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29/04/16, 23:42 by Dave Bolton | Views: 11 | Comments: 0

Singles League

Think we was both happy when the game had finally finished at one stage I nearly said shall we settle it over a game of bowles on the lawn outside it was that poor all the best jono.
29/04/16, 13:57 by David Casey | Views: 35 | Comments: 0

Singles League

Well played Dave this game wasn't arranged Dave turned up before I had work so game was rushed so didn't really turn but Dave played solid!
Cheers Dave all the best mate always a pleasure playing you!
29/04/16, 10:58 by Paul Wainwright | Views: 54 | Comments: 1

Singles League

NBSA Summer 2016 Singles leagues

Welcome to the Summer 2016 Singles Leagues, as this season is shorter than the Winter Leagues players will play each other once and the fixtures have been derived randomly using League Republic.

Please clink the following link to find the fixtures for the forthcoming season:

On the entry form I ran a vote for players to decide whether this season would see if players wanted to play 4 or 5 frame, the results are as follows

•   23 players in favour of 5 frame
•   4 players in favour of 4 frames
•   5 players did not vote

This 2016 Summer Singles Leagues ONLY will be played over 5 frames, all frames must be played.
Any permanent amendments will need to be voted in at the forthcoming AGM on May 4th at BCI.
Please Note

The fixtures have been generated with League Republic therefore they have a specific date/time attached however players have the full month to complete their fixtures.  Results can be submitted in the following ways:

•   Use the Singles League Results Form here
•   Text them to Robert Garratt on 07731 364603
•   Submit them on the NBSA Singles Leagues and Season Competitions Facebook page

Results must be submitted by 23.59 on the last day of the month for which they are scheduled to be played.  Late result will not be accepted under any circumstances.

Both players are responsible for making contact with one another to arrange the match, as it’s the Summer and people have holidays booked please contact your opponent sooner rather than later, under no circumstances will extensions be granted.

If you have any question or concerns please call or text Robert Garratt on 07731 364603.

Good Luck for the forthcoming season.


Rob Garratt
NBSA Singles League Secretary.
28/04/16, 22:59 by Chris Winter | Views: 92 | Comments: 0

Singles League

Well played Andy good to see you again, breaks Andy 61 42 Chris 47.
28/04/16, 21:22 by Jonathan Hartley | Views: 94 | Comments: 0

Singles League

I had a 35 clearance 31 behind in the first . John f took the second out with a 41 . The other two went very close. Mr fountain potted well throughout . Good luck with the rest pal
28/04/16, 20:58 by Adam Clift | Views: 86 | Comments: 0

Singles League

W/o from Neil due to works commitments
28/04/16, 20:55 by Adam Clift | Views: 67 | Comments: 0

Singles League

Always a pleasure playing Gav I started well could ov gone either way but lucky for me (as usual lol) he dint really get going cheers Gav see you soon mate 😁
28/04/16, 19:18 by Ant McMahon | Views: 60 | Comments: 0

Singles League

Been asked to put result up. W/O for Ben against Sean
27/04/16, 22:19 by Paul Wainwright | Views: 147 | Comments: 1

Holgate Masters
BCI Snooker Centre

Tonight saw the 2016 Holgate Master contested between Keith Holgate and Jonno Hartley, Keith was attempting to regain the title after claiming his maiden victory in 2014.

The match was very scrappy neither player managing to hit much form until the fourth frame when Keith shot out of the blocks and hit a well-constructed 40 break and Jon responded with a 20 break.

First Frame
Keith Holgate 58-41 Jon Hartley
Frame time 33.43

Second Frame
Keith Holgate 56-40 Jon Hartley
Frame time 33.25

Third Frame
Keith Holgate 71-48 Jon Hartley
Frame time 30.46

Fourth Frame
Keith Holgate 88-38 Jon Hartley
40, 32
Frame time 20.19

Congratulations to Keith Holgate on claiming the Holgate Masters for the second time, unlucky to Jon Hartley who I’m sure will get his name engraved on the converted trophy in the next few years.

Thank you to BCI Snooker Centre for providing the excellent facilities for us this evening.

The next final to be played is the Under “5’s on 30/04/2106 at Spot On Sneinton starting at 6pm between Joe Reynolds and Tom Goldstein.
27/04/16, 15:57 by Ant McMahon | Views: 115 | Comments: 0

Singles League

The bookies wouldn't give me odds on drawing another match!!!

I can see where they are coming from lol. 😂😂

Entertaining night against Gav,always a pleasure mate.
 He pots for fun at times!!!

Good luck in what matches you have left to play pal.
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Singles League Tables

Singles League Results

Premier A: Dave bolton 2-2 jono Hartley by Dave Bolton
[ 29/04/16, 23:42]

Division 2: David Casey 1-3 Dave buckley by David Casey
[ 29/04/16, 13:57]

Premier A: Chris winter 1-3 Andy Diacopoulos by Chris Winter
[ 28/04/16, 22:59]

Premier A: J Hartley 2-2 j fountain by Jonathan Hartley
[ 28/04/16, 21:22]

Premier A: Neil elliott 0-4 Adam Clift by Adam Clift
[ 28/04/16, 20:58]

Premier A: Gav Shirley 1-3 Adam Clift by Adam Clift
[ 28/04/16, 20:55]

Premier A: Ben Monk 4-0 Sean Hopkin by Ant McMahon
[ 28/04/16, 19:18]

Premier A: Shaun hopkin 0-4 Chris winter by Matt Walters
[ 28/04/16, 00:09]

Premier A: Ant McMahon 2-2 Gavin Shirley by Ant McMahon
[ 27/04/16, 15:57]

Premier A: Andy Diacopoulos 4 v 0 John Fountain by Andy Diacopoulos
[ 25/04/16, 22:29]

Premier A: Andy Diacopoulos 2-2 Ant McMahon by Ant McMahon
[ 23/04/16, 08:39]

Division 2: Cary Davies 2 v 2 Harvey Pabla by Cary Davies
[ 22/04/16, 17:38]

Premier A: J Hartley 4 -0 matt Walters by Jonathan Hartley
[ 21/04/16, 22:29]

Premier A: Chris winter 3-1 ant mcmahon by Chris Winter
[ 21/04/16, 08:56]

Premier A: Neil elliott 0-4 Dave Bolton by Matt Walters
[ 18/04/16, 15:31]

Premier B: Bob Walker 0 - 4 Joe Reynolds by Jason Ashurst
[ 18/04/16, 12:26]

Premier B: Steve Whitt 0-4 Jason Ashurst by Jason Ashurst
[ 15/04/16, 11:59]

Premier B: Joe Reynolds 2 - 2 Paul Griffin by Joe Reynolds
[ 14/04/16, 21:48]

Premier B: Malc Be;shaw 3 - 1 Bob walker by Malc Belshaw
[ 14/04/16, 17:38]

Premier B: Andy Teale 1 - 3 Malc Belshaw by Malc Belshaw
[ 13/04/16, 21:37]