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25/11/15, 22:14 by Ant McMahon | Views: 24 | Comments: 0

Singles League

Ben taking the first frame with an outrageous long red bringing the black into play and made a great 41 break to take the frame. I won the next with a couple of 20+ breaks but only just as Ben made another 40+ break again!!! Next frame a made 30+ break and won it comfortably. Last frame Ben got in early and ran away with it. Fair result on the night I think, good potting by the both of us!!. Thanks for the game Ben. Good luck in your remaining matches pal 😄
25/11/15, 20:51 by Steven Roe | Views: 75 | Comments: 1

Frame Scores
Bo Murtargh   O-1   Cary Davies
Bo Murtargh   1-O   Cary Davies
Mike langdon   O-1   Nick Bentley
Mike langdon   O-1   Nick Bentley
Matthew Roe   O-1   James Robinson
Terry Lees   1-O   James Robinson
Steven Roe   1-O   Paul Bell
Sean Butler   O-1   Paul Bell

Match Report
Well played Masters, see you in the return
25/11/15, 20:26 by Steve Richards | Views: 30 | Comments: 0

Singles League

Nice to meet Julian, he had the better of me in the first by winning on the black. The remaining 3 frames went my way with some unlucky in offs for julian. Good luck with the rest of the season.
25/11/15, 20:21 by John Cyrek | Views: 10 | Comments: 0

Frame Scores
J.CYREK (21)   1-O   M.CORBIN (14)
P.FOSTER (35)   O-1   A.MOHAMMED (21)
B.CAMPBELL (28)   O-1   J.MURRIN (21)
C.ARMSTRONG (35)   1-O   W.ISHAQ (42)

Match Report
Nice friendly bunch of lads,played in good spirits.Fair result for both teams.
25/11/15, 20:07 by Gaz Birks | Views: 10 | Comments: 0

Frame Scores
C geary   1-O   G price
D dunleavy    O-1   H pabla
R lee   1-O   G price
C geary   O-1   H pabla
D dunleavy   1-O   R lord
R lee   O-1   R lord

Match Report
Just posting for b team so can't comment
25/11/15, 20:07 by Adam Clift | Views: 10 | Comments: 0

Frame Scores
Gav Shirley    O-1   Jason turner
Gav Shirley    1-O   Jason turner
Dave Bolton    O-1   Ryan cooper
Dave Bolton    1-O   Ryan cooper
Adam Clift    1-O   Tony Elliott
Adam Clift    1-O   Tony Elliott

Match Report
Always good to play oakleigh and the banter : )

No big breaks Dave had a 38 Could ov gone either way really Ryan and Jason both could ov won 2-0 each but gav and Dave both dug in and claimed a draw each 1-1 after both goin 1-0 down I was always in front in both frames and won 2-0.

Looking forward to return leg and all the best for the season oakleigh from the welcome
25/11/15, 18:37 by Dave Pearce | Views: 16 | Comments: 0

Singles League

Played at Stadium Leisure, Basford. and I was glad to meet Nottingham's true gent of Snooker, maybe a small token gesture from the NBSA could be given at the end of this season as Brian hinted at possible retirement from the game at the ripe old age of 76.

To the match itself I was giving Brian +21 point start and in the first frame it came down to pink and black I needed both. Brian had the fortune to snooker me behind the black and though I did well to hit the pink, I couldn't keep it safe and he potted it to go 1-0 up.
The remainder of the session was pretty turgid stuff I can tell you, I managed to win the next two frames with some very dubious play and a top break of 15 in one frame, it was taking us over 2 hours to play 3 frames of snooker and at the end I think I'd tired Brian out as he conceded the last frame as fatigue had set in.
So my first win of the season, and hard lines on Brian, the true gent of Nottingham snooker, I hope he continues to enjoy the game a while longer but if he does decide to hang up his cue at the end of the season, may I wish him good health and pleasure in spending more time with his wrestling Grandson :O). Cheers Brian
25/11/15, 16:43 by Paul Wainwright | Views: 188 | Comments: 5

The quarter final draw of the Notts Junior H'cap has been made.

The matches are as follows:

Paul Wainwright   v   Rob Garratt
Brian Steeples     v   Gary Villiers
James Robinson   v   Lee Esam
Mick Garratt           v   Piotr Machon

The deadline for the result to be submitted is 23.59 on 31/12/2015, any results not received by this time will cause the match to be marked as void.

Any problems please contact me.

Paul Wainwright
25/11/15, 15:25 by Matt Walters | Views: 32 | Comments: 0

Frame Scores
Nav Hussain   O-1   Adam Clift
Nav Hussain   O-1   Adam Clift
Dave Jobbling    O-1   Dave Bolton
Dave Jobbling    O-1   Dave Bolton
Craig Mcmorran (21)   1-O   Gav Shirley
Craig Mcmorran (21)   1-O   Gav Shirley
Matt Walters   O-1   John Hartley
Matt Walters   O-1   John Hartley

Match Report
Cheers Welcome, good battle and little closer than the score line suggests. Thanks Craig on our team for coming in at the last minute and winning 2 nil.

See you all on the return game lads.
25/11/15, 15:21 by Matt Walters | Views: 28 | Comments: 0

Singles League

John running out the deserved winner. Cheers for the game John.
25/11/15, 14:55 by David Casey | Views: 60 | Comments: 1

Singles League

As always a great pleasure to meet Dave and have a good game with the experienced me Buckley! Right to the game

1st frame I ran away with scoring very well with my visits to the table!

2nd frame was pretty much the same as the 1st so keeping Dave cold was very important as he started well in this frame 0-2 Casey

3rd Dave starts with a decent 16 break and I gift him another 5 points and then I played some good safety and forced an error from Dave I take the frame scoring well with 20+ breaks

4th frame was a black ball decider and Dave nicks it from me!

Had a good laugh all the way through with Dave and also he said how improved since our last meeting can't wait for the return leg all the best mate
25/11/15, 13:55 by Robert Garratt | Views: 48 | Comments: 1

Played at stapleford cue club
25/11/15, 02:45 by Steve Howard | Views: 169 | Comments: 2

Frame Scores
Joe Major   1-O   Ant Gilman
Joe Major   O-1   Ant Gilman
Don Merry   1-O   Mick Mcmillen
Don Merry   O-1   Mick Mcmillen
Steve Howard   O-1   John Marshall
Steve Howard   O-1   John Marshall
Geoff Merry   1-O   Curtis Miller
Andy Carnell   1-O   Curtis Miller

Match Report
A 4-4 draw between the two sides tonight being a fair and accurate reflection of the nights proceedings.

a 1-1 draw between Joe and Ant with Ant playing nowhere near his best in the first frame,breaking off and missing the pack completely then his next shot hit the black,so things not going quite right for Ant.Joe took advantage and took the first.
But it was Ant who snatched the 2nd frame from the brink of defeat with a timely 'mop up' of the last 3 or 4 colours well done Ant.


Don over on the other table taking the 1st frame but Mick evened things out by taking the 2nd also to level things right back up.


Steve playing pretty well in his 1st frame and mid frame knocked in a 35 Break,but as he was giving away a 14 start was behind still.Steve potted the final blue but left a lot to do with pink needing to send it round off 3 cushions to gain position on black.The pink sadly wobbled in the jaws and left it right over the baulk pocket for John to say thankyou very much, and Snatch the frame from Steve.
John took the 2nd with the help of a 32 Break.


It was now down to Geoff and Andy playing their respective frames to get the draw.
Geoff playing Curtis and played his usual cagey game the way he knows how and it worked a treat and gave Mapperley the chance still to come away with a much needed draw.
Well played Geoff.


Finally Andy against Curtis as well and pressure for both knowing Andy if won,would secure the draw,or Curtis who would secure the win.
Well it couldn't have been a tighter finish with Curtis taking the pink right near the yellow baulk pocket,he played this well getting the cue ball much nearer the black to give himself the chance of victory.
I think he played it with the rest if memory serves me correct,and he missed and it rolled hallway back down the table.Andy wasted no time in sinking the black to give us the draw.
So well done Andy and Bad luck Curtis.

Well done all . . .

A tight finish made it that bit more exciting.


Steve Howard 35

John Marshall 32
24/11/15, 23:05 by Dan Moll | Views: 128 | Comments: 0

Singles League

Unlucky mate, good luck for the rest of the season
24/11/15, 22:32 by Tony Morgan | Views: 132 | Comments: 0

Frame Scores
Scott Higgins   1-O   Jay Turner
Scott Higgins   1-O   Jay Turner
Andy Bingham   O-1   Clint Broome
Andy Bingham   1-O   Clint Broome
Andy Taylor   1-O   Ryan Cooper
Andy Taylor   1-O   Ryan Cooper
Tony Morgan   1-O   Tony Elliott
Tony Morgan   O-1   Tony Elliott

Match Report
Nothing much to report. Plenty of banter as always between these 2 sides. Scott Higgins had a 55 clearance & another clearance in his 2nd frame. No idea what it was.

Cheers Ryan & co. See you in 2 weeks in the MTL
24/11/15, 21:41 by Kwok Yip | Views: 137 | Comments: 0

Frame Scores
Barry Stark    73-26   Malc Belshaw
Barry Stark    87-28   Malc Belshaw
Joe Reynolds    75-22   James Notman
Joe Reynolds    34-60   James Notman
Jamie Moore    73-41   Brian Kinton
Jamie Moore    47-91   Brian Kinton
Neil Elliott    67-31   Peter Ogburn
Neil Elliott    60-51   Peter Ogburn

Match Report
A creditable 6-2 victory for the home side BCI Super E'lites over the good Arnold Team.

Young Joe Reynolds got the team off to a great start with a superb frame winning break of 75 in his opening frame. James Notman came back well taking a good second frame to level at 1-1. Neil Elliott soon made it 3-1 with a good 2-0 win over Peter Ogburn. James Moore made it 4-1 with a nice break of 44 in his opening frame. The experienced Brian Kinton took a good second frame with a nice break of 30, James Came back well with a much needed 40 in the second but Brian finished off strongly to level his match to make it 4-2. Mr Stark with a good solid  2-0 win over the experienced Malc Belshaw to make it 6-2 on the night.

Well played all

Good luck, and all the best for the rest of the season guys.
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Singles League Tables

Singles League Results

Premier A: Ben Monk 2-2 Ant McMahon by Ant McMahon
[ 25/11/15, 22:14]

Division 3: Steve Richards 3-1 Julian Howard by Steve Richards
[ 25/11/15, 20:26]

Division 4: Brian Steeples (+21) 1 Dave Pearce 3 by Dave Pearce
[ 25/11/15, 18:37]

Premier A: Matt Walters 1-3 John Hartley by Matt Walters
[ 25/11/15, 15:21]

Division 2: Dave Buckley 1-3 David casey by David Casey
[ 25/11/15, 15:01]

Division 1: Dan Moll 3-1 Shaun Parkinson by Dan Moll
[ 24/11/15, 23:05]

Division 2: David Buckley 2 Cary Davies 2 by David Buckley
[ 24/11/15, 09:57]

Premier A: Matt Walters 1 - 3 Andy Diacopoulos by Andy Diacopoulos
[ 23/11/15, 23:07]

Division 3: Lee Esam 1-3 Piotr Machon by Lee Esam
[ 22/11/15, 22:20]

Premier A: Andy Diacopoulos 3 - 1 Dave Bolton by Andy Diacopoulos
[ 22/11/15, 16:21]

Premier A: Andy Diacopoulos 3-1 Chris Winter by Andy Diacopoulos
[ 21/11/15, 23:07]

Division 3: Matt Coates 2-2 Dan norton by Dan Norton
[ 20/11/15, 15:23]

Division 2: Bo Murtagh 3 VS 1  Manfred Corben 1 by Bo Murtagh
[ 16/11/15, 21:26]

Division 3: Steve Richards 3 - 1 Mick Garratt by Steve Richards
[ 16/11/15, 09:02]

Division 4: Dave Pearce 2 Fred Mulheron 2 by Dave Pearce
[ 15/11/15, 16:33]

Premier B: Steve Whitt 1 - 3 Joe Reynolds by Joe Reynolds
[ 14/11/15, 21:05]

Premier B: Steve Whitt (2) v Lee Crombie (2) by Lee Crombie
[ 14/11/15, 18:33]

Premier A: Dave Bolton 0-4 Sean Hopkin by Dave Bolton
[ 13/11/15, 23:35]

Premier B: Lee Crombie(3) v Bob walker(1) by Lee Crombie
[ 13/11/15, 22:06]

Premier A: Adam Clift 2-2 Sean Hopkin by Adam Clift
[ 13/11/15, 21:01]

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