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05/03/15, 22:41 by Tim Kirk | Views: 137 | Comments: 0

Singles League

The Great Escape at the lodge !
I stole the first frame after being plenty down going into the colours.
Steve upped his game and took the second easily.
Steve battered me in the 3rd ( i tried to avoid eye contact with the scoreboard )
The last frame eventually came down to Steve being 6 points ahead with Pink and Black remaining , Steve clipped the pink into middle bag to secure a win ... for about 4 seconds as the white travelled 18 feet into the top corner bag.
Steve potted Pink again but missed the Black and i managed to pot it for an unlikely point.

Cheers Steve ,Unlucky mate

04/03/15, 22:19 by Shaun Parkinson | Views: 625 | Comments: 0

Singles League

Shaun Parkinson 3-1 Paul Bell
04/03/15, 13:54 by Steven Roe | Views: 2383 | Comments: 3

Frame Scores
Jason Ashurst   66-51   Matt Walters
Jason Ashurst   48-49   Matt Walters
Bo Murtargh   62-49   Sean Hopkin
Bo Murtargh   69-42   Sean Hopkin
Clint Broome   54-43   Andy Teale
Clint Broome   94-32   Andy Teale
Sean Butler   54-78   Nav Hussian
Sean Butler   37-78   Nav Hussian

Match Report
A rematch of 2014 plate final.
Due to work commitments I was unable to attend.
Clint and Nav both awarded highest break of the night with 35.
A great all round team performance for oakleigh lodge into another final, well played guys
04/03/15, 10:59 by Glenn Price | Views: 293 | Comments: 1

Frame Scores
John Fountain   O-1   Adam Corbett
Craig   O-1   Adam Corbett
Jay   1-O   Rob Lord
Clint Broom   1-O   Rob Lord
Ryan Cooper   O-1   Glenn Price

Match Report
A great nights snooker with the usual banter thrown in for good measure.

Adam played very well to secure the first two frames, Rob played well but Jay was cueing very well and ran out winning comfortably. Rob vs Clint was a great frame to watch, at the end Rob being 18 up with just the pink and black available, Clint laid a breathtaking snooker and Rob fouled, Clint then mopped up the pink and black for the win.

The two captains then did battle Glenn had his safety head on although getting lucky on a couple of occaisions finding a plant while playing safe. I think its fair to say that Ryan rattled more than he normally would but a great final frame, Glenn running out the winner and putting City Hospital in the plate final.

Well played Oakleigh (always a pleasure) good luck for the rest of the season, we will look forward to catching up with you again soon.
04/03/15, 00:30 by Tamas Vagvolgyi | Views: 581 | Comments: 2

Agreed with Fred that instead of a best of 5 we play best of 7. And what a match this was..

Frame 1: Freddie got into the balls quite early in the frame and had a lead of 25, but with good safeties I managed to come back to the frame by the time we got to the colours. A missed brown on my side left Freddie a good chance to seal the frame which he did with confident potting. 0 - 1

Frame 2: Same again but it was me this time who had the lead and control during the frame. Freddie couldn't come close to the business end, though his safety play was incredible. I managed to win the frame with yellow, green and brown to level the match. 1 - 1

Frame 3: I had a small lead in the beginning when suddenly Fred snapped his back and it seemed like he was going to concede the match but still managed to make a great 23 to go in front and kept the lead until the end. 1 - 2

Frame 4: Scrappy frame which saw 2 good snookers on my side with which I collected about 20 points, which then helped me to win the frame by potting brown and blue. 2 - 2

Frame 5: I had the control in this one with nice safeties and getting 3 teen breaks in. Kept my lead and for the first time I found myself in front. 3 - 2

Frame 6: Both of us knocking in nice and difficult breaks, the frame was probably over in 15 minutes. Freddie was in front but the last 2 reds with colours saw me on the winning line, but Freddie potted yellow to blue to lead by 4 points. He found himself on a long straight pink which rattled about 1000 times before it went safe. Then after 2 safety shots I found myself on a tough long pink which rattled another 1000 times in the corner pocket but left Freddie with a difficult cut which he managed to pot to force the decider. 3 - 3

Frame 7: This was extremely tense, neck to neck until the colours, when I had a half chance of cutting the brown in, which I managed to do to leave myself perfect on the blue to win the match. 4 - 3

So after a cracking 3.5 hour marathon (because of 2 re-racks) I'm extremely delighted to be in the final and I will do my best to win the trophy! Bad luck Freddie, if it was a best of 199 the final score would have been 100 - 99 for sure, could have gone either way! Good luck in your division and see you soon!
03/03/15, 23:45 by Mike Langdon | Views: 624 | Comments: 2

Frame Scores
Daniel Di Folco   15-74   Andy Diacopoulos
Daniel Di Folco   72-35   Andy Diacopoulos
Ian Ward   1-O   Tony Morgan
Ian Ward   1-O   Tony Morgan
Bob Walker   63-44   Andy Taylor
Bob Walker   67-33   Andy Taylor
Steve Whitt   1-O   Dan Moll
Steve Whitt   1-O   Dan Moll

Match Report
Congratulations to Carlton Liberal Club who are the Tuesday league KO Cup winners after an outstanding performance against The Towers 'A'.

Andy Diacopoulos got Towers off to a good start making a nice 41 break as he beat Dan in the opener. Dan responded really well in the 2nd frame which included a 25 break to level. Over on the other table Tony Morgan and Ian Ward were battling out a tactical encounter with both frames very close. It was Ward who won this match up winning a black ball frame to put Carlton 3-1 up in the match.

Bob Walker then got Carltons 4th frame on the scoreboard by beating Andy Taylor before Steve Whitt wrapped up the win by sinking the pink in a close frame against Dan Moll. With the match wrapped up both Bob and Steve went on to win the remaining frames to record an overall 7-1 win.

Big thankyou to Arnold Civil Defence for hosting the final.
03/03/15, 23:16 by Vinnie Dennis | Views: 845 | Comments: 1

Frame Scores
Chris Hackett   1-O   John Fountain
Chris Hackett   O-1   John Fountain
Vinnie Dennis   O-1   Richard Tooley
Vinnie Dennis   1-O   Richard Tooley
Bob Gould   O-1   Brian Kinton
Bob Gould   1-O   Brian Kinton
Gavin Shirley   1-O   Malc Brishaw
Gavin Shirley   1-O   Malc Brishaw

Match Report
Wow, what a match. It had re racks, final ball deciders, snookers after snookers, Lucky ones, unlucky ones, the good the bad and the ugly. Overall the right team won and i could go into detail but i don't know where to start and it could go on for a long time. So i will just say, Thanks to Arnold Civil Defence for a tense Semi final. Great to be in the final for the towers B team. Thanks to all players involved and to the towers for as usual being a great venue.
03/03/15, 23:02 by Robert Garratt | Views: 74 | Comments: 0

Thanks for the match lads
02/03/15, 23:25 by Mike Langdon | Views: 1054 | Comments: 3

Frame Scores
Sean Hopkin   59-42   Ben Monk
Sean Hopkin   70-19   Ben Monk
Lee Crombie   56-33   Mike Lee
Connor Rollo   70-25   Mike Lee
Tony Morgan   61-41   Gaz Birks
Tony Morgan   74-39   Gaz Birks

Match Report
Congratulations to The Towers who beat Phoenix 'A' to win the KO Cup at BCI tonight.

Sean Hopkin made breaks of 45 & 24 against Ben Monk to put Towers two up. Lee Crombie made a timely 20 odd break in a close frame against Mike Lee whilst Connor Rollo made a very nice 44 break also against Lee to win the Cup for Towers.
Team Captains Tony Morgan and Gaz Birks decided to play the last couple of frames which saw Morgan win a couple of entertaining frames which included a 32 break.

Big thankyou to Paul Wainwright for refereeing the match and to Pete Trout and BCI for their hospitality.
02/03/15, 21:29 by Jamie Moore | Views: 1991 | Comments: 8

Unfortunately this match wasn't played. We were given a walkover despite several efforts trying to arrange the match. Apologies to the organisers and sponsors.
01/03/15, 21:00 by NBSA | Views: 720 | Comments: 0

As promised, here is a Champions Cup update.

Five new members have signed up in recent days and their membership fees have been added to the Champions Cup prize fund which now stands at 920.  The revised cash prizes are as follows:

Champion 300
Runner-up 150
Losing semi-finalists 75
Losing quarter-finalists 40
First round losers 20

The above prizes will increase should we continue to attract new members between now and the date of the Champions Cup tournament.

Champions Cup Qualification Criteria

The winners of the following tournaments/singles league divisions will qualify:

Notts Amateur
Open Singles
Trevor Steeples Trophy
Senior Handicap
Spider Trophy
Phyllis Bell Trophy
Clarry Cup
Trevor Steeples Shield
Six Reds
Under 25's
Intermediate Handicap
Junior Handicap
Winter Singles League Premier A
Winter Singles League Premier B
Winter Singles League Division 1
Winter Singles League Division 2
Winter Singles League Division 3
Winter Singles League Division 4
Summer 2015 Singles League Divisional Champions

The format of the Champions Cup will be 4 round robin groups.  The draw for the groups will be seeded.  The top 2 players in each group will qualify for the knockout stage.  All matches will be handicapped.

The Champions Cup Seeding List has been updated to include the results from The Clarry Cup and Holgates Masters:

We will continue to bring you updates as and when the prize fund increases, between now and the day of the Champions Cup tournament.
01/03/15, 20:55 by NBSA | Views: 1312 | Comments: 1

Congratulations to Jamie Moore who defeated Ant Moore (no relation) 2-1 in the final of the Clarry Cup on Sunday evening.  It was a close, high quality final and Ant, having taken a 1-0 lead in the match, could and perhaps should have won, but for a rush of blood to the head on what was arguably frame ball blue.


A slightly lower turnout for this event with 25 runners but this meant that the final ball was potted at 6.15pm and everyone was home nice and early.

Honourable mentions to:

Piotr Machon and Gary Villiers, both +28 handicappers, and both reaching the quarter-finals.
Gavin Shirley for making the semi-finals (only losing on a respotted black in the deciding frame) in his first Notts tournament for quite a while.
Sean Croft's daughter for having to watch her Dad lose out on a place in the quarter-finals by the narrowest of margins.
Manfred Corbin who, I'm told, played very well.
Adam Clift who played some excellent snooker on his NBSA debut.

Jamie Moore also made the day's highest break of 95, which I believe was a clearance.

The next tournament is strictly for players under 25 (if you're 25 you're too old!).  It will be held on 29th March 2015 at Spot On Cue Sports, Sneinton.

A huge thanks to Julian, Lynn and all of the staff at Spot On Cue Sports for their hospitality.


Report by Steve Butler (TD)
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Tournament Draws & Results

Singles League Results

Division 4: Steve Roe 2-2 Tim Kirk by Tim Kirk
[ 05/03/15, 22:41]

Division 1: Shaun parkinson 3-1 Paul Bell by Shaun Parkinson
[ 04/03/15, 22:19]

Premier A: Clint Broome 0 - 4 Nav Hussain by Nav Hussain
[ 03/03/15, 22:41]

Division 1: Dan Moll 2 - 2 Shaun Parkinson by Dan Moll
[ 28/02/15, 23:21]

Premier B: John Fountain 1 V 3 Matt Walters by Matt Walters
[ 28/02/15, 20:37]

Premier B: jamie mathers 1-3 bob walker by Bob Walker
[ 28/02/15, 14:20]

Premier B: Steve Whitt 2-2 Jamie Mathers by Steve Whitt
[ 27/02/15, 08:02]

Division 1: Andy Teale 3 - 1 Dan Moll by Dan Moll
[ 26/02/15, 22:11]

Division 2: Ross Wilkin 0 - 4 Tamas Vagvolgyi by Tamas Vagvolgyi
[ 26/02/15, 21:37]

Division 1: Jason Ashurst 3-1 Andy Teale by Jason Ashurst
[ 26/02/15, 21:19]

Division 2: Tamas Vagvolgyi 3 - 1 Manfred Corbin by Tamas Vagvolgyi
[ 25/02/15, 23:28]

Premier B: John Fountain 1 V 3 Steve Whitt by John Fountain
[ 25/02/15, 22:22]

Division 4: Martin Marriott v Lee Esam w/o by Tony Morgan
[ 24/02/15, 08:20]

Premier A: Ben Monk 4-0 Steve Butler by Ant McMahon
[ 23/02/15, 14:41]

Division 2: David Casey 1  Dan Rhodes 3 by Dan Rhodes
[ 22/02/15, 21:33]

Premier B: Daniel Di Folco 3-1 Chris Hackett by Daniel Di Folco
[ 21/02/15, 19:39]

Premier A: Chris Winter 2-2 Andy Diacopoulos by Chris Winter
[ 21/02/15, 08:46]

Division 1: Cary Davies 2-2 Nick Kirkman by Nick Kirkman
[ 21/02/15, 00:49]

Division 1: Nick Kirkman 1-3 Paul Bell by Nick Kirkman
[ 21/02/15, 00:47]

Premier A: nav hussain 3 1 ant moore by Ant Moore
[ 20/02/15, 23:44]

Monday League Results

Tuesday League Results