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16/04/14, 21:36 by Chris Winter | Views: 44 | Comments: 0

BCI table 6, which played better tonight, frame 1 I got in with a 40 break then broke down, after a few exchanges later I cleared up with 53 break. Frame 2 I got in and made a 74 break which should have been a ton but I snookered myself on the blue from black to yellow. Frame 3 I got in with another 74 break leaving 4 reds tied up, so I missed out on another potential ton. Frame 4 my potting powder was wearing off and had a 39 break but that was it, Neil was not playing well tonight & was limping somewhat, all the best and hopefully see you in the summer league Neil, cheers Chris.
16/04/14, 16:15 by Harvey Pabla | Views: 55 | Comments: 0

It was decided that as this match meant very little we would both play open attacking snooker.

This helped me somewhat in the first 2 frames but then Dan tightened his belt and reverted to a more traditional game. We shared the final 2 frames.

Thanks for the match Dan and hopefully see you in the winter singles league.

All the best for the summer.
16/04/14, 13:07 by Jon Sully | Views: 70 | Comments: 0

We are in the papers again this week.

16/04/14, 11:53 by Robert Garratt | Views: 42 | Comments: 0

Game Scores
David Casey   0-2   Kirk Wesselby +14
Luke Wharton   2-0   Andy Nichols
Robert Garratt   2-0   Alan Cunningham
Michael Garratt   1-1   Pete Ellins +14

Match Report
We needed to win tonight and hope Mr Croft's team did us a favour in any of their 2 matches vs Lenton Libs. It couldn't have been much closer and unlucky to Arnold Civil Defence who pushed us all the way. It was a good night with some good banter.

Well done to our team, again 2 straight runners-up in our first 2 summer and winter seasons. We will look forward to the challenge that divison 1 faces us next season. We all said we would be happy with top 4-5 as it was such a hard divison with so many good teams in it. Unlucky to Lenton, they and Arnold pushed us all the way.
16/04/14, 10:56 by Harvey Pabla | Views: 44 | Comments: 0

Game Scores
Pete Machon (3)   0-2   Jason Ashurst (2)
Harvey Pabla (3)   2-0   Matthew Roe (3)
Ross Wilkin (3)   1-1   Clint Broome (3)
Barrie Towle (4)   0-2   Andy Collison (3)

Match Report
The final game of what seems a very long season (probably because we were out of the running for any silverware before Christmas!).

Frame 1: Pete Machon 31 - 83 Jason Ashurst
Frame 2: Pete Machon 57 - 65 Jason Ashurst

Frame 3: Harvey Pabla 97 - 24 Matthew Roe
Frame 4: Harvey Pabla 90 - 45 Matthew Roe

Frame 5: Ross Wilkin 36 - 64 Clint Broome
Frame 6: Ross Wilkin 52 - 12 Clint Broome

Frame 7: Barrie Towle 38 - 76 Andy Collison
Frame 8: Barrie Towle 45 - 61 Andy Collison

There was some argument brought by the Oakleigh team with regard to the final match and our player Barrie Towle. It was alleged that Barrie is showing on the Notts snooker website as being an "inactive" player and therefore he should play off grade 1. This despite Barrie having played for us over the past few seasons on numerous occasions! Following a brief discussion it was agreed that Barrie should retain his grade 4 rating and the match proceeded. Clearly, this did not impact on the result as Andy Collison won both frames against Barrie.

Note to Mike Langdon - could you check the position with Barrie's status please Mike and rectify if necessary. Thank you.
16/04/14, 10:36 by Sean Croft | Views: 59 | Comments: 0

Game Scores
Matt Savage (2)   1-1   Sean Croft (2) (48 break)
Arif Mohammed (3)   0-2   Mick Salmon (3) (30 break)
Jason Odall (3)   0-2   Ashley Bettinson (3)
Adam Goodall (3)   1-1   Paul Ramage (4)

Match Report
Breaks for Bci Magic: Sean Croft 48, Mick Salmon 30.

A great nights snooker with a bunch of good lads and 2 lovely tables.

See next week lads for our final clash.

15/04/14, 23:51 by Andy Carnell | Views: 72 | Comments: 0

Game Scores
Donny Merry   1-1   Shaun Parkinson
Joe Major   2-0   Toby Bowley
Geoff Merry   2-0   Paul Wainwright
Andy Carnell   1-1   Jordan Parnham

Match Report
15/04/14, 22:49 by Keith Holgate | Views: 70 | Comments: 1

Another gruelling match between Nav and me.
I managed to take the lead in frame one, with the help of a 43 break.
Frame two saw Nav steal it on the pink with a terrific long pot.
Frames three and four were very tense to say the least.
There were a couple of twenties and a thirty, but both frames could have gone either way.
Nav wasn't himself in the break building department, but his safety was first class.
At the end of the match I said to Nav " I don't know if I love playing you, or hate it"
Nav still remains one of my top players, it's a shame the season hasn't finished as well as it should have.
Thanks for the game Nav, I hope I never play you again lol :)
15/04/14, 22:04 by NS Admin | Views: 69 | Comments: 0

Newcomer Kyren Wilson set his sights on a clash with Ronnie O'Sullivan in the first round of the Dafabet World Championship after denying former Crucible king Graeme Dott a place at this year's tournament.

A fourteen year old Kyren Wilson played a frame against the late Paul 'Spider' Wilkinson back in 2006, when Dott was World Champion

Wilson admitted even relatives doubted whether he could earn a World Championship debut by toppling the Scot, who landed world title glory in 2006.

But the 22-year-old pulled off a 10-7 win at Sheffield's Ponds Forge venue, a five-minute stroll from the championship venue.

Read more on BT Sport
15/04/14, 15:54 by Robert Wright | Views: 152 | Comments: 5

Frame Scores
Tony Morgan    55-42   Mike Langdon
Cary Davies   65-51   Adam Corbett
Sean Croft   35-44   Glenn Price
Paul Bell    26-68   Rob Lord

Match Report
Spot On Masters 202 Willowbrook Wizards 205

An exceptional match in the cup final with Spot On Masters receiving 21 points start.

Frame 1 Tony Morgan 55 Mike Langdon 42
Tony starting out well and gaining a lead. Mike pulling back slowly, only for Tony to move ahead again. Going into the colours Mike is trailing by a small amount after potting the yellow. Tony pots green and brown to go 19 up with 18 left on the table. Mike lays 2 super snookers to which Tony escapes them both with exceptional shots. After a lots of safety the points are shared out to leave the final score.

Frame 2 Cary Davies 65 Adam Corbett 51
Cary going into a 23 point lead at the start with some small breaks. Adam replies with a 24 break. Cary plays well after that and keeps up a lead going into the colours. Adam making a comeback again and its neck and neck going into the last 3 balls. Adam pots blue, Cary pots pink, and there are 7 points in the frame. Cary eventually pots the black to win by 14.

Frame 3 Sean Croft 35 Glenn Price 44
A frame of not much going right for 2 attacking players. A very close frame with Glenn taking an early lead. Sean potting some super shots, but not getting a good run on the colours.

Frame 4 Paul Bell 26 Rob Lord 68
Rob setting off at a gallop knowing he had to win by 40 points as Spot On Masters had a 39 point lead going into this frame. Paul could only get single reds at the start and then made a comeback halfway through. Rob potting well and getting a good lead going into the colours. An in-off from Rob gave Paul a chance and a steady green to the middle pocket just hit the knuckle and stayed out. This would have left Rob needing a snooker to win the match. Rob is then on fire and takes green- pink leaving a black ball to decide the match result as he is 35 points up. After some safety and some edgy play by both players. Rob is left with a long pot and takes it for the match.

Firstly my thanks to Oakleigh Lodge for the use of their super match table, and to Ryan Cooper for ...
14/04/14, 22:52 by Keith Holgate | Views: 81 | Comments: 0

Well played Ant, for winning this match from 1-0 down.
Ant dominated the safety in all four frames, and was more able in the balls, making a few 20s and a 34 break.
I had a chance to level the match for a draw, having the first opportunity on the black for game. I missed a black to middle, Ant didn't, securing the victory.
Again - well done.
14/04/14, 22:09 by Dan Moll | Views: 69 | Comments: 0

Match played on the Towers match table. I won the first frame with Shaun needing snookers on the yellow, Shaun started the second frame like a steam train and raced into a 46 point lead, I managed to pull it back to the colours but Shaun potted the yellow to leave me needing snookers. Frames 3 and 4 were similar to the first, the miss rule was a big factor in this match with Shaun missing most and me hitting most, thanks for the game mate, nice to meet you.
13/04/14, 21:34 by Andy Diacopoulos | Views: 103 | Comments: 0

Played at BCI on the Match Table.

Not a great match.  Both players struggling with the table.

Nav took the first.  I started playing a lot better after then and my safety game started to pay dividends.  I had a 61 in the third, missing the black off the spot with 6 reds left.  

It was a match on who made the less mistakes, wins.

Unlucky tonight Nav.  Good luck with the remainder of your season.
12/04/14, 22:52 by Shaun Parkinson | Views: 126 | Comments: 0

Steve Coleman 1-3 shaun parkinson
12/04/14, 16:34 by Wayne Smith | Views: 118 | Comments: 0

A very tactical match with neither of us getting any breaks above 30. It was the most quiet game I have ever played with about ten words spoken throughout the match, eight from me and one each from Tom and his dad. I won the first frame and Tom won the next two leaving me having to win the last two to win the match. The STORM blew in potting some very crucial balls to win the last two frames and the match. The treble is still on, come on the STORM!!!!!!.
11/04/14, 16:08 by NS Admin | Views: 126 | Comments: 1

He went down fighting, in characteristic and familiar style – but almost unthinkably Steve Davis is for now off the professional tour after 36 years.

The six-time world champion lost his World Championship qualifier 10-8 to Craig Steadman at around 12.40am at Ponds Forge in Sheffield in the early hours of Friday morning.

It had been a real slog throughout, with at times in the latter stages with the nerves shredded both men barely able to construct a 30 break.

But with the 56-year-old Davis putting Steadman under huge pressure, coming back from 9-5 to 9-8, and down to the final colours in frame 18, the world No80 just about fell over the line.

Read more on Inside Snooker
10/04/14, 21:43 by Andy Diacopoulos | Views: 119 | Comments: 1

Match played at Seans home table of Pegasus.

A quality match throughout.  Would have graced the World Qualifiers.

Sean started out the blocks quickly with 57.  I escaped a snooker and got him in trouble.  I then cleared up from the final red to steal the first frame.

Second frame I missed a simple red on 21.  Sean then dominated the remainder of the frame and levelled.

Third frame Sean made a class 110 clearance to go 2-1 up.

Fourth my safety was better and made Sean commit an error.  Unfortunately, I twitched a red into the middle bag on 77 break with 145 clearance on.  But it was enough to take the match to the decider.

Final frame I made the first error, but Sean had a short bounce which left an awkward black which he missed.  I then got extremely unlucky off the second black whilst trying to develop some reds in the pack and left myself in a minefield with no shot.  Managed to get to near the bottom rail but Sean potted a good red into the middle bad and made 44 which sealed the frame.

A very good quality match with frames becoming 1 to 2 chance snooker and frame was over.  Could have been 3-2 either if my luck had held out.

Well played Sean and good luck in the final.
09/04/14, 22:47 by Shaun Farrar | Views: 190 | Comments: 4

Game Scores
Frankie Calvert   0-2   Ross Wilkin
Shaun Farrar   2-0   Peter Machon
No Player   0-2   Dan Morton
Andy Kearns   2-0   Barry Towle

Match Report
It's with a saddened heart that this will be my last match report as the Captain of Hidden Talent and also my game of snooker in the Nottingham Snooker League.
I have moved from Nottingham and now live in Swindon so I think it may be a little too far to come and play.
It was my first season and I fully enjoyed every minute of it, win lose or draw. I have met some really nice people and had some great games of snooker.
I'll miss the banter but I am also looking forward to my new venture. Good luck to all of you.

So now down to the serious stuff, the match report.
1st 2 frames went to Ross but from what I saw Frankie gave him a good game. There was some really good potting from both players but Ross was a bit too strong in the end.

My 2 games with Peter started off slow in the 1st frame. Neither of us getting much but then Peter left me in and I went on to make the highest break of my short snooker career and made a 33 break.  Finally broke the 30 barrier. Woo Hoo. Shame I could do the same in the second but it was a good game and Peter battled well with some really good safety play.

We never had a 3rd player tonight but after my match I gave Dan a couple of frames and he came out the winner in this one. Neither really getting into it but was good practice.

Andy did really well against Barry having to make up 14 points from the start. Andy not really missing tonight in both matches but Barry also made some great shots.

Thanks for the game guys and making my last match enjoyable.  There was some good banter between us all. 

Good luck for next season.
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