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FAO All Team Captains by Paul Wainwright
[ 20/10/14, 08:41]

The Spider Trophy (16/11/14) by NBSA
[ 16/10/14, 22:57]

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24/10/14, 09:00 by Asif Hajiani | Views: 36 | Comments: 0

Frame Scores
Nav Hussain   54-25   Brian Kinton
Nav    90-29   Brian
Hanzla Zahid    15-68   James Notman
Hanzla   68-28   James
Matt Walters    50-42   John Fountain
Matt   42-64   John
Asif   52-44   Richard
Asif   48-46   Richard

Match Report
A good match as always with Arnold.
Highlight of the night was Nav's break of 61.
23/10/14, 22:43 by Mike Langdon | Views: 46 | Comments: 0

Not the best of matches,  Cary nearly played really well but instead of kicking on he kept breaking down having done the hard work getting himself into good position.

The opener was one sided seeing Cary off to a great start and he then extended his lead winning a scrappy 2nd.  I was the unlikely winner in the third when Cary was unfortunate to snooker himself and then giving away 12 points in fouls from said snooker.  I potted a simple pink and a good black to pinch it.

The final frame saw Cary race off into a 40 odd point lead but slowly I clawed my way back into it and potted the last red with a good long black to give myself a chance going into the colours.  Over the years I've had more than my fair share of luck so every once in a while you have to pay the price.  With Cary starting to twitch a little he played the yellow which deflected off at least 2 balls before colliding with the blue sending the yellow into the middle bag and landing pretty good on the green which he potted along with brown to win the match.

Well played Cary, without doubt the correct scoreline on the nights play.  See you soon mate.
23/10/14, 21:02 by Chris Winter | Views: 47 | Comments: 0


Ben 37
Chris 40, 78
23/10/14, 20:08 by NS Admin | Views: 43 | Comments: 0

It is with regret that we announce the death of Ray Brooks, a snooker player who used to play at Stadium Leisure.

He was a useful amateur club player who practised a lot with Clarry Plowman.  He partnered Barry Stark in the Nazareth House Snooker League pairs handicap competition in 2007/08, where conceding 21 start they reached the final losing on a black ball game (see video).

His funeral is at Bramcote Crematorium on Tuesday 28th October at 9.30am and then to Stadium Leisure from 11.00am.

He suffered a stroke some time ago which limited his activities and obviously his snooker.  He was a lovely man who never had a bad word to say about anyone.  We believe that prior to his retirement he was a senior executive in the Speedo Swim Wear company and worked his way up from a junior office boy. "Hard work does pay off."

Everyone is welcome to attend his funeral.
23/10/14, 17:54 by Jon Sully | Views: 44 | Comments: 0

Both of us were really poor, and both for different reasons struggling on very little sleep. This made the frames just come down to Lady Luck and perhaps appropriately a draw was what we ended up with, although I did have to fight back from 2 down.

We both agreed it had not been a particularly enjoyable match.

One to forget and on to the next fixture.
23/10/14, 16:06 by Tony Morgan | Views: 5 | Comments: 0

Hi all,
With only a week to go before the EASB close the registration for players to play in the National County Championship. There are still a few players who need to give the A & B team captains their details. The details required are :
It is YOUR responsibility to pass on these details. Failure in doing so will result in you being ineligible to play ANY County matches.
A team players please send a PM to Tony Morgan.
B team players please send a PM to Vinnie Dennis
23/10/14, 14:44 by Manfred Corbin | Views: 80 | Comments: 2

played at the Towers great venue good table
1st frame was tight all the way i was able to make a few teen breaks off of Dan's misses won the frame.
2nd frame had another good start more teen breaks keeping the lead on Dan lots of safety from both of us mistakes were captialized on dan then played some good snooker being behind and needing upto the pink i believe played well took the colors only to snooker himself behind the black after a tricky blue. Missed the pink three times so gave me some good points game went back to safety but i manged to sink the pink to take the frame.

3rd frame Dan was ahead most of the game
and won the frame comfortably.

4th frame Dan was on the come back
alot more safety then dan let me in i made a couple of back to back decent breaks but all under 20 kept me in good position. Dan made a mistake on safety let me in scored 15 which left Dan needing about 5 snookers with blue pnk and black left on the table, before i could celebrate Dan had snookered me, a hard shot to avoid hitting the black i narrowly missed but then gave dan a free ball he took the pink for this then snookered me again a couple of shots later in the same spot as before, i ended up hitting the black, again he took the free ball took the pink again played a snooker i got out of it this time only to go in off later dan potted the blue it felt like i was destined to lose the frame as Dan could now win with pink and black we revereted back to good safety trying my best not to give Dan an easy potting option eventually it came down to a delicate cut into the middle bag for me which i potted and my ordeal was over.

Dan is a great player and sportsman i enjoyed playing him and no doubt will want his revenge at a later date.      
23/10/14, 00:39 by Chris Winter | Views: 72 | Comments: 1

No breaks worth mentioning.
22/10/14, 23:19 by Andy Teale | Views: 64 | Comments: 0

Played at the embankment table 2. Fairly scrappy frames. Cheers for the games Cary.
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Division 1: Mike Langdon 1-3 Cary Davies by Mike Langdon
[ 23/10/14, 22:43]

Premier A: Ben Monk 1-3 Chris Winter by Chris Winter
[ 23/10/14, 21:02]

Division 4: Jon Sully 2 Dave Pearce 2 by Jon Sully
[ 23/10/14, 17:54]

Division 1: Cary Davies 0 - 4 Andy Teale by Andy Teale
[ 22/10/14, 23:19]

Division 2: Ross Wilkin 2-2 Toby Bowley by Toby Bowley
[ 22/10/14, 22:40]

Division 4: Lee Esam 4-0 Tim Kirk by Tim Kirk
[ 21/10/14, 21:44]

Premier B: Matt Walters 4-0 lee crombie by Matt Walters
[ 21/10/14, 19:09]

Division 3: Craig McMorran 1-3 Fred Mulheron by Craig McMorran
[ 20/10/14, 11:17]

Division 3: Peter Machon 2 Rob  Garratt 2 by Tony Morgan
[ 19/10/14, 21:09]

Premier B: Jamie Mathers 2-2 Chris Hacket by Tony Morgan
[ 19/10/14, 21:06]

Division 4: Dave Pearce 2-2 James Robinson by Tony Morgan
[ 19/10/14, 19:19]

Division 4: Brian steeples 2-2 Junaid yaseen by Martin Marriott
[ 16/10/14, 21:28]

Premier A: Andy Diacopoulos 3-1 Steve Butler by Tony Morgan
[ 16/10/14, 09:29]

Division 1: Mike Langdon 4-0 Paul Bell by Mike Langdon
[ 16/10/14, 00:03]

Division 2: Manfred Corbin 4 - 0 Toby Bowley by Manfred Corbin
[ 15/10/14, 22:46]

Premier A: Keith Holgate 4 - 0 Clint Broome by Keith Holgate
[ 15/10/14, 21:51]

Division 3: Fred Mulheron 3-1 Dan Norton by Paul Wainwright
[ 15/10/14, 15:30]

Division 4: Tim Kirk 4-0 Junaid Yaseen by Martin Marriott
[ 15/10/14, 14:49]

Division 4: Lee Esam 3-1 Steven Roe by Steven Roe
[ 12/10/14, 17:03]

Division 4: Martin Marriott 2 Steve Roe 2 by Martin Marriott
[ 12/10/14, 10:16]

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