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27/08/14, 12:49 by Ant Gilman | Views: 53 | Comments: 0

Frame Scores
Sean coxon   1-O   Wayne bilbie
Sean coxon   1-O   Wayne bilbie
Mick mcmillen   1-O   Jay turner
Mic.kmcmillen   1-O   Jay turner
Luke morris   1-1   Ryan cooper
Luke morris   O-1   Ryan cooper
Ant gilman   1-O   Craig greensmith
Ant gilman    1-O   Craig greensmith

Match Report
Always a pleasure playing the oak leith lads enjoyable night as always see you next year
27/08/14, 00:18 by James Robinson | Views: 191 | Comments: 3

Frame Scores
Cary Davies   1-O   Sean Croft
Cary Davies   1-O   Sean Croft
Paul Bell   O-1   Dave Salmon
Paul Bell   1-O   Dave Salmon
James Robinson   1-O   Ash Bettinson
James Robinson   1-O   Ash Bettnson
Nick Bentley   1-O   Mick Salmon
Nick Bentley   1-O   Mick Salmon

Match Report
Was never going to be an easy match for either team with both teams still having something to fight for in the league.

Cary romped away with his 1st frame (despite his Grade change) a 39 break pretty much doing most the damage. The 2nd frame I didn't see to much off as I was playing at the time.

Paul and Dave I also cant comment on to much as I was still playing, From what I did see both potted some good balls and both frames seemed to be quite close.

Ash who was another victim of being downgraded wasn't at his fluent best, I made the most of what came my way and was potting well in the 1st going some 30+ in front ash battled back but the lead was to much. The 2nd was a bit of a slobber knocker with balls going safe and getting tied up this made the much closer but I managed to pull way in the end.

Nick and mick played out a real corker in the 1st nick racing into a lead but some good snookers from mick pulled him back going into the colours mick found himself 27 down with 27 on and all be it not in one visit managed to clear the colours and force a re-spot a loose shot though saw him stick the re-spot over the yellow pocket for nick. The 2nd again quite a close frame but nick slowly pulled away.

A good night by all well at least that's what id like to think.

Well played my team and hard luck Magic.
26/08/14, 22:42 by Alan Cunningham | Views: 93 | Comments: 0

Frame Scores
John FOUNTAIN + 7   O-1   Ross WILKINS + 28
John FOUNTAIN +7   1-O   Ross WILKINS +28
Kirk WESSELBY + 28   1-O   Dan NORTON +28
Kirk WESSELBY +28    O-1   Dan NORTON +28
Brian KINTON +14   1-O   Harvey PABLA + 21
Brian KINTON +14   1-O   Harvey PABLA +21
Richard TOOLEY +21   1-O   Pete MACHAN +28
Richard TOOLEY + 21   O-1   Pete MACHAN +28

Match Report
Frame 1  JF 45  V  RW  61
Frame 2  JF 77  V  RW  53 - John took y, g, b, blue and pink

Frame 3  KW 59  V  DN 24
Frame 4  KW 34  V  DN 58

Frame 5  BK  72 V  HP 43
Frame 6  BK  54 V  HP 52 - black ball frame

Frame 7  RT  64 V  PM 24
Frame 8  RT   9  V  PM  71

Pete MACHAN sportingly declared that his handicap had been reduced today to 28.

During the whole of the match 2 of the frames were decided on the final colours and the frame count could have gone the other way.

Arnold eventually win a match and change places with the 'Bears and move off the bottom of the table. Chance to get their own back on a match to be rearranged on their patch.

Bad luck Bears, always a good sociable group.
25/08/14, 22:38 by NS Admin | Views: 126 | Comments: 0

Mark Allen was pipped at the post in Riga but crossed the finish line in first place in Furth, winning the Paul Hunter Classic with a 4-2 victory over Judd Trump.

This was not the classic, high quality final between two great talents many had anticipated. Tiredness after a long few days of snooker was clear and they both struggled with conditions on a lightning fast table which was at times plagued by kicks and excessively springy bounces.

But Allen is a battler and he dug deep to get the result, ending the match with his highest break, 88. He had lost 4-3 to Mark Selby in the first European Tour final of the campaign in Latvia two weeks ago.

Read more on Inside Snooker
24/08/14, 19:25 by Jon Sully | Views: 595 | Comments: 6

Congratulations to Sean Hopkin who has won the 2014 Trevor Steeples trophy, held today at Pegasus Snooker Club in Arnold.

Despite not being at his best, and after sportingly agreeing to play to a -7 handicap, Sean compiled breaks of 84, 62, 59 and 52. He was just too strong in the final against an in-form Mick Garratt and was a deserved winner of the trophy which honours the memory of Brian Steeples' late son Trevor.

Brian did the draw at 11 am and we had 15 players ready to do battle, which meant we had a disappointing four no-shows.

First Round results

Junaid Yaseen (35)   v   Wayne Smith (14)        0-3
Brian Steeples (56) v Mick Garratt (28)             2-3
Rob Garratt (28) v Tamas Vagvolgyi (21)          3-2
Tim Kirk (42) v Dave Pearce (35)                     3-1
Manfred Corbin (14) v Dan Rhodes (21)            3-2
Craig McMorran (21) v Tom Goldstein (7)          0-3
Jon Sully (28)  v Sean Hopkin (-7)                    0-3
Ross Wilkin (28) received a bye

Quarter Finals

Wayne Smith v Mick Garratt  1-3
Rob Garratt v Tim Kirk  3-2
Manfred Corbin v Tom Goldstein  3-2
Sean Hopkin v Ross Wilkin  3-1

Semi Finals

Mick Garratt v Rob Garratt  3-0
Manfred Corbin v Sean Hopkin  1-3


Sean Hopkin v Mick Garratt   3-1

Breaks - Sean Hopkin 84, 62, 59, 52
             Tamas Vagvolgyi 41
             Mick Garratt 36

The plate competition saw 5 players enter. In the prelim round Ross Wilkin beat Tamas 3-2. This put Ross through to play Junaid Yaseen, Ross winning 3-1. The other semi final resulted in a 3-2 win for Dan Rhodes over Jon Sully, but unfortunately Dan had miscalculated how long the matches would take and left the venue to fulfil a promised return time, meaning that Ross Wilkin received a walkover in the final.

This was a rather unsatisfactory end to a day blighted by low numbers and players moaning about handicaps.

Many thanks however to Pegasus for hosting the tournament and for all the players who hopefully had a good day's snooker.
22/08/14, 16:05 by Mike Langdon | Views: 563 | Comments: 2

Frame Scores
Wayne Bilbie   O-1   Barry Stark
Wayne Bilbie   O-1   Barry Stark
Clint Broome   O-1   Jamie Moore
Clint Broome   O-1   Jamie Moore
Jason Turner   1-O   Neil Elliott
Jason Turner   O-1   Neil Elliott
Craig Greensmith   O-1   Jonathan Mason
Craig Greensmith   1-O   Jonathan Mason

Match Report
Breaks of 51 for James Moore and a 45 from Craig Greensmith.
22/08/14, 10:02 by Tamas Vagvolgyi | Views: 90 | Comments: 0

Played at Spot On, I started the first frame with visits of 20 and 25 which was comfortable enough for me to win the first frame. Second frame was much closer and started struggling with long pots, even though my safety was still good. Dan took advantage of my misses and with a few red&colour combination he won the frame. Third and fourth frames were similar to second, but here I found myself snookers which Im not quite sure were 100% intended but after all thanks to the missing pots I lost both of the frames, ending up needing snookers when we got to the colours. Overall I would say on the day Dan took more advantage on my mistakes than I did on his, so it's a fair win for him. Good luck in the final mate, thanks for the game!
21/08/14, 20:31 by Asif Hajiani | Views: 128 | Comments: 0

Frame Scores
No player   O-1   Hanzla Zahid
No player   O-1   Nick kirkman
No player   O-1   Asif Hajiani
No player   O-1   Andy Teale
No player   O-1   Hanzla Zahid
No player   O-1   Nick Kirkman
No player   O-1   Asif Hajiani
No player   O-1   Any Teale

Match Report
Snienton couldn't get a team together unfortunately.
21/08/14, 15:21 by Jon Sully | Views: 1076 | Comments: 11

The meeting began at 7.45pm and concluded at 9.05pm.

In attendance from the NBSA Committee were:

Malc Belshaw
Mike Langdon
Paul Wainwright
Glenn Price
Jon Sully
Alan Cunningham

Apologies from: Tony Morgan

In attendance from the membership were:

Barry Stark
Wayne Smith
Pete Trout
Steven Roe
Steve Butler
Dave Buckley
Craig McMorran

Proposed amendment to constitution with regards to member clubs of the NBSA.

The imminent opening of the Three Counties Snooker Club in Long Eaton has highlighted the need for clarification from the NBSA as to what criteria are needed for member clubs of the NBSA. The rule currently states that all member clubs must reside within the county boundary, regardless of postcode.

The proposed change keeps this criteria in place but adds to it, allowing invited clubs to become affiliated members of the NBSA. These will be decided by the committee on an individual basis, but will typically be very close to the border and/or have an NG postcode.

The membership present voted in unison to accept this proposal.

A second vote was taken to ascertain whether matches in the Notts Amateur Championship could be played at an NBSA affiliated venue. Six members voted yes, one member voted no.

Any Other Business.

As all potential changes require notice of voting, this effectively became an open discussion about potential change that would have to be ratified at a future meeting.

1) Tony Morgan, on behalf of an anonymous member, asked 3 separate questions.

a) Why can't we play the miss rule in all formats to create consistency across the board.
b) A player should be barred from a league if he offers more than 2 walkovers.
c) Does a high break stand if it is made against a player who subsequently withdraws from a league?

With regards to the miss rule, Mike was of the opinion that the variety offered to players of varying abilities is actually a good, democratic thing, as it caters for all abilities and mind-sets.

A general feeling was that a high break should stand despite a player's withdrawal as the player was not to know that the player would withdraw and that therefore at the time a break would be made under genuine match pressure and should therefore be valid.

2) Barry Stark pointed out that a lot of players are unaware of certain snooker rules and suggested that something be added to the website to help players get to know the key rules that players consistently misapply. Steve Butler agreed to create something on his website to this end.
Barry also announced an upcoming exhibition match involving Kyren Wilson to be held at BCI.

3) Sean Hopkin asked to verify if he and Troy Brett were eligible to enter the Pairs tournament. The NBSA agreed that this would be fine as Troy's ban was until the end of the summer season.

4) Wayne Smith offered his services to the committee. He also suggested that a new 'Champion of Champions' tournament be created, whereby each tournament winner have their own tournament at the end of the season. He offered to host it at the new Three Counties Snooker Club.

5) Steve Butler suggested that on Monday nights, play could take place with 4 matches on one table and 2 on another (if two were available). No one saw any objection to this. This is designed to prevent players having to play on two potentially very different tables on one night.

6) Malc queried as to whether the 50 sponsorship asked for the Notts Amateur was a little low, given that 300 is removed from NBSA funds to pay the winner and runner up. Steve Butler outlined his approach was to ask for 50 across the board for all tournaments so that the NBSA could absorb sponsor departures.

As for all futu...
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