chris winter by Chris Winter
[ 01/08/15, 23:30]

Division 3: Rob Lord 4-0 Andy Stevens (Had to claim) by Tony Morgan
[ 01/08/15, 16:21]

Premier A: Nav Hussain 2 -2 Ant McMahon by Jamie Moore
[ 01/08/15, 15:38]

Division 1: Danile John 3 - 1 Glenn Price by Daniel John
[ 01/08/15, 13:19]

Division 2: Lee Esam 2-2 James Robinson by David Casey
[ 01/08/15, 00:55]

Division 1: Glenn Price 4 - 0 Wayne Smith 0 by Glenn Price
[ 31/07/15, 20:42]

Division 2: Dan norton 2 Michael Singh 2 by Michael Singh
[ 31/07/15, 12:36]

Division 3: Steve Richards 4 - 0 Tim kirk by Steve Richards
[ 31/07/15, 10:04]

Division 1: Harvey Pabla 1 - 3 Daniel John by Daniel John
[ 30/07/15, 22:35]

Division 3: Rob Lord 4-0 Brian Steeples by Rob Lord
[ 30/07/15, 21:01]

Division 1: Toby Bowley 4 - 0 Wayne Smith by Wayne Smith
[ 30/07/15, 17:41]

Division 3: Brian Steeples 0-4 Robert Garratt by Robert Garratt
[ 29/07/15, 17:20]

Premier B: Adam Corbett 0-4 David casey by David Casey
[ 29/07/15, 12:52]

Premier A: Ant McMahon 1-3 Jamie Moore by Ant McMahon
[ 29/07/15, 09:01]

Premier B: Joe Reynolds Walkover v Adam Corbett by David Casey
[ 28/07/15, 14:24]

Premier B: Lee Crombie 0-4 Sean Croft by Sean Croft
[ 27/07/15, 23:39]

Division 2: Matt Coates 3 - 1 Dan Norton by Matt Coates
[ 27/07/15, 16:06]

Monday League Results

Tuesday League Results